Wednesday, June 18, 2014

THe MIOLO Family Group Winery Lote 43 2004 Dry Red Blend Sold Here In The Past On Special @ $19.99 a bottle, In Brasil In 2012 I Saw It Selling For $50 A Bottle! Want More!!

I bought this case years ago - a wooden box of these MIOLO Family Group wines that were each individually-wrapped and that we loves selling here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits : some fine wine from Brazil, really fine and quality and like some aged Bordeaux wines and also like some fine Italian reds, too : great food wine, great deal and price. In 2012 when I visited I saw the wine for sale at around $50 a bottle! Thanks Miolo, thanks Flavius Cucu that originally brought these fine MIOLO wines to my attention. Pity I cannot get them now, they are supposed to be available through Southern Imports and yet I have not heard anything from them even when I inquire? What gives?!? Cheers , VAIS Brazil! Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 ...

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  • Anthony Quinn It'sfra 2004 ) pretty special and amazing isn't it Sonia? Just think, it survives to tell a wonderful story Sonia as I believe I must have sold at least four or more cases of it and that means that many people here in Washington D.C. had a chance to enjoy a really fine dry red and flavorful wine from Brasil. I like knowing that I sold many of those bottles. It makes me happy to know that I can give back in really small bits to a country that nourished and excited and educated and developed me in my early formative years : Brasil gave me so much then, and now I have been able to share such wines as this Lote 43 MIOLO 2004 with many customers and turn them onto the special wines to be found in Brasil, one bottle at a time, one person at a time, I'm a believer like you are Sonia and together we are opening the eyes of the world to Brasil's fine wines, merci - obregado - gracias - thank you - grazie Sonia ... TONY 6/18/2014

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