Saturday, June 7, 2014

Steve Mostow That Worked For The Forman Brothers Distributing Company Years Ago Always Took Care Of Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits & Sold Us Many Famous Brands Like SUTTER HOME, ALICE WHITE, TRINCHEIRO, & Many More : Thanks Steve, Great To See You In The Store This Past Week Of June 2014

I have not had an RNDC salesperson do an in-store tasting in I can't remember the last time. Funny to think of this now as an old-timer that's retired now, Steve Mostow but that worked for Forman Brothers that became National Distributors that became Republic National Distributors was here yesterday and he used to come and do in-store tastings for SUTTER HOME and many other vineyards years ago. he even, for old-times sake brought Santos Rivera and me ( Anthony Quinn ) a coffee and a cookie from Firehook Bakery to share yesterday as he used to do when he serviced our account so well way back when. That counted, still does for so much : caring, hands-on personal service and time spent in the account working and helping. Thanks Steve, thanks for everything, for the good service, the good memories, and the fine work we did together to generate more sales. Cheers, more on all this later. TONY 6/5/2014

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