Tuesday, July 1, 2014

After Aris A. Zissis' Last Visit This Past Week @ End Of June 2014 To Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits & All The Glorious Talks & Greek Wine Business We Have Done Working Together As A Well-Oiled Team : Aris, Betty & Tony Here In Cleveland Park Northwest Washington D.C., 20008! Cheers Aris. Love You Man!!

TALKING OF ARIS bA. Zissis , importer of Greek Beer and Wine and Ouzo, too that stopped by with his partner Betty just this past week to say " Hello, I love you my friend ". that's Aris' greeting each time with a hand shake and a kiss, been that way for years now, he's so honest and enthusiastic and humble and hard-working, and always the ' ultimate gentleman ' , and he's been struggling with cancer recently and so it was great to see you Aris again, thank you for stopping by for your order of INO wines that we use regularly here! You looked great and it was a treat to be able to draw the quick four portrait sketches that I did of you before you left the store after much conversation about the business here and your start here so many years ago in Washington D.C., and stopping here at the bus stop then in front of the store as you went back and forth between your department store job, not Woodie's but some big company like that back then, working hard in the warehouse ... what great stories. I told you to write them down and share them with the world, they are really interesting, of a time long ago before the computer and the internet and the iphone ... wow, that seems so ancient now ... you are wonderful Aris, it's always been a great pleasure and an honor to work and visit with you. Sotiris Bafitis was just here and I told him that we talked about you. You smiled and told me a lot and I will write that here, too, most of all you said that he actually took the time to help you and advise you as you started back in 1993-1994 working as a stock boy at Calvert-Woodley way back then ... Happy Canada Day today to you all, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 ... TONY

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