Thursday, June 5, 2014

Krista Of LEBLON Brazilian Cachaca & Anthony Quinn Of Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits Plan The Saturday Fatima Peters Brazilian World Cup LEBLON Cachaca Tasting @ Cleveland Park For Saturday, June 7th, 2014 From 5-8PM, Join Us, Vais, No Charge! Bom Dia A Tudos!!

Krista is here ( 1:22PM Thursday afternoon ) from LEBLON delivering thing for our BIG BRAZIL Soccer-Cup event here this Sayurday, June 7th, 2014 with Fatima Peters from 5-8PM, we are also working on a storefront window of LE BLON that has a really splashy-beautiful poster of a handsome soccer player on it, you all will love this, gotta check it out, ... here's Krista to say hello : Hi Everyone - live love leblon! Come try the national drink of brazil this saturday and get ready for World Cup! ... thanks Krista, the pics are great, send them to me and I will post them now. Cheers, Happy Soccer Brazil World Cup everyone! Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 6/5/2014

  • Anthony Quinn Obregado Jandir! So happy to get the word out : I made an official blog on this at : as well as at : : check them out ... also, have you gone to Bralvin on Facebook and liked that yet? Cheers, TONY 6/5/2014
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  • Anthony Quinn Thank you Vinicius for sharing this as it is the way to get the message out that we are doing what we can as a small boutique wine store to keep the dreams alive of many deserving wine regions around the world, including Brasil that really does deserve this attention! Cheers, and obregado a tudos! Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 6/5/2014
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  • Jandir Passos Perfect Tony. Umfortunately most information on brazilian wines is on portuguese. I strongly hint you contact Vinhos Brasileiros por Rogerio Dardeau . Rogerio Dardeau is the best expert on brazilian wines.
  • Anthony Quinn Thank you Jandir, you should let Rogerio know about me but I think that he already does? I think that he is the same Rogerio? I am thrilled that they do exported, and I commend Winebow Imports here in the United States for carrying the LIDIO CARRARO wines that in late June Barbara Ruppel of the Wines Of Brasil told me about when with her and Anna Paula Valenti that also then worked for the Wines Of Brasil. What happened there?!? Where is it now? Confusing to me Jandir. I have a great story to share with you all Jandir that I will type here a bit later about the beginning of Brazilia and a gift to my father then by the government of Brazil to him back in 1962-1963 that I have here on my desk that is are, specila, unique and wonderful and a bit of real Brazilian history! Can you guess what I might have Jandir? Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 6/5/2014 #LidioCarraro #Brazilia #BraziliaIn1962#thestartofBrasil #winesOfBrasil #BarbaraRuppel

" Be proud to drink and discover the fine wines of Brasil. There are many fine Brazilian wines and Brazilians need to know this and start drinking more of them to show their support and appreciation for the very fine wines of Brasil! " Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn "É uma satisfação beber e descobrir os vinhos finos do Brasil. Existem muitos vinhos finos brasileiros e os brasileiros precisam conhecer e começarem a beber mais deles para mostrar apoio e apreciação pelos vinhos finos do Brasil! " Anthony (TONY) Quinn
Thank you, obregado Jandir! I will share this on my page now. TONY 6/5/2014

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