Friday, May 5, 2017

Andrea Fossi Of Florence Visits & Tastes On Our Happy Cinco De Mayo Friday Here Today, 5-8PM, SElling BALMA MAS BERTRANSpanish Cava, The Art Of Anthony Quinn - Me, In Watercolors & Pastels, Bordeaux Wines, BETTY The Girl Group, My Writing, Fine Lebanese Wines, Chateau Leas Arromans, CVNE Spanish Rioja & More, Days In My Life, Yes, Loving Them All!

Here I am with Andrea Fossi pouring his Italian wines! At @clevelandparkwines , join us, till 8pn! Free to taste!

Tasting now till 8pm with owner Andrea Fossi his Fossi Chianti join us!


Tasting NIW with owner Andrea Fossi of Fossi Chiant till 8pm!


Ow with Andrea Fossi at @clevelandparkwines till 8pm taste great Italian wines on Cinco De Mayo!

Tonight taste Fossi Italian wines with owner @AndreaFossi #andreafossi now till 8pm!

Tonight taste @FossiChiantiWines of #tuscany and #veneto (-8pm, #freewinetasting yes!

Join ta tonight Happy Cinco De Mayo at @clevelandparkwines tasting w/@AndreaFossi #tuscan #veneto #wine! Yes! #freewinetasting

Join us from 5-8pm with @AndreaFossi of &FossuChianti tasting Tuscan and Veneto reds and whites, #FreeWineTasting join us!


Rainy earlier coming down like cats and dogs! Looking out at it, smiling broadly before work!


Boy it just rained crazy outside!

Using a scanner to scan my art my expression my pulse my life my urges purges urgents my imPULSES my eyes my energy being AaahhhhhLIVE!

Seeing beautyeverywhere

I love to draw, at a BETTY concert at the Sackler Art Museum.

Enjoying writing and drawing and putting the two together

The experince

The good old days.

My oil pastel drawing of a face of a friend.

My watercolor, just before coupling.

Toasting together, In it toGETherHimUsMOREstllTogether! My watercolor

My watercolor climbing to the highesTops! And further!!!!!

My black watercolor - dancing for joy!

A black watercolor I did year ago wen Lynne was pregnant with our daughter

Two self portraits di with black watercolor years ago. Enjoy!

Great moments all of these , cheers!

Tasting and selling fine @Lebanese #wines at @clevelandparkwines everyday!

My wine collage, we sell the white Bordeaux at @clevelandparkwines ! Meri @JoelDuffau et @SandrineDuffau!

Enjoy @cvnevino , we have the TallDryWhite at @clevelandparkwines !

Running to keep up with my joy excitement energy and inspiRAHRAHatIon yeah at @clevelandparkwines , drink #Morgon drink #CruBeaujolais!

go Spanish cava at @clevelandparkwines !

French #champagne , great to the last drop! Look inside, tilt the bottle, finish strong!

Enjoying NIW Chez Quinn's thus delicious open rounded full svelteluscious}Zweigelt 2013 #feuersbrunn @AntonBauerWeine }Austrian red , thanks @vino50wines @kwittauer , a day-two-old, yum!

We tasted these at @clevelandparkwines last night at @clevelandparkwines fine wines of #moldova !

Love supporting @stonehillwinery ! Find at @clevelandparkwines now.

Drink good regional beers whenever possible , find them at @clevelandparkwines .

Climb every height as if it were a mountain and fly soar explode on the scene scream scram give it all you got give a damn!

Enjoy fine hearty heart art part smart #Fronsac #RightBankBordeaux !

Fly peops fly cry sigh ohhhhhhhh my my my my!

On our shelves now at @clevelandparkwines , somebfiny #bordeaux #redwine ! 5/4/17

Always some intriguing wines for you all at @clevelandparkwines , come see what we currently are offering?!

#PorQueNo? From @tressabores winery in #NapaValley on our shelves at @clevelandparkwines , what a treat!

I liked this red, stroked stoked stared-at starred my tongue on all sides! At @clevelandparkwines , need to order some.

Enjoying this meal at @doimoidc the other night!

Roses in stock now at @clevelandparkwines !

Inside a fine wine bottle now Chez Quinn's!

Really especially fine #IndianMaltWhisky at @clevelandparkwines

All in stock now from #Corbieres #france blends dry tasty of @DomaineStEugenie from @HerveGantier at @clevelandparkwines

Always a treat to be pleasantly surprised with a selections of wines at @clevelandparkwines 5/4

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