Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whistling Pines, Cape Town South Africa B & B Extraordinaire March 15th-21st, 2009

I liked Dave and my stay here on the hillsides above Cape Town with a grand view and wonderful accommodations! Here are some of the drawings I did while staying in the Hydrangea room I believe off to the upper left of the Whistling Pines house which reminded me of an Italian villa of sorts. I had just seen the exhibit on Pompeii at the Smithsonian's East Wing and this reminded me much of what I saw in that exhibit except alive, fresh and very current and of the moment! I loved it from the Saturday evening when I arrived and was shown to my room by Dave, John and his son after a long flight from Dulles airport in northern Virginia.

I walked out onto this view from my room shown here in the first picture I believe and saw Table Mountain before me in all it's be wonderment and majesty. On my first morning here when I took these photographs after writing post cards and drawing the view. I felt like royalty here - a king or a prince - grand feeling - pampered I felt.

I had some time before breakfast so I drew and wrote and started to absorb some of Cape Town and South Africa. I loved my room because it had no phone, no clock and only a television with five or six channels to watch. I felt a bit like in the days of old when everyone was a little less in contact on an immediate basis with the world at large. This suited me a lot and I warmed to this idea of being a little less approachable and incommunicado quickly.

I would readily go back and take my family there. I was there from Saturday March 15th through Saturday, March 21st, 2009. I met Leslie on that first Sunday morning the 16th and we chatted and she showed me her wine selections and private labels on her wine bottles. She really added quite a bit of flair to each and every room and I have taken several photos of the splendors she has adorned each room in. I will add those pictures as I find them and time allows.

For more information go to : 16 Jim Fouche Avenue , Plattekloof, Cape Town, 7460 South Africa +27 83 745 7941 ( David Richardson ), +27 21 939 3278 ( The Whistling Pines ), www.whistlingpines.co.za.

Dave, thanks for mailing my postcards for me. Ours here at home in northern Virginia have already arrived and my mother just called me to tell me that hers arrived today. You took great care of me and made me feel welcome and appreciated and for that I am forever grateful.

Now I am back at work at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits where I manage the wine department with Mike Martin and telling everyone about South Africa and all that I enjoyed immensely, including your comfortable and intimate/special accommodations.

Cheers, TONY

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