Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blues Restaurant Lunch Just Off The Crowded Beach, Cape Town South Africa

What a view! What a lunch, a seafood salad for me for lunch, excellent dry Sauvignon Blanc, John Morrison, three Londoners and one lovely blond American lady from Maryland. The other lovely brunette lady from London had lost her passport and was waiting to get a new one.

I will write more about this luncheon later. I have just downloaded the pictures here and I see that the common thread running through many of them are the palm trees that dot the beach in front of us that can either be seen directly here in the shots or through the reflections in the glass walls behind as we are sitting out on the deck or balcony of the Blues restaurant.

John remembers it when it was the only thing out here on the beach. It must be hard to return when so much has grown up around it John? I never asked you this as we ate our wonderful meal and sipped on several glasses of South African Sauvignon Blanc. Again, it was not one that you represented , with a French name, what was it John? We both enjoyed it quite a bit.

Later, when we saw the table next to us talk to waiter wanting to order a bottle of white wine John recommended that they might try the one we were already enjoying. They took him up on his suggestion and ordered it right away. Now we were all enjoying this deliciously refreshing Sauvignon Blanc with a French name that was ideal for the heat of this afternoon.

As you can see from these photographs I was having fun and taking lots of playful, creative, odd yet hopefully stimulating pictures with multiple reflections in glass, eye-glasses, windows, etcetera as well as through glasses of wine, water and bottles of Italian olive oil, too. Everything on the table and in my sight was fair game as far as I was concerned. Beware all you poeple out there, Tony Quinn may have an eye or two on you!

Cheers, TONY

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