Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ELGIN VALLEY VINEYARD With Owner Ian Corder , His Wife, Two Children & Four Dogs, With Lunch, Friday, March 20th, 2009: Lovely

Here are just a few of the pictures that I took at ELGIN VALLEY Vineyard on Friday afternoon, March 20th, 2009. I have lots of stories to tell and will shortly of this wonderful afternoon drinking wines in Ian and and Annette Corder's home nestled beautifully in this valley of Elgin valley that has traditionally grown lots and lots of apples.

Ian and Annette treated us to all their wines ( a Sauvignon Blanc, a Viognier and a red " Poor Corder " Shiraz ) and to a delicious quiche lunch with homemade bread, too. It was serene and beautiful and with wonderful wine, food and company as well as a clear blue baby sky what more could anyone ask for. I went and laid out on this sweep of a lawn by the house and took a picture of me and the smallest of the four dogs that they own. No worries at all. And look at the lake I took a photo of : it looks a bit like one of the old electric guitars - a Fender possibly?

As you can see by these photos I have changed the order a bit with the first three photos - they should be at the end. I have included photos as John Morrison and I approached Ian and his vineyards. He also grows some Pinot Noir. We did not taste any, unfortunately as the vines are still too young. That's something to look forward to later.

I have played a lot with compositions, reflections, shadows, angles to get more out of the pictures that I took. The wines were excellent : I prefered for this afternoon the excellent Sauvignon Blanc because it was quite warm and it hit the spot sitting outside.

For more information on ELGIN VALLEY Vineyards' wines go to : Ian Corder Tel/Fax : 27 21 846 8083 ,

Stay-tuned for more shortly. Cheers, TONY

This was a wonderful, serene country moment deep in grape and apple country in Elgin Valley, an up-and-coming wine-growing region that is uprooting some apple tree to do this. Suavignon Blanc according to Ian will be a winner. TONY

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ian & Annette, Just looked at your website. Looks amazing, looking forward to visiting sometime in the future. I also suggest that you put the last photo at the beginning of the site. You must be of proud of your achievements. Hope that you are also looking at making a really good grape juice for those of us who don't drink wine. Love and best wishes always. Chantie