Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wine Owner/Winemaker Maurice Barnouin( DOM. GOURNIER )Here At Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits May 4th, 2006 After Portfolio Tasting At Bistro Francais

     Maurice Bournouin , owner/ winemaker of DOMAINE GOURNIER ( a 30190 Sainte Anas, Cevennes France  situated between Avignon and Nimes )here the day  after the Robert Kacher  May 3rd, 2006 portfolio tasting at Bistro Francais in Georgetown, Washington D.C. 

     I had met Maurice before and have enjoyed selling his wines from the simpler dry white Viognier and the red Merlot all the way up to his  the " Hommage " 2004 ( which, by the way we have now ON SALE here in the store for $12.99 - what a deal! - it's Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 as I type this blog more than three years later. What have I been waiting for?!?

    Maurice has been her once before and tasted his wines with our customers and I  will have include those notes and pictures at a later date. Maurice came with Ronnie and another Bobby Kacher sales rep ( a French young lady ) from New York I believe. She's in these pictures with Maurice.

    It was just a social visit to say " bonjour/salut ) and to tell us about new developments at DOMAINE GOURNIER.

    Recently I have loved selling the red Grenache as well as the dry white Viognier and this amazing 2004 " Hommage " ON SALE for $12.99 , reg: $17.99 ). Get some quick for the inauguration and other great events.

     Hope to see you soon. 

     Cheers, Happy New Year 2009. And Maurice , come back and see us soon. You are always welcome here. Viens nous revoir Maurice! Bonne annee a toi et a ta famille.  TONY

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