Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 15th, 2009 On Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa With My Great Guide John Morrison ( Owner Of Boutique Imports ) On A Sunny Day

These are a very few of the pictures that I took on Sunday, March 15 2009 ( I was there for the week with John to visit the wine country from March 15th-March 21st, 2009 and this was our one day of being tourists before the wine fun began! ) . Here are pictures with John Morrison when we drove up to Table Mountain and then took the Visa cable car up to the top so that we could walk around and see the glorious views that this beautiful, nearly-flat mountain offers.

John took me this day because it was beautiful and clear with almost 100% visibility. When the weather id bad and there are thick clouds that pass through the cable car is closed and no one can get up to walk around. The thick cloud covering makes it impossible to see anything and everyone becomes disoriented and unable to move anywhere for fear of tripping and falling and hurting themselves. I can understand that. It was difficult enough to walk up there with good visibility because there are so many rock formations and the paths are rough and jagged with many nooks and crannies that your feet can trip over or get stuck in or upon! You have to watch where you are going even with sunshine and with the best weather conditions. I can't imagine being up there in bad visibility : it would be very scary! I think that I would simply sit down and wait for the fog and clouds to clear. But according to John Morrison ( owner of Boutique Imports and my excellent guide ) that might take quite some time. You just never know he said, it could happen quickly or take a day or two. Either way I was glad to see the views with such clear weather conditions! Thanks John.

These are just a few of my pictures. I took so many on this trip and so in the spirit of getting a number of blogs out and posted on this amazing time of mine in South Africa I will try and keep some of them like this short and just give everyone glimpses into this wonderful scenery in South Africa.

As the pictures reveal we were having a lot of fun. John took several of these of me. I got inspired by John and his infinite enthusiasm for all the plant life that grows up on table mountain as well as along the sides. He can name these plants, shrubs and flowers and pointed them out to me the entire time we were there. I also liked very much all the rock formations and so you can see here many pictures of me laying close to the ground and pulling the flowers and the plants close to me as John snapped many of these pictures. I agree with John , it was wonderful and amazing all the plants, flowers and shrubs that we saw. Many of the flowers were really close to the ground I am sure to be protected from the weather as well as the strong gusts of wine.

There was also a small lizard that I took some photos of close to the ground and on a green bit of spruce/evergreen tree with green needles. I can't make the lizard out for sure because it blends so well into it's background. Also, we were driven away from the base of the cable car by a man on a bike pulling us sitting behind him. That's the first picture you all see I believe. I also took a picture of a young lady's rhinestone flip-flops as the two rhinestones were huge and I thought it would be fun to show my daughter that likes things like that that sparkle. My shot did not capture the sparkle as much as it could, so just try and imagine when the sun would hit them dead-on?!

This day was all about relaxing and fun and getting ready for the wine activities to come that would stretch out the rest of the week for us and leave me exhausted that Saturday.

Cheers, TONY

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