Sunday, March 8, 2009

Roly Egerton-Warburton (Sales/Marketing) & Rik Visit Cleveland Park Wines Sept. 7th, 2005 To Taste The " New " Releases & Introduce INDIS Wines To Us

Here are the pictures that I took way back three years ago now in the store when Rik brought Roly Egerton-Warburton ( Sales & Marketing Manager ) of INDIS ( PO Box 1497 Subiaco 6904 , Western Australia, Tel : +61 8 9381 2911 Fax : +61 400 911 131 ) wines from Western Australia to the store.

Rik and Roly were here to introduce these wines for the first time to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area this September 2005. They had with them the Chardonnay, the Shiraz and the Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot dry red blend : three wines in all for me to taste this day.

I liked very much what I sampled and we ordered some and did an in-store wine-tasting with the one white and two reds as I remember and did really well with them. They are really nicely-balanced, elegant, more-refined wines that really do marry well with food and charm many a palate at the same time.

I was especially impressed with the Chardonnay on this first tasting of the wines and liked it equally well when I revisited them at our tasting. It had a richness and yet a lightness that intrigued me and had me taking another sip or two to be sure of my first impression. It's hard for me to like many Chardonnays other than those from burgundy, France. This one had me stopping and turning my head because I was tasting something a bit new for me and I liked that.

Roly wrote in our guest book at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 Tel : 202-363-4265 ) the following comments : " ... the first wine store I have visited in D.C. ... Thanks for your time, fantastic store ! Cheers " and signed Rory 7th Sept '05.

Thanks for bringing INDIS Western Australian wines and Roly to us Rik. That was a good call. Come by the store soon and sell us some more. It's Monday night at home in northern Virginia as I write and check this before posting it ( March 9th, 2009 , 12:14 AM, just the start of March 10th!) on a really warm evening here.

Come and see us again Roly. We really like the wine from Western Australia and are always happy to have them in our store. You are welcome here any time.

Hope you enjoy these pictures. You can see we were having some fun : Roly, Rik and me. I especially like the two photos I took of Roly taking my picture. I wonder if those of me look much like these of Roly?

Cheers to one and to all and don't forget to drink lots of Aussie wines, especially well-balanced wines like these from INDIS. TONY

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