Tuesday, May 30, 2017

In Cleveland Park NW DC 20008 7-11 Opens It's Doors To Business, Farmer's Market Starts W/ 10 Vendors Saturday Morning June 3rd, 2017 8:30-12:30PM, Come See & Buy Then Come Over Here For Your Beer, Wine & Cider & Spirit's Needs?!? Yes @CPWineSpirits 3423 Conn Ave. NW Washington DC, 20008!

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THE HUMIDITY is here to bother us now from time to time. We always think we are ready for it but it always catches us off-guard and we are here to help you navigate through and around it as best as you all can on your own terms. We have lots of suggestions for you on this, from cool and refreshing apple and pear ciders to ...
THE HUMIDITY is creeping up on us and the air sure is heavy with water now, and when the sun manages to cut through the clouds as it did yesterday for brief moments on Monday, Memorial Day it sure was nice. My wife and I both noted that the children taking their first plunges into the cold waters of pools outside would be cheered on by any sunshine. How many of you were able to take your first plunge into the pools outside yesterday? We were not, though we loved weeding and gardening, moving the lawn, transplanting day lillies to sunnier spots on the lawn, etcetera.
NEWS : 7- 11 is now open from what I hear? It opened this morning on our corner here. How do you all feel about it?!? Hadly anyone has mentioned it to me, and mostly in a negative way. Share your thoughts. We are listening.
MORE NEWS : Just spoke to Susan as she came around with the first colorful really nice small poster for our window ( it is up and very visible Susan ) : the 1st Farmer's Market starts this Saturday here on June 3rd, 2017 from 8:30-12:30PM. I think there will be ten stalls open on the street sidewalk across from us here and I hope it will be great for our neighborhood. Fresh produce. Wow, gotta love that, and we were talking about it last night at dinner with my daughter and wife. There is one in Virginia that we go to and it sure is a treat to discover so much freshness in produce to treat ourselves to on the weekend. We were speaking specifically of green beans, and my wife was saying that at the Giant it was hit-or-miss for her, sometimes very good, sometimes not at all.
SO : I SAY for the Farmer's Market, and anyother ' new ' businesses, especially small businesses : let us welcome them open-armed, with smiles, good cheer, and give them a chance to see what we can add to this vibrant neighborhood that is being tested each and every day at ever seam, at every possible spot. We need to be strengthened, not weakened.
LOOKS LIKE THERE MIGHT be some good examples to draw from just a few blocks up on Wisconsin Avenue, there off of Macomb Streets, and further up, too on the hillside just before heading down towards the Volvo dealership. We need to blossom, too, even if change is hard, it is essential to stay alert, vibrant, commected, a hub of activity, energy, promise, business, community, neighborhood : ALL of it in ONE to help us to realize all of our potentials.
I WILL HAVE TO BUY some local produce on Saturday before I start here at 10AM. See you there.
WE ( my wife, daughter and me )  ALSO HAD the privilege in the late Monday afternoon yesterday to watch the antics of a new family of woodpeckers teach their young to fly and to maneuver up and down taller trees where the bark is a feast for them. Our daughter had the best view and kept mentioning this as we sipped some apple cider made up in New York's Finger Lakes region, a gift from our customer Marge to us that her father made. Combined with the crackers and herbed goat's chees, and me grilling, we also talked about the movie : " Paris Can Wait " that we all saw over this past weekend.
LOVED THE MOVIE on so many levels and would gladly return to see it again. So many great references to Provence, the Rhone Valley, to Cannes, to wild herbs and spices, like the watercress that Jacques picked from the river's bank for the lunch he and Dianne enjoyed ( Arnaud is his real name , Jazques if the common name he used in the movie that got his credit card stollen ). The wine references were priceless, too from many Rhones like white Chateauneuf-Du-Pape, Condrieu white, red , too, many others, BUT NO Provence rose, how is this even possible?!?
DID WE MISS IT ?!? Were there references and a bottle or two of shared Provence rose at any table, Cassis white, reds like the Francois from the Doamiane des Figuieres made by Francois and named after him?! Francois has been here, too.
SO : Come here and find some of the Provence rose wines that were not feautured in this movie as Arnaud and Dianne drove their way slowly and with many incredible detours up to Paris, going through Burgundy, dining in Lyons, then in Veseley, and more.
IT WAS HARSH, IT WAS CRUEL to finally realize that they had finally arrived in Paris. I leaned over and whispered to my wife : " My gut feeling is that Dianne will encourage Arnaud to drive to Brittany and then up into Normandy, too, to visit Belle Isle  and Mont St Michel and sample all the marvelous crepes, the cidre and the Pommeau and the Calvados, too!
IT WOULD HAVE ALL BEEN cleraly, charmingly, brilliantly photographed by Dianne and then shown to us, incredible, so much food for consumption as well as for thought! One of my favorite lines was from Dianne to Arnaud when she said quickly : " Of course you don't! There is no food under the hood. " You will have to go see the movie to gain the perspective and context for the movie.
SO : From Provence now we have for you :
          ONE Dry White -
     1) MI MI en Provence , Grande Reserve, Cotes de Provence, $14.49, 2016Short for Mireil, a term of endearment, a fine refreshing taste for now as the air seems heavy and sometimes a breeze is sparse. Let this be our breeze! Cheers.
          TWO Dry Rose : From PIGOUDET -
     1) Premiere Vin De Provence, 2016, $14.49 , 13% alcohol by volume, refreshing, bright, a nice supple rich lighter mouthfeel!
     2) ' L'Oratoire ' Cuvee Divine Vin de Provence, 2016,  $21.99 a bottle, has a richer, deeper and yet more refined taste all in-one, a delight to sip and to have with your meal, hors d;ouevres, taoas, finger foods, snacks, yes, si oui oui oui oui!
          THREE Reds - 
       TWO From CHATEAU D'Or et de GUEULLES , Costieres de NImes - from Diane de Puymorin ...
     1) ' Trassegum2011, with 14.5% alcohol by volume, the fullness, the girth, grip, the attack is there, firm, gentle, with some real guts to enjo with a meal. Stop off and get a meal or make your own, k=like a grilled steak, I will enjoy mine that I grilled last night, and this would be a treat. Made by Diane that is both owner and winemaker. She has true original fiery character, just like her wines, just like both Mrs Copolla that wrote and directed the movie, and Dianne that played the lead role : three strong women, two strong wines here ' en rouge ' to try and enjoy.
COME GET THIS tomorrow, Wednesday, when we take 20% OFF this price of $24.49, and it becomes $ 19.59. Cheers.
     2) BUT :
Perhaps you need even more weight and power, layers and levels of taste from the " La Bolida " 2011, with 14.5% alcohol by volume, this has a more interesting, provocative, insinuating, mysterious, known yet new flavoring! I like it, It keeps me captive, at $36.49, tomorrow it goes down to $29.19 a bottle.

     3) AND :
Owner Sarah of her family's CHATEAU COUPE ROSES in Minervois, a 2011, Granaxa vin rouge , with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this is Grenache dry red is made in older barrels, and the small bit of Syrah that they add in gives it a pureness, of red fruit flavors, mouthfilling in texture, made like this the first time in Minervoise by Francoise Le Calvez. It is another great food wine, I would love a glass shortly with my steak lunch. Mmmmm, merci Sarah et Francoise, merci beaucoup.
NICE TO FOCUS on the female contributions of the wines and the females involved in the production, inspiriation, execution, and SO MUCH MORE.
ANOTHER LINE in the movie that caught my attention yesterday was between Dianne and Arnaud : " Can you believe that this ( tapestry ) was all done by one man?!? " as they are in a museum in Lyons. Arnausd immediately shruggs and says : " Of course I believe it. " I am paraphrasing this communication, and it was unmistakable to two women's response at this, a French younger lady, an a mature beautiful American lady. Go see them movie. Come get some wine, beer and other French spirits to enjoy it afterward!
SO : Now Onto Beer -
     1) 1664 KRONENBOURG ' Blanc ' flavored White Beer, French beer brewed with spices and with natural flavors , On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. A treat now, may have to get some as I remember different scenes in the movie : " Paris Can Wait. "
     2) Irish Ale from SMITHWICK'S : On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack. I remember how much I really liked this the last time we tasted it here around Saint Patrick's Day : smooth, bright, so fresh and alive and round silk taste, too.
     3) Santorini Blonde called VOLKAN, from the Greek island of Santorini, a 4-pack of superior Santorini beer, with 5% alcohol by volume, , Citrus Medica, Santorini Honey, it is ;ava rock filtered, something exciting and brand new here, yes!
ONTO Fine Spirits : Let Us Lift Them - From Jagir -

      1) FLOC de Gascogne, from Domaine La Salette , serve really cold, you drink this earlier in the day before you start drinking the Armagnac that they make. This is lighter, brighter, less alcohol, more refreshing, a delight, $21.99, with 16.5% alcohol by volume, so much fun, a different palate treat : made from the Folle Blanche ( Mad Woman ) grape, and more, cheers! Made in Lagraulet-Du-Gers region of southwest France Armagnac.
     2) " New England ' Cranberry Liqueur from the LEOPOLD BRS, $35.99, with 20% alcohol by volume, it is high-time we did another tasting of these fine assortment of liqueurs that we get from LEOPOLD BROS. They are so delicate, so subtle, so fine and silky, nice.
     3) Pot Stilled non-chill-filtered SINGLE MALT WHISKY from WASMUND'S, distilled and bottled by COPPER FOX Distillery, from Sperryville, Virginia, $47.99 a bottle, with 48% alcohol by volume. aged in cherrywood, I tried it recently over at our neighbor's house and I think owners Rick Wasmund and Sean have hit a ' home-run ' with this, loved it : fleshy, fiery, packed and luscious, too : all wrapped in one fine gradations of tastes.
     4) Hand Made in Washington D.C. by DISTRICT MADE, this local vodka from ONE EIGHT, On Special for $34.99, we need to get them back to do an in-store tasting of this and their other fine spirits like the white whiskey, $33.99, Rock Creek.
     5) Caledonia Spirits ' Tom Cat ' BARR HILL Reserve Gin, barreled in American oak casks, this oak does impart a specific taste that Ken tells me is unique and leaves him wondering : " What do I blend it with ?!? " Any of you have any ideas to shareon this, let us know. It sells for $65.99 a bottle.With 43% alcohol by volume, it is also kosher.
     Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 , : ( 5-8PM ) : We welcome Brayden Campbell here of Lanterna Wines to do an in-store evening tasting of three-four wines :
     1) Savoie French Blanc - white wine , 2015, from MAISON PHILIPPE VIALLET, from Aprement, France, right there on the French-Swiss border, this dry tasty white has some real distinct honey and mineral tastes that will harmonize with a fondue meal. How many of you still mkae fondue? It sure is a fun thing to do with cheeses, meats and chocolate and strawberries, too! $14.99 a bottle.
     2) Eleon'Or from the DOMAINE Des HERBAUGES, a Frank's Signature wine, On Special for $14.99, from France's Vin de Pays du Val de Loire, a dry rose blend right there next to the Loire valley, of 80% Grolleau and 20% Gamay, this is distinct, alive, best with a meal, good acidity, good dried fruit toasty flavors, a treat all around. We understand that it will also be featured in the Washington Post Food section soon, so come taste it and see what you thnk. We like it, we like very much what Frank Agostini has selected to continue to bring to our attention here in Washington D.C. Cheers, sante.
     IN THE MOVIE : " Paris Can Wait " Jacques/ played by Arnaud, selected a Silex Pouilly Fume 100% Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy, from the Daguenotte vineyards now carried on by the son as the father passed away sadly in an airplane flight. We are getting a lovely Pouilly Fume here soon.
     3) Nemea made with the famous Agiorgitiko from DRIOPI, a 2015, $29.99, just sampled this with Brayden and Andreas Zinelis and loved it. It impressed me no-end : so much balance, taste, the flavors old and layered and with such a broad range, a real treat with a meal, and tomorrow with the 20% OFF on it it gets to $23.99 a bottle - get it now : a fine early Father's Day present. Hint hint hint hint hint, share it with your father that loves wine.
     Friday, June 2nd, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : we have Eddie Janak of the Opici Wine Imports here to taste and assortment of his fine wines that we sell here, all to be decided here tomorrow.
     ALSO : Tasting the Wyndridge Farm beer tasting of fine Pennsylvania beers  here
     Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 -
     - Farmer's Market  across the street here from 8:3-AM-12:30PM, go over and welcome everyone, this is fun and exciting!
     - Danielle Davidowitz of Dionysos Imports, and Joao Carvalho of RIBAFREIXO will be here ( 2-6PM ) tasting an assortment of his fine Portuguese wines, also to be decided here tomorrow. Maybe a Vinho Verde, some rose maybe, for sure some dry reds and whites - maybe even some sparkling? We will see, exciting!

     - ALSO : Tasting the FILIBUSTER spirits.
JOIN US : ALL our tastings are free, everyone always welcome.
ALSO : Want To Give A Big Thanks To Oenos Imports of Greece ( Sotiris Bafitis, Brian, Nassos and Iason ) for getting both Alexander Tsapos and Vivi of TSAPOS MEDIA to come here a week ago or so, on Friday,  May 19th, 2017 and take pictures of the store, of the tasting, make some videos, too, and share them with us and others, one video with music made by Vivi and the other I believe made by Alex. They are great. Both may be viewd on Facebook at Oenos Wine, check them out, they make everything Greek come alive, they show, too what energy and excitement, what a sense of sharing and community goes on here in our store all the time. It was a pleasure to be a part of this.
WE LOVE SELLING GREEK WINES and buy them from at least six-seven sources, many of them owned and operated, loved, cherished, and brought to us by Greeks. Cheers, thanks.
YOU MAY ALSO see these videos and photos on Facebook at : TsaposMedia. If you want any work done you can call : 571-488-3208, tsaposmedia@gmail.com
COME TASTE some fine Greek wine here tomorrow with Brayden Campbell, you will all love the Nemea. You really will.

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CHEERS, THANKS for everything, you all are the very very very best. Cheers, TONY
I AM WORKING HARD, too on my art, ask about it, ask to see it. Thanks.
THAT WAS the store email I wrote way back when on the 22nd of May 2013 ...check for current availability, pricing, vintages, etcetera, and hopefully we can get what you want written about below in the store email from May 22nd, 2013 .... cheers, TONY
THE HUMIDITY is here to bother us now from time to time, We always think we are ready for it ... here are some suggestions for you : a special Jalapeno 100% Agave tequila to some refreshing ale with Raspberry puree, some chocolate liqueur, some Lucky 13 red ale, some Sloe Gin, some Goldwasser liqueur with actual gold flakes settled nicely at the bottom of the bottle, and many still and sparkling wines, as well as many dry roses.
SOMETHING for pretty much EVERYONE!
THE RECENT PAST TORNADOES that have devastated certain areas in Moore a suburb of Oklahoma City I believe? , including the one yesterday afternoon that has leveled two elementary schools is so tragic and getting up to watch more of this this morning with my wife on the Today Show with Al and Matt and the NBC 4 Morning News team was especially hard for us. Out prayers and our sympathies go out to all of them now in their time of need. It's hard to hear someone say that such devastation is so complete. The young lady that had helped with her husband look for survivors remarked that ten minutes before the tornado hit ground there that everything looked fine and that the sky was blue ...
WE ALSO READ THIS MORNING that Ray Manzareck the keyboard player for the DOORS sixties singing rock band just passed away in Germany. My wife showed me the article and I read it completely. Ray was an amazing musician as were both John on drums and Robbie on guitar. Ray had to make his Hammond organ sound like a bass guitar and he did it, too. Jim Morrison the singer that dies so unexpectedly at the tender age of 27 years of age is the best-remembered of the four. Ray's last quote in the article said basically that it was always about Jim, all the conversation, always about Jim! Yet for me it was always about the four of them ; these four guys in the band. As Ray put it, about the music. I agree : it took all four of them to create the sound that they are still famous for in songs like : " Light My Fire " that they sang on the Ed Sullivan show and were banned from ever returning once that Jim Morrison refused to modify his lyrics and sang them as they were intended. Remember?
SO : just like the music of the DOORS where all four players were important, so it's the same with all these wonderful products that I will now mention here. Music is an art form just as are so many fine beverages where multiple elements all have to pull their own weight to be the success that they in many cases ultimately are. Bear with me as I use this in continuing today's store email to you all, to tie it all together : to flesh it out, give it life, purpose and make it interesting, too.
BUT BEFORE I DO THIS I want to say that I received a very nice " Thank You " from Joy Sterling of the famous California IRON HORSE Vineyards that makes both fabulous sparkling as well as still wines using the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir grapes. I wrote on the IRON HORSE Facebook page and " liked " them as  we have sold a whole selection of their sparkling wines over the years including the one that both draws attention to ? and gives back to the ocean called :
" I Am Giving / I Am The Ocean ".
THE RELATIONSHIP we / I have with IRON HORSE is long and strong and includes many individuals and stories from Tim Gural our old Field Sales Manager of Washington Wholesale The Charmer Sunbelt Group to Claude Thibaut that made the very first IRON HORSE " Wedding Cuvee " for Joy Sterling , one of the owners of IRON HORSE Vineyards. We sell Claude Thibaut's current Virginia sparkling wines here, a NV Brut for $30.99 and a Vintage 2008 for $31.99 : BOTH are FABulous! And we sold the : " I Am Giving / I Am The Ocean ", as well as tasted all four that we had from IRON HORSE here two Decembers ago ( 2011 I believe ) with the help of Tim Gural that was so good at promoting them here to us. Thanks Tim.
AND NOW I realize with our good customers Ed and Jinny and another " more recent " good customer Barton Seaver that is a talented and successful  sustainable-ingredients cooking chef  that he helped with Joy Sterling make and promote the IRON HORSE : :  " I Am Giving / I Am The Ocean " - Barton bought our last bottle last year in 2012  that we sold here : and Ed & Jinny are serving the " Wedding Cuvee " soon : SMALL WORLD that comes together and connects in such marvelous ways. I love it. I have called Roberta and am checking to see if we can get any more of the : " I Am Giving ... " to sell here? I also want to taste with Michel the current vintages of the IRON HORSE before I get to , I hope, finally meet Joy for the very first time soon. Maybe Roberta can come and taste us, or perhaps Joy you can taste us? All sounds so promising. Cheers.
WHAT I LOVED about the IRON HORSE : " I Am Giving ? I Am The Ocean " : polish, finesse, elegance, subtle, almost gravity-defying : a wonder and a treat to hold and cradle in my mouth as I sipped and enjoyed it. It was vintage-dated and I believe it was a 2008? Cheers. Thanks Barton for helping to bring this all back to me with the help, too of Ed and Jinny : the harmony of the universe, of the ocean, like the harmony of four musicians playing together to create a wonderful experience where every part mattered/ matters.
WEYERBACHER Riserva Ale with Raspberry Puree added and Aged in Oak Barrels, $17.99, a 2012 vintage, 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, from Easton Pennsylvania, www.weyerbacher.com ). This just sounds like it would be great now to sip and enjoy and relax. I guess that Ray Manzareck would be the Oak Barrels used here. Go to their page or to our Facebook page to see these pictures of the oak barrels used, as well as the beautiful color of this ale. Cheers.
LAGUNITAS " Lucky 13 " Mondo Large Red Ale ( On Special for $6.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, 8.6% alcohol by volume, from LAGUNITA Brewing Co. in Petalume, California,  ) : Ray Manzareck would be : " ... the Noble Brewer of the planet's only legal Steam Beer ... ". and Robbie of the DOORS might be :  " ... Oregon's Rebel Brewer from Newport ... ". It always takes a team, and everyone's influence is felt by the others daily. Fun.
VAN GOGH Amsterdam Chocolate Liqueur from The HEART of Amsterdam, imported from Holland ( On Special now for $13.99 - very limited availability, 30 Proof, 15% alcohol by volume, distilled in Schiedam, Holland ) : this would be the Jim Morrison while the VAN GOGH Dutch Chocolate Vodka would be the Ray Manzareck - as the two would be mixed together, are mixed together to make a very special drink.
TANTEO 100% De Agave Tequila Blanco  Jalapeno ( $45.99 a 750ml bottle,  infused with natural Jalapeno, 40% Alcohol by volume, 07477 Tan 7-06-12 J12 www.tanteotequila.com ) : I believe that in this recipe - there are many here to consider : Pitcher of Jalapeno Margaritas :  12 Oz I TANTEO Jalapeno Tequila, 6 Oz. I Fresh Lime Juice, 4 Oz I Agave Nectar, combine in a pitcher with ice and stir well and pour into ice-filled rocks glasses ( salted rim optional ), and garnish with lime wedges. Here Ray Manzareck would be the Jalapeno Tequila, Robbie would be the fresh lime juice, Jim would be the Agave Nectar and John the drummer would be the ice cubes! All fun. cheers. All necessary.
STELLA ARTOIS " Cidre "/ Cider  made with Hand-Picked Apples ( $7.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 4.5% alcohol by volume, www.StellaArtois.com/Cidre. Baldwinsville, NY ) : new and exciting! I guess that in this case that Ray Manzareck would be the original beer from Europe as he was in Germany when he died?! Hard to say, and yet this Hand-Picked-Cider could not have been made without it's glorious past and glorious beers that all started in Europe so many wonderful moons ago!

LIQUEUR DANZIG " Goldwasser " Der Lachs " 22 Karat " ( $29.99 a 750ml bottle, from the Distillery Der Lachs, since 1598, Norten-HardenbergGermany, www.ourniche.com ) : " The Original Danziger Goldwasser was invented by the legendary pharmacist Ambrosien Vermullen in 1598.  ... owes its reputation to the infusion of 22 karat gold flakes and its bitter sweet taste experience ". I guess that Ray Manzareck of the DOORS would be the Bittersweet taste referred to hear?! Jim Morrison clearly would have been the 22 karat gold flakes! All good fun : all essential in the final product, not one more important than the other, though it is easy to forget this. Try not to.
YOU GET THE IDEA : it's all about team work and that's so often what produces the greatest success stories.
BEER From Santos :
     1) Gouden CAROLUS Cuvee Van De Keizer Jaargang 2011( On Special for $8.99 a 4-pack , 11.2Fl. Oz, 10% alcohol by volume, Mechelen, Belgium,  www.hetanker.be ) : brewed by Brewery Het Anker, one of the oldest breweries in Belgium. ... it's a blond ale of top fermentation that illustrates  the subtle balance between  the different natural ingredients. It's pretty wonderful, pretty special, love the bright golden color, love even more it's incredible balance and full taste. A treat!
     2)  2012 " Dragon's Milk " Ale Aged In Oak Barrels from The HIGH GRAVITY SERIES of NEW HOLLAND Brewing ( On Special for $9.99 a 23 Plato, 10% alcohol by volume, www.NewHollandBrew.com ) : " A barrel-aged stout with roasty malt character intermingled with deep vanilla tones, all dancing in an oak bath. Pairings : red meat, smoked foods, balsamic, rich cheese and dark chocolate ".
     1) PLYMOUTH Sloe Gin from COATES & COMPANY ( On Special for $38.99 a 750ml bottle, 26% alcohol by volume, www.plymouthgin.com , English ) : " A truly traditionalEnglish Sloe Gin, made from a recipe in 1883. It's intensity and richness is the result of using high strength Plymouth gin which extracts the maximum flavour from the Sloe berries ".
     2) POW-WOW Botanical Rye Straight Rye Whiskey Infused with Botanicals ( On Special for $41.99 a 750ml bottle, 45% alcohol by volume, 90 Proof, www.BotanicalRye.com, rye whiskey aged over 2 years ). Check this out. 
     3) MOON MOUNTAIN Wild Raspberry Flavored-Vodka ( $21.99 a 750ml bottle,  traditional  copper pot-distilled , 35% alcohol by volume, ORGANIC, contains elderberry extract, www.Moonmountainvodka.com , Lawrenceburg, IN ) ; new and exciting and different! Cheers.
WINE From Michel & TONY :
          4 Dry Rose Wines :
     1) Alexander Valley Vineyards Dry Rose of Sangiovese, Sonoma County ( $14.99 , 13.2% alcohol by volume, since 1962, estate grown and bottled, Wetzel Family, www.avvwine.com ) : always a hot-weather favorite, very refreshing and bright.
     2) 14-18h 2011 GAIA Wines, Koutsi, Nemea, dry dark-deep-colored rose made from the indigenous Agiorgitiko grape in the Peleponnisos region of Greek, $16.99, 13% alcohol by volume, ) : a very fine wine when you grill or well-season your food. Delicious.
     3) 2012 Domaine de la Solitude Cotes Du Rhone dry French Rhone rose ( $18.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, Pierre Lancon, proprietor , www.domaine-solitude.com ) : a fine medium-to-light-bodied red to enjoy with food. Will make you hungry and searching for something to munch on after the third sip. Cheers. beautiful salmon color. That's worth the price of admission all by itself - the color - everything else is extra and a bonus!

     4) Domaine Pelaquie Tavel 2012 dry rose from the southern Rhone valley in France ( #20.99, 14% alcohol by volume , a dry blend of 60% Grenache and 30% Cinsault ) : a dark and deep color, this dry rose from the town of Tavel is very famous and a great rose to enjoy with a more flavorful meal. What a treat!

          TWO LIGURIAN Italian Wines :
     1) DURIN dry white   100% Vermentino indigenous grape variety from Riviera Liugure di Ponente , 2011 ( $16.99, 13% alcohol by volume , ) : amazing character, brightness, freshness and appeal! A JOY to drink , especially with this heat and humidity, and a value for the wines of Luguria!
     2) DURIN  2009 Granaccia indigenous red from the Colli Savonesi ( $18.99, 14% alcohol by volume ) : a medium-to-light-bodied red that should be chilled slightly as it has some nice pepper and spice qualities that become energized and also collected better with the cold and thus more refreshing. A very nice hot-weather red for the humidity, too : so distinct, so much it's very own flavor and taste. best with food to flesh it out some more.
          TWO MORE REDS  :
     1) MARQUES De ZENETE Gran Reserva 2005 Spanish Tempranillo red blend from Valencia, Spain On Special for $13.99, 14% alcohol by volume, AN INSANELY GREAT DEAL & VALUE from Spain : WOW, and from a GREAT VINTAGE, TOO! WHAT A DEAL! NICE ALMOST ANYTIME.
     2) " Cuvee Constance " 2008 Cotes Du Roussillon Villages dry southern French red ( $15.99, 15% alcohol by volume ) from Thunevin-Calvet : flavorful, round and nice with meals fresh off your grill. Chill slightly twenty-thirty minutes and enjoy with that good taste of grilled meats and vegetables!
     1) BUY ANY $20 or more Non-Sparkling/ Still wine and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price.
     2) BUY ANY 6 or more Non-Sparkling/ Still wines and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices.
     3) BUY ANY 12 or more Non-Sparkling / Still wines and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices. Call if you cannot come. This also includes port, sherry, marsala, madeira and sake.  202-363-4265.

     Friday, May 24th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : Come by and meet Ruben as he pours his fine selection of the BULGARIANA Bulgarian dry reds and whites. Fine wines, great values : fine food wines : all dry.
     Saturday, May 25th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : Come and taste with owner Estebe of his Tradewinds Specialty Imports selections of fine still and sparkling wines from Spain and Argentina, also his fine Spanish sherries. We will certainly taste his OUTSTANDING Syrah 2011 dry red from Argentina's La Rioja region from the CHANARMUYO Estate, the Chamas Honnorat Family wines for only $10.99 : WHAT A GRAND WINE, what a GREAT DEAL, too! Love it, with a meal, perfect!!!!!!!!
     MET OWNER and WINEMAKER Ron Coleman of his TAMARACK CELLARS Walla Walla, Washington State wines ( tried 3 with Jeremy earlier today: a Chardonnay, A fireman's dry red blend 2010 and a dry 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon that is young and needs a meal : liked them all ). We need the Chardonnay, I liked very much the brightness, roundness and softness of the dry red blend. Treats all of them. Ron and Jeremy and I spoke of the passing of Ray Manzareck of the DOORS, we spoke of 1967, we spoke of " Light My Fire ", and " Break on Through ", we spoke of the Grateful Dead and their song " Truckin'  ", and " what a  long, strange  trip it's been ... " with many more still to come, which included for Ron today seeing the pandas at our National Zoo just two blocks away. he even took a picture. He asked me : " And you know what we talked about ?!? " , and I said " yes " but turned out I was wrong when Ron immediately responded/ answered : " Bamboo, of course! " with a big grin and smile! Sounds about right to me. Tomorrow Michel will taste these wines. We've sold them before. We never have too many fine wines from Washington State here : the more the merrier Ron. Cheers. Take care.
LET US KNOW WHAT we may do better for you all?   TONY

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