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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Here At Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits ALL WEEK LONG, ALL Year Long Really : It Should Be Constant Our Appreciation To Our Valiant Brave Honest Dedicated Teachers That Make Us Who We Are In Large Part! Thanks To You ALL!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week : We Appreciate You All So!

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Tue, May 2, 2017 at 5:29 PM
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Cleveland Park Wines Tues. May 1st, 12 Store Email
Happy Cinco De Mayo this Friday all : we have plenty of tequila, Margarita mix and triple sec to accomodate you all!
IT'S BEAUTIFUL NOW as we get into this May with some lovely flowers and plenty of rain and drizzle promised this weekend to keep everything lush in delicate greens and lots and lots of that accented with some nice colors provided by our flowers, many of them lavender, delicate sky-blues , some yellows and lingering-late-flowering Azaleas, too. The Dutch Irises are so pretty, too now. Anyway, when it's warm enough and dry enough it's nice to be outside and we have plenty of beers, ciders ,  wines and mixed drinks spirits  to recommend to you.
WE ARE STILL dealing with pollen, that is still with us, I swept quite a bit away yesterday. We were lucky to miss the storn that was supposed to hit us last night, that is all good.
I WROTE This back in May 2012 I believe and here we are the second day of May and it sure is beautiful today, as nice as it gets, a lovely drive to work here this morning, one that really has set the tone for me to start my glorious week here in Cleveland Park and at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits.
ALL IS WELL, swell, alive and inspiring today as the humidity drops and the rain has stopped for the moment and the clouds have moved on an there are again baby blue skies above.
THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT budget seems to be approved ( except for a tweet this morning I hear ? ), and that is through September, all good, encouraging and that is reassuring in these difficult times.
YESTERDAY everything was humdi and heavy, hot and sticky, and it was one of those days when I thought to myself that I would not push myself too far as that is not good for my health or the health of any of us.
STEADY AND SLOW yesterday, made it through, enjoyed getting some things done off my " To Do Honey Do Too " list, all good.
TODAY is a wonderful day to enjoy ourselves as more rain is coming and so that means more clouds and humidity, so : take advantage of today and make some great mixed drinks tonight, drink some fun beers, and sip some great wine : all along with whatever meals you prepare for yourselves today
From Santos In BEER we have :
          TWO Bottles of Beer :
     1) ' Le Freak ' Belgian-style Imperial India Ale, from GREEN FLASH Brewery, bottle-conditioned, ( Taste Enlightenment ), On Special for $7.99 a 1 Pt 6 Fl Oz bottle, with 9.2% alcohol by volume, : " The first of its kind. Le Freak is the first ever hybrid ale of its kind : the convergence of a Belgian-Style Trippel with an American Imperial IPA ... " Come check this out, see how your palate reacts to it? From San Diego, CA.
     2) ' Lizard of Okoz ' from FOUNDERS is a " Imperial stout brewed with blueberries , chocolate and vanilla, aged in Bourbon barrels . "  With 10.5% alcohol by volume, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, this is a compelling blend of ingredients to be savored.

          THREE Cans Of Beer Six-Packs :
ENJOY these today as the weather is gorgeous !

     1) G & T GOSE beer with natural flavors from the ANDERSON VALLEY Brewing Company, Bokl Hornin' since 1987,  ( go to : avbc.com for more info ), new to us in cans, but an old favorite here.
     2) Hop Nosh IPA ( Goes well with anywhere ) from UINTA Brewing, with 7.3% alcohol by volume, , six campass cans, from Salt Lake City, : " Our flagship IPA boasts an assertive bitterness and vibrant hop aromatics. Expect notes of pine, lime zest. and grapefruit supported by caramel malts. " Brewed with remewable power & wind & polar. "
WOULD ANY of your teacher friends enjoy any of these ?!?
     3) Kasteel 8 Rouge ale  from INGELMUNSTER, 4- 16 ounce cans On Special for $18.99 a traveling pack, easy to transport and reuse later to keep your beers/ ales chilled and ready-to-enjoy anytime. Go to : www.bierkasteel.be  for more info.
     OOPS : Bottles below :

     4) Free Will Brewing Co. Mango Wheat, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of bottles ( oops, not cans, sorry! ), : " A wheat ale for all occasions. Prominent aroma and flavor of mangoes, with a refreshing dry finish. "
DON't Forget your teacher friends, maybe pick up something for them? Or let them know about one of these that they might enjoy?

     LIQUOR / LIQUEYR from Jagir :
     1) DELORD 25 Ans D'Age Bas-Armagnac French brandy, aged a minimum of 25 years, , $92.49, I tried this the other day and fell in love with it. Quintessential Bas Armagnac, distilled only once, and then bottled for us after the aging, like drinking much of the ' angels' share ' as over these minimum 25 years much has evaporated, and that is what is referred to as the angels' share. Some real fire, some expert flame, some heat and girth, gruff, ruff ruff ruff bark of the flavors from these grapes uses like Folle Blanche, Colombard Blanc, and more . Not far from Spain, this is a grand treat to enjoy with a teacher friend this week.
     2) ' Rumble ' from BALCONES , On Special for $45.99, regularly $49.99 a bottle, with 47% alcohol by volume.
Here we have a Texas Wildflower honey, turbinado  sugar and mission fig  Spirit, from Waco, Texas, : " Handcrafted small batch spirits lovingly made in the distillery we built with our own hands. ... using natural Texas Mill County spring water and aged to perfection in small oak barrels, ... " Chip Tate, Mead Distiller.
     3) Vodka with water from Rocky Mountain snowbelt, from BRECKENRIDGE, $29.99 a 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, from Colorado, enjoy!
     4) Peppered Gin from UNCLE VAL'S, On Special for $42.99 a bottle, : " Crooked logs make straight fires " says Uncle Val.From Bend, Oregon, with 45% alcohol by volume, inspired by the spicy peppers Uncle Val that he grew in his backyard garden in Tuscany, This gin is distilled 5X and infused with red peppers, black peppers and pinemto. : NOTE : the PIMENTO! Cheers, enjoy!!!!
WINE From Chris & Tony :
       LOTS To Talk About : For Teachers :
       THREE Whites :

     1)  ' La Chapelle ' , a dry white blend of both the Chardonnay and the Viognier grapes, a 2015, a French Pays D'Oc, Vin Bio, biodynamic wine, $16.49 : so much extra layers and levels of pleasing flavors, will be tasted here with Camille on Wed. May 16th, 5-8PM, join us. What a fine wine. I like it a lot.
     2) ' Madeleine's ' Chardonnay 2013, from the BREAUX Vineyard in Purcellville, VA : what richness, depth of flavors, a treat now as all the tastes have evolved.
     3) Furmnit indigenous dry white from Hungary, made by GROF DEGENFELD, 2013 : I really like the complexity, the velvet touch, the rich brightness of filetered captured sunshine in these Furmint grapes, for $19.99 this dry white shines both and rocks, too!
       SEVEN Reds :
     What teachers would enjoy these? Many ...

     1) ' La Chapelle ' Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Merlot , a 2014, also from the French Pays D'Oc, also a Vin Bio = Biodynamic wine, $16.49, some grip, some girth, some muscle, spice, leather, tobacco, medium-to-lighter-bodied, some acidity, too : all spelling for my taste buds that it is a delight now with a meal, chill thirty minutes before serving, and enjoy with foods from the grill, well-seasoned, or marinated for awhile, a very fine wine to chase down, and separate and amplify like a Kodak moment the good food flavors. Yes. Camille will be pouring it here Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 5-8PM : join us.
          BUY These Reds LIsted Below Over $19.99  Tomorrow and SAVE 20% OFF :
     2) ' Volere Volare ' Primitivo from Italy's Puglia region, the heel of Italy, from Marianna's PIETRAVENTOSA winery there. We tasted it here this past Saturday with Marianna with her other wines. $19.99, only a few bottles left of this delicious Primitivo that is produced in really small amounts. It is bigger, broader, a bit more guts, earth and bodt, more raw than her ' Allegoria ' stainless-steel Primitivo that we always sell here. Chill 30 minutes, enjoy with a meal, simple or fancy, this is a real treat.
     3) ' Allegoria ' Primitivo , also a Gioia Del Colle dry red that sees no time in oak and so is the perfect wine to enjoy now slightly-chilled with some finger foods, ohhhh yeah. I like this and would love to sit around sipping it and chatting with family and friends, old and new!
     4) 2011 MARQUIS Des BEYS a Granc Cuvee red blend from Pierre L. Brun, from Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, $21.49,  with 14% alcohol by volume, this is a really fine food wine once again, watching a good game or a good show, with a plate of hors d'ouevres and coldcuts to pass around, some cured ham or other cured meats, some hummus, some , chill again 30 minutes. Yes. The owner oenologue, winemaker was just here last week with Wes our rep for these fine Lebanese wines. All the bottles are signed for gifts except this one. 
SHARE IT with a teacher friend, spouse, fellow-teacher ...
     5) ' Edetaria ' 2012 D.O. Terre Alta from Via EDETANA, $22.99, with 14% alcohol by volume, Made with the Garnacha grapes, the Carinena, the Garnacha Peluda, what a gustatory magnificent distinct, layered, spread-fully out like an open umbrella, sheltering, comforting, pleasing and teasing our tastebuds, I like this, this is exciting!, from Spain : " Cos i anima / cuerpoy alma, body and soul ".
     6) ' Rivedible ' Rosso Relativo / Rosato 2011 from Alice's own Azienda Agricola ALICE BONACCORSI, from Mt. Etna, Sicily, there is such subtle delightful silky layers of flavors and tastes of mellowed acids, calmed spices and perks and peaks of the indigenous grape variety called Nerello Mascalese, 100% in this case. Chill 40 minutes and  " Ruby take your love to town ... ".
     7) Riserva 2008 Primitivo Gioia Del Colle V.Q.P.R.D. dry mature flavorful 80% Primitivo and 20% Aglianico from Marianna's own family's Azienda Agricola PIETRAVENTOSA vienard in Puglia, Italy, On Special for $39.99, down from $49.99 : come get some of this or the younger more youthful 2010 : both On Special at $39.99, both marvels in their own right. The 2008 now speaks more loudly - clearly to me , but I love both depending on what the circumstances are to enjoy the wine.
     SALE ON WINE every Wednesday here, SAVE UP TO 20% OFF the marked sticker prices every Wednesday where the wines are $19.99 or more. SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices when you assort 6 or more bottles, and SAVE 20% OFF when you assort twelve or more bottles! SAVE BIG each Wednesday.
IF YOU CANNOT come, CALL and pay on Wednesday and pick up your wines at your convenience. SAVE BIG here every Wednesday!!!
     Wednesday, We have Stacy coming to pour Moldovan wines from her and Serghei's company Old Town Cellars, reds and whites, join us, 5-8PM.
     Friday, May 5th, 2017 : ( 5-8PM ) : Happy Cinco De Mayo ALL : We have Andrea Fossi here to pour his great Italian Tuscan and Veneto and Puglian wines - a real treat and it will be great to have Andrea back here with us.
     Saturday, May 6th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Theresa and John Morrison here to do a HOEPLER Austrian wine-tasting _ dry red, whites and rose, as well as one sparkling wine Malbec from BUEYYES, Valle De Uco, Extra Brut sparkling rose, $19.99, that is a delight, too to sip. Close your eyes and think of all of these really high quality from Austria and from Argentina.
JOIN US : Never any cost, free to you all until you buy something you taste!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the very best, and we are thrilled to be here to serve you all.
THIS is still THE YEAR OF THE WOMAN, and appreciating all that women add to the rich fabrics of our lives, and supporting them and giving them the credit to make their own choices. We firmly believe in this, and support two casues here that many of you expressed support for when I asked you a simple question ? : " What cause is nearest and dearest to your hearts? " You responded in unison Planned Parenthood, and Cervical Cancer followed after, and so we are collecting donations here for both, have already sent a check from you all to Planned Parenthood. I know this may not please all, and we respect that there are different points of views on these issues, but I do not feel that any of this is political, just different points of view that each and every person deserves the right to decide what they believe and chose to do.
THANKS AGAIN for everything, all your support, your love, your business! You are golden! Cheers,
THANK YOU TEACHERS for all that you do : read these stories below from two teachers that I know and love dearly told to me last night.
     AND TODAY is glorious and the start of a new month and all my attention this week will be to celebrate and acknowledge our infinite debt to the teachers today and in the past ( those in the futre , too ) that have helped to mold and inspire us to be the most that we can be ,the most successful, the most happy and content and well-rounded.
LAST NIGHT I LISTENED to my wife tell our daughter about her day working with two out of the three kids in elementary school that she was supposed to help along with their project.
THESE THREE students had been asked by their teacher to write something, given a week to do so, about what restaurant they liked the most, and why? It took so long with the first two that she did not make it to the third, that will probably happen today.
ANYWAY, my wife started by talking to the little girl first and discovered that with a whole week this little girl had only written two setences! My wife asked her what had happened. had she spent too much time talking to the other students, did she think her teacher would give her a good grade, etcetera? Well, the little girl cried and my wife sent her off to her desk to add to these two sentences while she went to talk to the little boy. She went off in tears. She needed to say what she liked about a certain dish served at the restaurant and not just name  what it was.
TURNS OUT the little boy finally found his paper in a binder after five or more minutes, and it, too only had two sentences and again, my wife had a similar conversation with this boy. He, too had been distracted and was also given the same chance to include some other words about what he liked at McDonald's . He did not cry but he was flustered and had to pull it together which I believe he did? In his original two sentences he managed to include some pretty impressive words like succulent. Where di he learn or hear that, in third grade I believe?
MY DAUGHTER HAD an equally difficult story to relate about one of her fifth grade girl students that was taking charge of her group working on their project that would be evaluated by other teachers.
MY DAUGHTER had pulled her aside to go over their progress, had changed certain words on the computer the girl was working with, and observed as the girl changed them back to her words right in front of my daughter.
MY DAUGHTER talked more to this girl, tried to advise her in this group project, knew the little girl was mad about things and basically bossing the other students ( none of them felt comfortable in this group my daughter discovered with time ), and realized, too that there was more at work here than just this group project that was alienating her and making it a difficult environement for everyone there in the classroom as well as in this group.
I TAKE ALL this time to write this to show as many of us already know that teachers have to be many things to many students, and it is becasue of their diligence and understanding, care and love that as many of us turn out as well as we do.
LET US ALL take this moment to remember, to think about , to say thanks to all our teachers : you teachers are the cream of the crop, you really are!
I KNOW that the little girl pulled it together and was able to show more later for her teacher.

THANKS AGAIN, support our teachers! Pay them for their services equally, man or woman, they deserve the same pay depending on their abilities and services rendered today.   TONY
WHAT FOLLOWS Below is an old store email I wrote and posted in May 2012 ... read and enjoy it if you have time.  TONY 5/2/2017
THE JAQK CELLARS wine-tasting this Friday, May 4th, 2012 from 5-8PM is tops on our minds as we have had an overwhelming response with so many people RSVPing that it gives us all pause as if even a small fraction of those of you that have said you are attending do , in fact come : it raises the question : how can we be proactive and ensure that everyone has a good experience, tries all seven of the JAQK CELLARS California wines and has a chance to buy them if they want? We are, of course, working very hard on this to be sure that we do everything that we can to make this a grand success for everyone. There are thundershowers forecast for Friday so let's put all our heads together and hope/pray that it does not rain during our wine-tasting.
I HAVE TALKED TO SHERYL the manager of Firehook Bakery and if it's too crowded here you can all take some of the food here over there and sit out back and wait till it's not so insane here. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and so we can all take a break over there if we like. Just ask one of us and we will help you and explain what we have set up. Cheers.
AS USUAL I HAVE FOUND so many great things to bring to your attention this morning. From Santos there are so really " new " and some older discoveries that I want to mention : all that deliver big to you. Here are some of Santos' beers to consider :
     1) DC BRAU ( Finally! Here available in very limited quantities here in our store as of last week I believe? There are three flavors, ALL in 12-ounce cans and we have some of all three :
       a) DC BRAU " The Citizen " Belgian-Style Pale ( $11.99 6-12-ounce gold cans, 7% alcohol by volume , www.dcbrau.com ) that is recommended to be served in a tulip goblet. " In 1963, the citizens of Washington DC won the right to vote for the President & Vice-President of the United States with the ratification of the 23rd amendment to the Constitution ."
       b) DC BRAU " The Public "  Pale ( $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, 6% alcohol by volume, www.dcbrau.com : " In November 2000,the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing license plates bearing the slogan : Taxation Without Representation " ". For more info visit : www.dcvote.org. Come and buy some of these marvelous shiny red and silver cans and enjoy the ale while you think about all of this.
       c) DC BRAU " The Corruption " India Pale Ale ( $12.99 a 6-pack pf 12-ounce green cans , www.dcbrau.com ) is the third in the series and we also have it available in limited quantities for sale here on this sunny afternoon at 1:32PM! You should come and get a 6-pack of each to try. Cheers ...  I have not included the statement on the can as it is buried temporarily at the bottom of the stack. You have to come and read it yourselves.
     2) " Simcoe SPRING Ale " from the PEAK " Organic " Brewing Company ( $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, USDA Certified, Portland, ME. ) are : " pure ingredients, delicious beer ". I was really impressed out our last tasting of the PEAK beers. As a matter of fact, and something that I noticed immediately : this one of the very first times that across the board I was equally impressed with all the beers that I sampled. That rarely happens for me. Cheers.
     3) " Golden Cap " Saison Ale from the NEW HOLLAND Brewing Company, Holland , Michigan, 12 Fl. Oz. bottles, 6.25% Alcohol by volume, www.NewHollandBrew.com, Kitchen.NewHollandBrew.com ) : " Brewed with wheat's ancestor, spelt. A golden body and unique hay and cracked peppercorn. Pairings : shellfish, citrus, garlic, 16 Plato, Alc. by volume is 6.25% by volume ". Check this one out.

          LIQUEUR :
     1) Raspberry Liqueur from CLEAR CREEK Distillery ( $24.99, 20.5% alcohol by volume, 375ml- half-bottle -www.clearcreekdistillery.com, Portland, Oregon ) : "  Made by Clear Creek Distillery with Oregon fruit and eau de vie and other fruit spirits ".
          LIQUOR :
     1) VIGNE Gin De France from NOUAISON ( $35.99 a bottle, 43.9% alcohol by volume, produced by Eurowinegate-Cognac-France, from Domaine Select Wine Estates ) is " new and exciting ". The minute I saw that it was represented by the DOMAINE SELECT portfolio I knew that it was a really fine quality product because that is all that they represent. The only thing left for each of us to discover is whether this high quality G-VINE Small Batch Distilled French Gin is our style or not?!? Come check it out. You owe it to yourselves if you love gin. Cheers.
     2) " Arctic Grape " White Grape infused Arctic Berry GRAPE RUM from BACARDI ( $16.99, 35% Alcohol By Volume, Bacardi rum with natural flavors  ) is " new and exciting "!!!!!

     3) GLEN GARIOCH 12 Yr. Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, ( $64.99, non-chill-filtered, ) : " gains it's distinctive Highland character from a classic marriage of BOURBON & SHERRY CASKS, fresh heather, poached pears and just a HINT OF OAK ". Sounds mighty appealing, it really does. Check it out : a class-act!
     Earlier as I was typing this store email for you all Santos said that there was a winemaker waiting to see me. I came out to help a customer and saw two well-dressed-in-dark-blue suits gentlemen and I introduced myself after helping the two lady customers. Scott Siegel immediately congratulated me on my salesmanship representing three different off-dry still rose wines (  a) the  Virginia RAPIDAN RIVER  rhaspberry-flavored, grape with natural flavor added, $12.99, www.princemichel.com - I remember years ago working with Yoachim Hollerith ,  b) " Les Ligeriens " Rose D'Anjou 2011 - On Special for $10.99 - we just tasted it here this past weekend and I said I it was a blend of Chenin Blanc and some some Gamay in my opinion  -  and  3) LE LAPIN Paso Robles, California White Zinfandel 2010 , $9.99, 12.9% alcohol by volume. Scott went on to say that he liked how I mentioned the possible blend in the French Loire Valley rose d'Anjou.
I ASKED SCOTT SIEGEL what winery that he was with after he and Rick Scully gave me their business cards and congratulated us again on having their product - just one. NO : Scott and rick were not winemakers as Santos had thought : they represent the ultimate CASA DRAGONES white Tequila. They poured some for me to taste once I asked to see the bottle and asked the price : $279.99 a bottle. We have some here. It comes in a beautiful and stylish old apothecary decanter that they found in a museum. It's only a copy of course and so understated, just like this " Joven " category of tequila that is in, fact a blend. Scott told me all about it and I appreciate that. I LOVED THE TASTE : so smooth and creamy and elegant and delicate and subtle and refined and a charmer-pleaser-delicate teaser. I have some her so come by and ask to taste it. They poured me a large glass so that I could share it with you all. You only really just need a sip or two at the most to come under it's spell.
THE SOFT DEEP SKY-BLUE color of the box and part of the label alone is so peaceful, calming and soothing - like great karma , zen, everything in balance and everything positive. It's pretty amazing tequila. Come and ask me for a sip. For more info go to : info@CasaDragones.com, Facebook.com/CasaDragones and on Twitter at Twitter@Casa_Dragones. Cheers and thanks Rick Scully and Scott Siegel.
       1) KRAEMER Chardonnay Brut, Caves de LANDIRAS - kosher for Passover ( $15.99 ) tastes like a cremant-style and is really very nice. We are thrilled to have it back once again : our third order I believe?
     DRY WHITE -
       1) Vinho Verde dry, light, slightly-sparkling Portuguese white from SANTOLA ( $7.99, with only 9% alcohol ) will be great once it gets really hot and humid and everyone still wants to drink white wine and be outside. Find some shade and be slow in all your movements and enjoy. Get some now to be ahead of the crowd. So far the response has been quite positive to this vinho verde.
     DRY ROSE -
       1) Indigenous grape variety Bobal from Spain, this " La Senda " dry Bobal rose ( On Special for $9.99 a bottle, www.bodegaspinuaga.com, 13% alcohol by volume, vino de la Tierra de Castilla ) has deep, dark, lighter red colors and has softened in the bottle. It had more immediate spice and acidity and it has mellowed nicely so that we may all enjoy it with or without food.
     DRY RED -
       1) Valpolicella 2010 Vigneto RAFAEL Classico Superiore from TOMMASI Viticoltori ( $16.99, www.tommasiwine.it, S. Pietro in Cariano, Veneto, Italy ) has got some good flesh and body and is an excellent food wine : medium-bodied. Excellent when you grill - chill it slightly.
     Friday, May 4th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have our launch of the JAQK CELLARS California wines ( 7-8 bottles, $30-$80 a bottle, ALL on DEEP SALE for this launching! Join us, no charge. Come and try both these excellent reds and whites that have previously been sold directly from the winery ).
     AND BECAUSE of the EXTRAORDINARY RSVP response : " We are expecting about 400-plus customers for tasting on Friday, May 4th, 2012. To serve you better we will prefer that customers with the last name starting with the letters A-M visit us from 5PM to 6:30PM and with last names starting with the letters N-Z visit us from 6:30PM onwards ". Thanks. This was we can properly taste you all to give you all the full experience. Cheers.

     SATURDAY, May 5th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Estebe here of his Tradewinds Imports import company to taste some excellent Spanish and Argentinian wines. This will be fun as Estebe specializes in these wines and the quality level is through the roof, just like you all love it! Come and bring family and friends. There is never any charge. Everyone is always welcome.
     I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but it is time to send this email now as the weather is still nice outside and you can enjoy some of these items before the deluge or rain later today?!? WE will see. Check us out further at : www.clevelandparkwines.com, on Facebook at : become our friends at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits, on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, too. Cheers.
     THANKS FOR BELIEVING IN US / supporting us. We appreciate everything that you do for us and we want to do more for you. Let us know any of your thoughts. Cheers, gracias, merci, prego ...  TONY

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