Monday, March 9, 2009

Italian Winemaker With Neil Empson Imports Visits Store/Signs Bottles / Tastes " New " Releases At Cleveland Park In 2006 Sometime

Here are some pictures that I took of one of our wine owners from Italy visiting Cleveland Park In 2006 sometime I believe. He came with Franceen Rosensweig/Khang of N. Empson imports.

I will have to look up his name as he signed my guest book and we bought some more of his wines as the case I bought for the tasting was almost all sold-out while he was still in the store. I love this kind of selling of wines and I know that this Italian owner also liked it as he was pleased to sign all the bottles in the case.

I remember him signing the bottles especially for one female customer that just adored his wines. Then another good male customer came and tried his top of the line red and ordered some immediately for his own collection.

This tasting was pretty much serendipitous and very successful when you think that it was a time at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 Tel"202-363-4265 ) when we do not have very many customers as most of them are at work.

But you just never know and so it is something that I always approach very positively and simply am prepared, work really hard to make it the best ; and just hope for the best!

I will have to fill in all the details really soon once that I am back at the store and can consult my notes for the missing important details.

I recall that we tasted two or three wines of the owner and I had the best value of the three in the store to sell at the time.

Enjoy these pictures and stay-tuned for the rest really soon ..., TONY

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