Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DIEU DONNE With Winemaker Stephan Du Toit/ Tour-Tasting, Luncheon Before At Their Restaurant, Thurs. March 19th, 2009

My new camera was playing color tinted games with me on this trip. This series seems to be tinted in red and it gives the pictures an interesting glow or tone of red. I hope you can enjoy them anyway as they do capture a beautiful day at DIEU DONNE, first at lunch there by the side of the winery looking out on the valley below with the winery and the manor house nestled nicely into this valley to the right.

I'm also sorry that some of the pictures are coming out on their sides. I'm having a bit of difficulty with them and want to get them downloaded now so that you can enjoy them even as they are.

It was such a wonderful experience all of this. John Morrison was a great guide and together we really had a grand experience here at DIEU DONNE, first at lunch and then afterwards with passionate winemaker Stephan du Toit.

I will include more technical info and also many more observations as I have time here on this blog. In the meantime enjoy some of these pictures here. I have many, many more including a video or two of Stephan waxing earnestly and with grit and conviction and passion about his wines and the wines he wants to make and thinks that the valley where he is can make best.

Cheers, TONY

What a beautiful, complete package this all was! I loved it all! And what a beautiful setting for a vineyard perched and nestled nicely up there in the hills overlooking Franschhoek. Wonderful, blissful : great food and great wines. TONY

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