Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing TILIA, Stephen Allegretto( rep For Billington Imports ) Pours Three Wines Friday Night, April 10th, 2009 At Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits

It was great to get Stephen Allegretto back here tasting the " new " Argentina sustainable agriculture,farming wines of TILIA ( the same word for the Linden tree ). We poured the Chardonnay 2008 ( soft bright butter and mellow oak ), the 2008 Merlot ( bright, toasty-roasted red berry-cherry, lush, warming Merlot, and the more traditional 2008 Malbec-Syrah red dry blend. The Merlot is a more modern-style red while the Malbec-Syrah is more old-worls style. It's better with food whereas the Merlot is lovely with or without a meal. I would slightly chill the Merlot to make it a but firmer and more vibrant. I think it would be more exciting that way. The same is true with the Malbec-Syrah : I want the energy and vibrant flavors to be more focused and exciting : and the slight chilling achieves this.

They have a great neck-talkers that have seeds in them with six or seven wildflowers. I've already written about this in my previous blog about Alfredo Bartholomaus ( founder of Billington Imports ) and my lunch with him at Nam Viet and rep. William Davis. I will be planting this neck-talker very soon - within a week as the temperature is warming up I hope.

I like this idea of giving back to the earth and the community and as I sell each bottle for $8.99 I will encourage everyone to plant at least one of these bottle neck talkers and watch the various flowers rise from a thin sliver of paper where you have to really look hard to see these seeds!

We are getting more TILIA soon. I think it's going to be a pretty big success. We still have the Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and the red Bonarda bottles to arrive, soon I hope. We made some new customers with TILIA and three of our customers returned for the tasting because they already knew about TILIA ( they had come in earlier Saturday ) and they wanted to try all the types since they liked the Malbec already so much. They are pictured here with Stephen tasting the wines. They are also new customers to Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits : all good!

Cheers, TONY

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