Thursday, May 25, 2017

Join Andrew Shapiro Of His Own ' Ginger Brew ' non-Alcoholic - Original & All Natural D.C.-Made Washington D.C. K & B Sodas Saturday Tasting At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits 3423 Conn Ave. NW, Washington DC, 202-363-4265 11:30-2:30PM : Free Ginger Brew Tasting, Everyone Always Welcome!

WE HAVE Andrew Shapiro coming to pour his ' new and exciting ' Ginger Beer - original & all natural - K & B Sodas , made here locally, sold-out many times before, a favorite here for more than a year, tasty, really intense and pure and flavorful, a treat to taste, without alcohol, tastes great by itslef, also a treat mixed.
MANY of you have already tasted with Andrew, he has completely perfected this Ginger Brew of his to perfection now, and will share it ' for the first time ' this Saturday, May 27th, 2017, Memorial Day weekend, the day Ramadan begins, too.
JOIN US - 11:30-2:30PM, taste the ginger burn, taste the ginger Zing, the Smack and Slap and ZAP of it on your unsuspecting tongue and palate : it will quick become a pal to your palate, ... and your palate will not be able to go anywhere without this Ginger Brew?!?
COME TASTE : this is exciting, happy to have Andrew back with us. Cheers all.

My artwork here, watercolors and oil pastels and ink markers, too! Enjoy : POPS like the ginger brew!


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