Saturday, November 15, 2014

Meeting Owner/ Winemaker Ricard-Mas Foraster Of The Spanish Catalan Sparkling And Non-Sparkling Wines That Include The Amazingly Silky-Fine-Delicate 2011 Trepat Dry Red, 13.5% Alcohol By Volume, Too! Also Discovering The Wonders Of Spain's ALEXANDRO Sherries!

It was a great visit and the Trepat red JOSEP FORASTER 2011, 13.5% alcohol by volume,  non-sparkling is here now, $25.99, and I took a bottle to share last night with importer Robert Kennedy and customers Sara, Dan and Doug and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a great way Ricard to finish a busy day here os selling wine at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits where we did a Spanish sherry tasting of the ALEXANDRO sherries that was a great way also to combat the cold of the day and also to teach many customers about the pleasures of the various styles of Spanish sherries from the Fino to the Palo Cortado, the Moscatel and the Oloroso, the only one we did not open this time was the Pedro Ximenez! Cheers, gracias e hasta luego amigo!   Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  11/15/201 

  YOUR TREPAT 2011 is still young and yet it is so fine, so silky, so smooth, so bright, so polished, so delicate and nuanced and enticing and appealing and teasing and coy and wonderful. Cheers, happy Sabado e terminada de la semana!

4On Nov 12, 2014, at 6:10 AM, Ricard-Mas Foraster wrote:

Dear Anthony,
I was delighted meeting you and tasting our wines “Josep Foraster” with you and Amy of Diamond District Wines.
Please, if you come to Spain come to visit us.
Thank you and Regards,
Tel.: +34 696 874 742

ALSO discovering the pleasures of the ALEXANDRO Spanish sherries we get from Tradewinds Specialty Imports .... last night here, Friday November 14th, 2014 from 5-8PM ...

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