Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pope Francis Visits Washington D.C. Today, Yom Kippur Tomorrow, Andrea Fossi Comes To Taste 5-8PM Tomorrow Italian Fine Wines, Just Tasted Fine Sparkling British Wines With Tamara, Art, Chris and AndrewFRom Ridgeview Estate & Made Plans To Feature Them On 1st Wed. Of December, 2nd, 5-8PM @ Our Big Theme Bubbly Tasting

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

visits washington d.c. @ 4 pm later today.

Yom Kippur Is  CELEBRATED tomorrow

ANDREA FOSSI OF his own FOSSI Chianti & D & N wines tastes tomorrow from
5-8PM, free tasting, join us.

WOW! I'm cheered, I'm excited and pleased and smiling from ear-to-ear
as I type all of this and realize how exciting these times are here and
promise to be over the next few days in Washington D.C. And the weather is
cool and refreshing and inviting, too.

THERE'S A WHOLE LOT GOING ON today here at Cleveland Park Wines &
Spirits as well as in Cleveland Park our ' happenin' neighborhood.

We have our 6-bottle wine samplers ready for you all as well. We got
them finished in time for last weekend and that was also encouraging : four
excellent reds and two fine whites, all dry, all great for this Indian
summer of ours.

Our ' new ' September , 2015 Indian Summer six-bottle sampler of wines : 4
reds , two whites : On Special for $66.49, regularly $78.99, an average of
$11 a bottle...
1) Verdejo Rueda Spanish dry white Vinas Viejas, of VINA SANZO, 12.5%
alcohol, lovely, flavorful, distinct, great value, too! POerfect now for
enjoying indoors or outdoors, with or without a meal.

2) ' The Game ' 2013 Aussi Chardonnay from MASTERMIND, 13% alcohol by
volume, so nice, so rounded, so balanced, a delight to sip and also enjoy
with many foods, grilled, seasoned, marinated, cold-cuts, salads ... a

3) Shiraz " The Game " 2013 from MASTERMIND , 13% alcohol by volume, a
balanced, flavorful, medium-to-light-bodied, a real treat. Chill 30 minutes
and serve with just about anything outside, especially anything off the
grill, Cheers!

4) Pinot Noir Pays D'Oc 2014 southwest, France from MOULIN DE GASSAC,
$14.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, WOW, double and triple WOW, an honest and
classic, dry, tasty, lighter-bodied Pinot Noir that tastes like it come
from bush vines close to the ground as the ground flavors mix and mingle
and accent and complement all the fruit flavors! WOW, a ' class-act ' from
a winery that has stood the test of time for more than thirty years here
now and continues to make brilliant expressions of the earth and the
terroir in all styles and price ranges, and that are all delicious with
food, too!

5) Tempranillo 2014 from Spain's La Mancha region, 13% alcohol, a classic
dry and earthy-style Tempranillo that is excellent with food, just a plate
of cheese or some cured meats, some olive bread, some Rosemary bread,
whatever, a treat and a ridiculous value , from FINCA DEL CASTILLO, glad to
have it here to offer you all!

6) Cotes-Du-Rhone ' Les Cranilles ' 2012 from LES VINS DE VIENNE, with
14.5% alcohol by volume, a dry and fleshy and flavorful, floral, very
pleasing aromatics combination of 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 10% Mourvedre,
aged 12 months in tanks and barrels, a real treat, a pleasure to have and
offer to you all, ' class-act ' wines!

COME GET ONE and enjoy, share it with friends, take it as a gift somewhere
or on a weekend when you escape somewhere! SAVE MONEY and make life simpler
for yourselves.

THE SHELVES HERE ARE FULLER than ever before as we have made room, that is,
found room for more shelves to put more things out for you all to see the
array and the bounty of items that we have for you all to enjoy. It is
easier to see what we have and to not have to look behind as many bottles
as before , and that is good, easier on both hands, eyes and mind as you
will all not have to ask as often as before if we have a certain item or

LET US KNOW ANY IDEAS that you might all have? Just now a customer that we
know and love asked why it was so hot inside, that it was cooler outside,
so we opened our front door as she suggested.

ON SATURDAY  another customer suggested that we needed to serve some cheese
to bring out the flavors better of the Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish
wines that Andrew Stover was tasting you all on. WE went to Brookville
Market and bought both some Muenster cheese as well as some crackers I I
diced it up and served it and it did add something to the taste of the
wines, made them all taste even better than they already were without the

WE HAVE A ' NEW SIGN ' we put outside to advertise our tastings so that you
know about them in case you forget, or do not get our store Tuesday email
or follow us on Twitter, or look at either our Facebook page at : Cleveland
Park Wine & Spirits, or on our web page at : Cleveland Park Wines.

WE ARE TRYING to make your experiences shopping here better, easier, more
satisfying, so let us know any suggestions that you might have for us? We
can always do better than we do, we know that, we are trying to do just

ALE/ BEER / CIDER From Santos :

1) ' Original ' German Hefe-Weizen Ale from SCHNEIDER WEISSE G
Schneider & Sohn ' Tap 7 ' , brewed and bottled by WEISSES BRAUHAUS G.
SCHNEIDER & SOHN, product of Germany, $3.99, for a 1 Pt. 9 Fl. Oz bottle,
with 5.4% alcohol by volume, : " The world-famous Original wheat ale from
Bavaria's oldest wheat beer brewery ... maturation in the bottle guarantee
the distinctive taste of this authentic wheat ale."

2) ' Aventinus '  Tap 6 , Germany's Original Wheat-Doppelbock Ale,
from SCHNEIDER WEISSE in Germany, $4.99 a bottle of 1 Pt. 9 Fl. Oz with
8.2% alcohol by volume, : " A rich and complex delight from Bavaria's
oldest wheat brewery. ... "

3) Raspberry Alcoholic Ginger Beer from CRABBIE'S , imported from the
United Kingdom, goes along with the regular 4-pack that we sell here of
their ginger beer, $9.99 for a 4-pack of  11.2 Fl. Oz bottles, with 4.8%
alcohol by volume. This will be great now as these days are a bit cooler,
with some dampness in the air, and also a bit grayer, too. Enjoy, taste the
ginger and the raspberry!

4) 62 Imperial Pumpkin Ale from DuClaw Brewing Co. , a seasonal
release that is especially nice now with the cooler weather, On Special for
$10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 8.2% alcohol by volume, brewed
with pumpkin and spices, : " Warm flavors, aromas of nutmeg and clove ; a
mild hop presence, and hearty malt backbone combine to create a tantalizing
dark brown feast for the senses, ... "

5) Malka Blonde Ale Hand-Crafted , bottle-conditioned beer , $18.99 a
4-pack of 11.2 Fl. Oz bottles, brewed in Israel, with 6.5% alcohol by
volume, : " Located in the Western Galilee region of Israel, Malka ( Queen
in Hebrew ) Brewery brings you traditional bottle-conditioned Ales using
natural water from the Ga'aton springs and carefully selected raw

LIQUEURS / LIQUORS From Jagir & Malkit :

1) Cannon Blast An Intensely Delicious Shot ( Caribbean rum with spice
and natural flavors ) from CAPTAIN MORGAN : " Enjoy neat, enjoy in a drop
shot, enjoy mixed ". It comes in a dark round glass bottle that looks like
a cannon ball, $18.99 a 750ml bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume, ... come
try some, see what you all think? Cheers!

2) Serpent's BITE Apple Cider flavored whisky, $13.99 a 750ml bottle,
at 70 proof, from Canada, great price, looks and tastes good as we get
closer to Halloween and we enjoy the cooler weather and being outside with
friends and neighbors and burning the candle at both ends as we enjoy more
fully those moments when we may be relaxed and less-stressed! Cheers.

3) Tequila Blanco made from 100% Agave, elaborado en Tahona, Mexico,
from FORTALEZA, $53.99 a 750ml bottle, Estate-Bottled, stone ground, with
40% alcohol by volume, : " Produced and bottled on our family estate
located in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, using the traditional processes
started by my " Tatarabuelo " ( great-great grandfather ) over 125 years
ago, " No. B-L-31, Tequila Los Abuelas CINCO gereraciones. Make a great

4) ' Breaker ' Bourbon Whisky Limited Release , Hand-Crafted Bourbon,
aged a minimum of 5 years, $48.99 a bottle, 45% alcohol by volume, blended
and bottled by Ascendants Spirits in Buellton, Santa Barbara County,
California. " new and exciting ', join the wave, make some yourselves!

5) ' Genevieve ' Genever Style Gin from ESSAY O-SSG-GM-1 from ANCHOR
DISTILLING in San Fransisco, CA. : " This traditional 17th-century-style
genever gin was pot distilled at our small San Fransisco distillery with
47.3% alcohol by volume, $54.99 a 750ml bottle, This is something
different, a real acquired taste, not like any other gin you have ever had
, so be prepared for a completely ' new ' experience, one that you may
really grow to like and appreciate with time. Try it more than once, try it
more than one way, do not give up, persevere, and see what you think?
Cheers Welcome to a grand new adventure, like rock-climbing, a skill-
taste  to master.

6) ' Botanical ' Organic Spirit Rye Neutral spirits with natural
organic flavors, from SQUARE ONE, made from 100% organic rye, USDA Organic,
$32.99 a 750ml bottle, with 45% alcohol by volume : " This enticing
composition of organic fruit, floral , spice and herbs mingle together in a
distinctly aromatic blend, creating a sophisticated taste experience and
offering a unique twist to both classic and contemporary cocktails. "


1) BUY ANY Still Wine over $20 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker

2) BUY SIX or MORE bottles of still/ non-sparkling wine and SAVE 15% OFF
the marked sticker prices.

3) BUY TWELVE OR MORE still/ non-sparkling wines ( except for VEUVE
CLICQUOT and MOET & CHANDON ) and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices.

INCLUDED are Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala and Sake.


Have fun, get more of what you want this way. spread out your experiences,

SAVE , SAVE, SAVE MORE @ CP WINES! Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits : Cheers!

Wine By Chris & Tony : Thinking Argentina, Israel & ITaly :

THREE From Argentina :

1) Reserva Chardonnay 2013 , Mendoza, $10.99,  13.5% alcohol by
volume, : " elegant and medium-bodied, this well-balanced wine offers fresh
fruit purity and refined complexity. " I remember really liking the
freshness, the fruit-forward qualities, the price and the balance, all
great signs for me of the joys to follow when tasting!

2) Torrontes 2013 from Don Manuel at LEGADO, desde-since 1611, $13.99
a bottle, an old-world winery looking for some modern innovations here, and
they succeed beautifully! Charming, pleasing, fresh and developed flavors
that do the job and more to provide a great sipping experience, inside or

3) Malbec 2013 from Mendoza, Argentina, $18.49, this ' Alberti ' from
BODEGA CALLE, with 14% alcohol by volume, using old vines to minimize and
roughness or harshness, and gravity-flow to do the same as there is the
least amount of human interference making this hearty, robust, bright and
intense, food-perfect dry and toasty red that will complement anything
grilled, some cheeses, most pate, most dried and cured meats, too. Our
customers love it!

We have Hortense Capelle from Finca Fabian of La Mancha , Spain to say a
few words about their ' new ' Sauvignon Blanc, dry red blend of Tempranillo
and 30% Petite Verdot, and their ' new ' sparkling, too : " come and join
us to taste and enjoy our organic wines!!  " Always good to work with
Estebe Salgado of Tradewinds Specialty Imports. Gracias Estebe.

TWO From Italy :

1) We have the " Ferentano " 2012 dry indigenous white from Lazio,
Italy just outside of Rome, from FALESCO , $28.99, a grape I discovered
years ago and that Kelly sold at Palena and I sold here, and we traded
customers over it. Later we were at a tasting with the owner, winemaker
Riccardo Cotarella and we tasted it with him and a few others at Johhny's
On The Half Shell ( is that the name of the restaurant in the old La
Colline location across from the  Union train station , I think so? ). I am
happy to have it here, and with it being an exceptional white wine with
many layers of flavor, so much honey and nut, mineral and complexity, yet
polish, creamy-dreaminess, a voluptuousness that is like layers of satin
sheets on one's tongue. An experience, and not far from Rome and where Pope
Francis lives ...

2) RA Mitello Molise Rosso DOC , a 2011 from DI MAJO NORANTE, $18.99,
using the Aglianico and the Multipulciano grapes. I tried it recently with
both Jody Jackman and also with Keith, both that work for Winebow Imports,
you all know Jody and love her : and I fell in love with this fantastic,
flavorful, tasty and memorable dry red from southern Italy! What a great
treat, great to enjoy with a meal.

TWO From Israel :

1) ' EverRED ' , a dry red blend of Cabernet and Merlot, a 2013, from
Isreal's Judean Hills, from the ELLA Valley Vineyards, $18.99, with 14.5%
alcohol by volume, a blend of 82% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 3%
Petit Verdot, a softer, kinder, more gentle Bordeaux blend dry red that is
kosher and also kosher for Passover. Try some.

2) Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2009 single vineyard, that is also
kosher and also kosher for Passover, with 14% alcohol, a bit thicker,
denser, deeper and more voluptuous taste here, will please and relax and
offer you a nice experience, On Special for $32.99 a bottle, regularly
$39.99 a bottle. A real treat!


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015  ( 5-8PM ) : We welcome back Andrea
Fossi that is the winemaker of the FOSSI and also the D & N wines. We will
taste all reds from his excellent Primitivo  750 ml bottle, 2013, $10.99,
...  and his magnum of it, a 2010, $16.99, as well as his Rosso from
Puglia, the same region, $9.99, and some of his extraordinary 2011 Vino
Nobile Tuscan red, $26.49, and his 2011 dry red Super Tuscan Bordeaux blend
of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, beefy, hearty, softening quickly now,
$17.99 ...

Friday, Sept.25th, 2015 9 5-8PM ) : We have Sotiris Bafitis here to
taste some excellent Greek wine selections, some dry reds and whites, maybe
even a dry rose. Actually, we may shift gears and taste some of the
FABulous Italian wines that he sells us like the Chianti Classico
PANZANELLO, 2013, $16.99, a Gallo Nero Chianto Classico that I took and
enjoyed with my family this past August at the Outer Banks, North Carolina,
it was a big hit! Cheers.

Saturday, Sept. 26th, 2015 : because of a scheduling error we have two
Saturday tastings , one from noon-3PM, and one from 3-6PM with Estebe doing
Spanish wines including the FINCA FABIAN I mentioned above, and Razvan
tasting the Romania wines, two reds of both the Babeasca Neagra and the
Fateasca Neagra  and one white made from the Sarba dry white,  from 3-6PM :
wow, more tasting hours to please you all!

JOIN US, EVERYONE always welcome.

THANKS for everything, come see us, we look forward to meeting you, to
seeing you again, to helping you wherever we possibly can! Thanks,  TONY

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