Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catching Up Serendipitously / Marvelously At Cork With My old Friend & Colleague Raz In D.C. At Local American Wine Bar Late 2008

I have know Raz ( Mariam Razavi - this may be an old email address )now for many years and for awhile our paths crossed frequently. Raz was the wine-buyer for a small, fun specialty store on 17th Street N.W. called Prego Secondo across from Cairo Liquors and catty-corner from the Safeway.

I used to go take inventory and sell her wines that they already stocked as well as try and sell her new wine. This was back in the early 1990's I believe. Time passes and memories fade, but not the times we spent talking wine and tasting together. I think we were inspiration for each other : I know we both developed a healthy dose of mutual respect for one another. That still endures : is still very strong, even after all these years!

Back then when I worked in the wholesale business and sold to both stores and restaurants it was simply different, less-complicated. Prego Secondo was owned by Dan and Mike if memory serves. I used to sell to them, too. Raz and I even did some wine-tastings there at Prego Secondo and we'd put our two heads together and come up with some pretty stimulating themes, fun, unique and overall contagious to anyone wanting to experience more the true richness available to people in the wine world. I'll have to find one of those old tasting-sheets and include it later here. I think I still have at least one of them.

Raz is a consummate wine-educator just like myself. She wants to put people together with both good food and good wine. She's all about that : give her the chance and she'll get out her magic bag and pull some really neat things from it.

So, here I show up at this famous watering-tasting-wine bar Cork and who should come up to me immediately as I walk through the front door but Raz : wow. I loved it. Great to see you Raz. We should see each other more often : why has it been so long since we last saw each other ?!?

It's always great to see you Raz, you always look and sound marvelous!

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS BUT i WOULD LIKE TO GET IT OUT TODAY, mONDAY AFTERNOON ON fEBRUARY 2ND, 20009 , 5:07 pm ON " gROUNDHOG dAY ". Can you believe I just typed this last sentence like I did?!? I have just risen from a nap and am still a bit groggy as I sip some of my 2006 " old Vines " Sylvaner from Alsace. I think it may be called SIPP or something like that?!? Quelle coincidence, n'est pas vrai - if it was true, the name that is - sip for a / from a SIPP ?!? More about that soon.

However, for the moment I will leave you with a " wee " little story when , years ago both Raz and Hillary came to visit me and my wife here at our home. They cam bearing gifts : one was a great bottle of PETER LEHMAN'S Cabernet Sauvignon red from Barossa with the painting of the lady on it.

The other was something from Raz's home : a beautiful metal ( silver and copper - bronze, too? I am not sure ) bird that looks very much like a falcon about to land with it's talons open and ready to catch it's prey or perhaps land on the arm of it's owner. I am looking at it now and love it. The frame it's in is also highly-worked with many inlaid pieces of ivory or shell painted in deep reds, greens and also gold. I like the whole image and frame Raz: but most of all I like it because you gave it to me and my wife. Thanks.

By the way, the PETER LEHMAN Cabernet Sauvignon ( a vintage back in the nineties ) was really wonderful. We enjoyed it quite some time ago.

As you can see I have included other pictures here as well of the tasting where I bumped into Raz quite unexpectedly. There was a good turn out for these excellent French wines sold through Bacchus Imports. I still may buy some. In the meantime the "old vines " 2006 Sylvaner from Alsace that my wife and I are now enjoying is also from Bacchus and that will come to our store this week sometime and will be ON SALE. Stay-tuned - lots more to still come on this blog.

Enjoy these pictures and partial text in the meantime. Cheers, TONY

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