Monday, January 12, 2009

TITTARELLI Argentina In-Store Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits Wine-Tasting With Berenice

     We have been working with the TITTARELLI ( La Libertad, Rivadavia, Mendoza, Exp. A - 88157 ) wines from Mendoza, Argentina now for the past three years. They come through William Harrison Imports and our rep Dan Teresa has done a great job bringing us wines of this high quality now for a number of years. 

     We started slowly and yet picked up speed quickly here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 200-8 ; Tel : 202-363-4265 ) in our nation's capitol.

    We just received a shipment of the Reserva TITTARELLI Bonarda 2004 ( now ON SALE for $8.99 -used to be $12 ) and the TITTARELLI Reserva de Familia Bonarda 2004 ( now ON SALE for $12.49 - used to be $15 ).  They just arrived today, Friday, January 23rd, 2009 here in our store. We also have a bit of the other wines , too including some of the everyday oaked Chardonnay 2008, $7.99 a bottle.

     There are three tiers of TITTARELLI wines : the first that now sell for $7.99, the Reserva line that sells for $8.99 ON SALE , and the Reserva de Familia which also now sells ON SALE for $12.49. As I said we have some of the various reds : Bonarda, Sangiovese, Tempranillo and the white Chardonnay. I'm out of the Malbec and the Torrontes.

    We have sad news : we believe that TITTARELLI will be sold and become another or other wines. We are not sure what the future of TITTARELLI is. In the meantime please come and enjoy the few that we still have here. 

    These are pictures that we took when the export manager Berenice came and poured a selection of wines from TITTARELLI here in our store back in late 2005 or early 2006 I believe. I will have to find my notes and add that information really soon.

This was a great tasting that we conducted with the help of Berenice, the export manager for TIRARELLI wines, Argentina.  As I said they had already been selling quite well and  now have sold fabulously partly because of this tasting that got things launched if there ever was any doubt to the consistent and excellent quality of these wines.  It was dispelled and replaced with utter confidence and approval across the board for all of them. That's including now their bubbly that has done really well for us, too over the last three months or so. 

     It's now Monday early evening ( my day-off ) January 12th, 2009 here in northern Virginia at our home. I've just discovered an hour or so earlier that I will indeed be going to South Africa for the very first time to visit the wineries there from March 14th- 23rd, 2009 and that brings a real smile to my face as I type away now.

Enjoy these pictures of Berenice now as I write more about TITTARELLI. I wrote this in two parts, adding today more which precedes what I had previously written, in case it seems a bit chopped.  Cheers, TONY

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