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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits' Tuesday Store Email From September 1st, 2015 : Read, Enjoy, On : ANTON BAUER, Austria, CHALONE, CA. Wines, EDNA VALLEY, CA., Labor Day Weekend, GREEN POINT Aussie Pinot Noir, Robert Kacher Selections, ST.FRANCIS Vineyard ( Rick Is There Working Now! ), BERTANI Amarone, LABOURE-ROI ( Clair Sold It To Us! Merci Clair! ), ATLANTIS Greek Santorini Wines, Sotiris Bafitis, PLANTATION Rum, Barbados, The Arran Single Malt Whisky, Celtic Crossing Liqueur From Ireland, Creme De Cassis de la Saintongue Boisee... , Staropramen Premium Beer, Landshark Premium Lager .... More!

An old store email from September 1st, 2009! Wow, that goes back, read and enjoy while I write today's and check current prices and availabilty ... cheers! Happy Tuesday, Sept. 1st, 2015

Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine

Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

There's more selections coming Today/tomorrow-from now on

Things are good here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits thanks to you
our customers that continue to come through our front doors in search of
whatever suits your fancy, whatever you've just read about, a gift, a
special request of a family member - whatever, you come and we try our best
to help you in your quest, your journey through the thick and thin of this
vast alcohol business today.

To do this better our selection is being added to this week as we ran
quite low on a number of products in the dead of the summer and it's
oppresive heat and humidity at times. Overall we have been blessed with
quite a mild summer where the weather is concerned.


HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND! We have lots happening this weekend, read on

We just received a big delivery from one of our wholesalers and so
this morning for the last two hours I have been pricing, selling and even
buying some as there are some deals that simply cannot be missed. Here is a
list of some of the wines and categories to expect :

- LEO HILLINGER, Austrian sparkling dry rose, $17.49 -
STEININGER , AustrianGruner Veltliner sparkling, $25.99
- DELMAS Blanquette de Limoux sparkling, $19.49

- CH. CALLAS 2005, red Bordeaux, Graves ( 3 cases )

- DOMAINE DE TARIQUET Gascogny, French whites

- French roses from Robert Kacher selections

- GREEN POINT western Aussie dry P. Noir rose

- BERTANI assorted Veneto reds & whites

- LABOURE-ROI red and white burgundies

WE ALSO HAVE THE PLEASURE of welcoming Lydia Nastberger of ANTON
BAUER Austrian wines here Saturday, 5-8 PM to do an in-store tasting of her
wines that include reds, whites and an excellent dry rose. We will
introduce with Lydia's help the " new " labels of the ANTON BAUER wines
that we like to sell so much here. These wines are so reasonably priced and
they simply taste great in this weather and at this time of the year.

OUR NEW WEB PAGE IS almost complete and I have already been working
with it and adding things to it as time permits. It should be any day now
that I can let you know that it is up-and-running for everyone of you to
check out. I can't wait.

WINEMAKER DINNER with Robert Cook of CHALONE at Ardeo we hope on
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009. We are in the process of making this a reality
but I just wanted you all to mark your calendars for this Tuesday if you
are interested in coming and trying some excellent food along with some
excellent CHALONE wines and the man himself behind them. This is exciting
news indeed. Stay-tuned for more information hopefully I vert shortly.



1) " Heavenly Light " Pilsner ( 12 fl. oz, On Special for$8.49 a
6-pack HOLY BREW liquid confession, www.HolyBrew.com , Holy Brew Brewing
Company, Wilkes, Barre, PA ) is " new " and something different for you all
to taste and try on for size, fit and feel.

2) LANDSHARK premium lager quality ( island style lager, 12 fl oz
from Margaritaville Brewing Company, Jacksonville, Florida. It's On Special
for $7.99 a 6-pack and it's the perfect lager style for this weather. Rush
down and get at least one six-pack if not more!

3) STAROPRAMEN premium beer ( since 1869 5.0% alc by volume, 11.2
fl. oz bottles from Vyrobento Praze, Zalozeno V. Roce, Prague, On Special
for $8.99 a 6-pack ) is another beer that we are pleased to have here at
Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. For more info go to : www.staropramen.com.
4) HELL Or HIGH WATERMELON wheat beer ( 6-pack cans, On Special for
$9.99 , 4.9% alc. by volume, is " a classic American wheat beer which
undergoes a traditional secondary fermentation with fresh watermelon. A
straw-colored, refreshing beer with a kiss of watermelon aroma and flavor


1) CELTIC CROSSING Liqueur from Ireland ( $22.99, 30% alc. by
volume, 750ml bottle ) " has a delicate flavor and subtle sweetness. It was
named in honor of the millions of Irish who have crossed the seas to settle
around the world. " Try it straight, on the rocks, or as a Celtic lemonade,
Celtic martini, Celtic kiss or as a Celtic coffee. Cheers ...

2) Creme de Cassis de la Saintongue Boisee ( 375ml bottle On
Special for $13.99. from Merlet 17610 Saint-Sauvant, France, 20% alc. by
volume ) is brand new here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. It's a really
good deal, too. Buy some and also some dry white wine and some sparkling
wine and make some kirs or kir royales, cheers!


1) PLANTATION Rum Barbados ( artisanal rum from the island of
Barbados, ON Special for $29.99 in a 1.75ml bottle ) is a great deal that
we have for the moment. Treat yourselves : these Plantation rums from the
various islands are really distinct and quite filled with personality.

2) " The Arran Malt " single malt scotch whisky ( aged 10 years )
is a non-chill filtered single malt, $46.99. I believe it is new. Go to :
www.arranwhisky.com for more technical information.

WINES : Ah the balm that soothes and soothes ...


1) Saint-Veran 2007, $19.99 dry white burgundy from LABOURE-ROI is
drinking beautifully now. I tried this not too long ago with our local rep
Claire Rimbaud of Paris, France. LABOURE-ROI is on a roll and we bought
several of their better value wines. They are excellent : polished,
refined, stylish - a great meeting of the old and the new worlds.

2) Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay ( all white burgundy is Chardonnay
unless otherwise stated as Aligote or Pinot Blanc ) 2007 of the CHATEAU
LABOURE-ROI, $23.99 is another flavorful, dry white burgundy that is very
pleasing now and after the first glass will have you looking around for a
meal to enjoy the second glass with ...

3) Bourgogne Chardonnay " Maximum " 2007, $21.99 from LABOURE-ROI
has even more depth and weight and intensity than the two I've already
mentioned. This is when you need more power and density in the wine to hold
up to more seasoned and flavorful dishes. It's another wineer and very well
priced for all the wine , weight and flavors that it holds.

4) " Due Uve " 2008 from BERTANI in Italy ( $17.99 ) is a
captivating, intriguing dry white blend of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon
Blanc. I really liked it this last time that I tried it. It's got lots and
lots of flavor and distinct personality : bright, lively - explodes from
the glass...

5) 2008" Vineyard Creations " from DOUGLAS GREEN in the Cape of Good
Hope, South Africa , $9.99 is a really refreshing South African wine to
enjoy now and just about anytime. Come get some this evening for after

ROSE : Dry, Of Course -

1) Atlantis 2007 dry rose from the Greek island of Atlantis is a
deep-colored, very flavorful rose that is best when served alongside a
meal. I could have really enjoyed a glass just now with my #51 all-seafood
from Nam Viet restaurant or last night with my smoked trout that I bought
and served while I grilled our meal outside. It's ON SALE for $10.99 ( reg
: $18 ) from our friend Sotiris Bafitis.


1) Morgon single cru Gamay beaujolais, 2007 ( $22.99 ) from
LABOURE-ROI is really showing quite nice now. I like the deep dark cherry
flavors and the fresh acidity and extroverted character that draws one in
quickly. This is a great way to celebrate and enjoy some of these last
warmer days of summer with or without food. Chill it slightly and enjoy
something off the grill : some salmon, some ham, some white meats ... or
even take it on a picnic, stop by a brook and put it into the cold water
while you prepare your meal and then serves lightly-refreshed form the
waters of the brook ...
2) " Ripasso " style of Valpolicella ( called Valpaneta ) from
BERTANI ( 2006, $21.99 ) is a great way to get a more enriched, complex
wine from the young Corvino grapes. They have the privelege of sitting and
having the must of the Amarone grapes combined to add the extra levels of
taste to make both the wine more interesting and multi-dimensional. This is
a medium-to-light-bodied dry red that is 120% perfect for this time of
year, slightly chilled and it will hold it's own with almost any meal that
people usually enjoy in these warmer days. It's another way to say " thanks
" to the milder summer that we have been enjoying here in Washington D.C.

3) " Red " from ST. FRANCIS winery in Sonoma 2005, $9.99 is a
fabulous blend of exciting and enticing flavors of the Merlot, Syrah,
Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon when they combine and meet each and
every time as if for the very time : that spells magic my friend. It's
packed with luscious ripe flavors and is hard to resist once you taste it.

Weekend Tastings ( Friday and Saturday 9/4-5/09 ):

FRIDAY, September 4th, 2009 ( 5-8 PM ) : We have Ronnie Miller here
of the Robert Kacher selections to taste a bevy of his " new " vintages of
Rhone reds and Rhone-style reds from the southwest of France, dry roses,
tasty whites from Gascogny ... and more ... Join us, never any charge.

SATURDAY ( September 5th, 2009 ( 2-8 PM ) : We have two tastings
for you all to enjoy this LABOR=DAY weekend!
1) 2-5 PM : We have Justin of Washington Wholesalers here to taste
the CHALONE Pinot Blanc, the EDNA VALLEY Syrah and the GREEN POINT Aussie
dry Pinot Noir rose ... some really exciting wines, all three - and there
may be more, too ...

2) 5-8 PM : We have Lydia Nastberger of ANTON BAUER Austrian wines
here to taste Toni's " new " releases and " new " labels of the Gruner
Veltliners, the Zweigelt, the dry rose and Pinot Grigio, too ... JOIN US,
NEVER any charge. bring the family, a friend, a business associate ...

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE to say and to state and to talk about but I am
all out of time. Come join us, tell us what we may better do to serve your
needs. Respond to this email so that Santos, Ravi, Mike and I all know what
we may help you with.

ORDER OVER LINE, just respond to this email and tell us what you want
and we will contact you and deliver it to you, too if you wish.

CHEERS and enjoy this glorious cool day. I wish I was outside now to
bask in the breeze and the sun and the fabulous baby white-blue skies that
I noticed as I drove to work this morning. Is everything pretty much the
same as I saw it then?

AND DON'T FORGET to go to : chatwine.blogspot.com to see and read
articles of the people that have come here recently - wine owners,
winemakers, sales reps, export managers, world-traveling sales people from
every reach of the globe, you and more ... TONY

More body goes here

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