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Jo Pithon Winemaker Of Loire Valley Chenin Blancs In His Prime In 2006 With Laurent Givry Of Elite Wines At Cleveland Park Wines / Stumbles In 200

The headline should finish reading : " ... Stumbles in 2009 With Dry Wines That Are All Oxidizing Too Quickly ?!? How Is That Possible? " I ran out of space unfortunately.

Back in his prime in late 2005-2006 Jo Pithon was at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits with Laurent Givry doing an in-store wine-tasting. It appears now in late 2008 and early 2009 that he has stumbled badly and that the wines he made ( especially the dry ones ) may be all oxidizing and turning bad now way before their time? That hurts if it is true because Jo has made some brilliant expressions of the Loire Valley's Chenin Blanc grape.

I liked very much Jo Pithon and his broad grin and smile. I bonded with this extroverted energy and enthusiasm of his. He made it awfully hard for someone to not like him : and like him very much I did. He always made me want to smile just as broadly as he did and cover all my face from ear to ear in a similar beaming smile and countenance.

We are sorry to hear this news and the problems there seem to be with the JO PITHON wines oxidizing quickly and turning way before their time. This is very unusual as generally in the Loire Valley Chenin Blancs age beautifully and gracefully.

I struggle now with whether I should be the one to mention any of this? Are other states having these problems with Jo's wines? Perhaps I have spoken too quickly? I'm torn whether to even post this blog now.

Anyway, these are happier times back in late 2005 in Cleveland Park, Washington D.C. with Jo and we don't want to get ahead of ourselves here. We have not heard all the facts yet and I just wanted to share these pictures with you that I took I believe in November 2005 at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue Wines & Spirits N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 Tel: 202-363-4265 ). Boy did we sell a lot of Jo's wine this evening in the store!

Please correct me if I am wrong : I'd love to be wrong about the wines oxidizing/turning early, especially all the dry ones. How is this possible anyway ?

At the same time we did this tasting Jack from Washington Wholesalers was also tasting some of his wines with our customers. We had two tastings going on at the same time : the more variety the merrier.

Some of our favorite customers were here to enjoy themselves and the wine. You can see the fun that some of them were having! This was also the time period when Steve was helping us in the store to learn the wine/liquor/beer business so that he could perhaps buy his own store soon. Thanks Steve. TONY

PS : It's now Thursday night, December 10th, 2009 just after midnight and I want to finally post this blog as I want to share the pictures of a happy time at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits four or so years ago.

I love the Chenin Blanc grape : especially it's expression in France's Loire Valley. This is a toast and a kudos and a bravo to it and all that it can and has done to make our world a better and more interesting place to enjoy white wine with many of our meals here in Washington D.C. as well as everywhere in the world.

Jo, I hope you have straightened things out and that things are back on the track of the quality and excellence of Chenin Blancs that you tasted with our customers on this evening.

What has happened? Please fill me in sometime soon...

It's also the holiday season for one and for all ... cheers et bonne annee a tous le monde entiere .... n'oublie pas de boire des bons vins du Chenin Blanc du Val du Loire ... a bientot, j'espere ... venez nous voir au magasin a Cleveland Park, Washington D.C. , le capital d'Auxs Etats Unis ...

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