Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Sunday @ Home With My Wife & Daughter, Neighbors Katarina & Mike, And WNZO BIANCHI Gran Cru Cabernet Sauvignon 1999, And In Spirit Valentin Bianchi & atiana Maria : Gracias, hanks 2 U ALL!

     We all absolutely loved this gift from Valentin Bianchi of a bottle of his family's 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon ENZO BIANCHI Gran Cru San Rafael D.O.C. 14% alcohol bottle of delicious red that my good friend atiana Maria brought back from her visit to San Rafael and the VALENIN BIANCHI winery way back when she worked for Billington Imports so many glorious moons ago. Gracias tatiana. We all loved it , from the very first whiff of a bouquet to the sublime, smooth, silky and ' old-wonderful-style ' of medium-bodied, dusty-dry, earthy, rustic, warm and brambly-style where everything is caught-up, mixed, stirred, warmed, dusted and sprinkled and spread lovingly over one's palate and senses : it is a real work-of-art, and everyone was caught by it's magic, mirth, mire, mix, must and mystery liquid music, too!

     Valentin signed the bottle here to me : Para ony, con afecto, Balentin Bianchi - 22- 03. I met Valentin and his two brothers when I visited them in 1995 with Nora Favelukes and a small group of us, less than fifteen people, that went through Billington Imports. Gracias Alfredo e Billington!

     I included above with Valentin's note to me written in gold ink pen one of my watercolors that I did in a series on August 22nd, 1994 : #116 East Of The Sun , Fenwick Island, Delaware. Hope you like it.

     I will write more, have to get off to work now. Cheers, TONY  4 / 7 / 2015

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