Thursday, April 9, 2015

Check Out The ' New ' Spring 6-Bottle Samplers @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits In Cleveland Park, Washington D.C., N.W. , 20008 , 202-363-4265 : Cheers! Dry Whites, Roses and Reds From California, From Spain,

OUR ' Spring Samplers ' of SIX BOTTLES of WINE are ready for you all to enjoy now! Come get them for this cooler, wet weather ... what follows is what I wrote about these wines in Tuesday's store email and send out and also posted here below on our Facebook page. I will also post it on our web page now. Cheers, ...
PAY : $79.99 for six bottles, or $13.33 a bottle, SAVE $14 on your purchase.


1) Dry Campo De Borja 2014 Spanish rose from ZAZA, $9.99, with 14%
alcohol by volume. I loved it, immediately, both the color and the bouquet,
then the taste : wonderful, so bright, so lively and fresh and full and
balanced : a breath of fresh liquid Spanish rose taste and flavor that is
complete when considering the modest price of $9.99 a bottle. I was smitten
with it, so were my daughter and wife, completely swept-up in the moment.

2) La Vie En Rose Southwest France, 2014 dry rose is always a delight,
much lighter color, so much more delicate and a really silky breath of
fresh liquid salmon or rose-colored dry wine with no bite , just a nipple,
just a wee tweak on the tongue to brace you and make sure you have not
quite yet drifted off into the complete magic and wonder of this French
rose that has always been a great hit and a big seller for us. All you have
to taste it once and you get hooked, really you do, so don't taste it if
you do not want to succumb to it's infinite charms. $14.49 a bottle.

3) Graciano 2013 Cuenca, Spain dry and fruit-bright, silky
finesse-forward, delightful crisp and toasty Graciano berry flavors from
OVEJA TINTA , $15.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume. I liked this immediately
on the second and third sips. My mouth had to get acclamated to this ' new
taste sensation ' as it is rarely or ever that I try a Graciano that is not
just 5% of the blend, or less that goes into a Rioja red where you hear
more about it as a blending grape.

I REALLY DO LIKE it's brightness and freshness and feel and impact on my
taste buds, it is a good marriage where food and a meal whether simple or
not is what rounds-out the whole delightful experience. Oh, the label, too
is wonderful with an image of a lamb's face on it.

4) ' Father's Watch " Sonoma County, CA. dry " Rhone style " red blend
of 60% Syrah organic, Mourvedre and Carignane made from 110 Yr-Old vines,
and Grenache, too from KIVEL STADT CELLARS, On Special for $15.99,
regularly $20.99 a bottle, 14.1% alcohol by volume. I loved the smoothness,
the seamless harmony and fluid elegance and depth of buoyant and beautiful
toasty flavors. It was an immediate like for me, I could sip it by itself,
medium-bodied, balanced and firm and supple and fleshy, really nice. I
think you all will be seduced quickly by it's complete charm and appeal.

5) Chenin Blanc from South Africa's W.O. Western Cape, $11.49, 13%
alcohol by volume, I enjoyed this when Jody brought it by to taste for
Chris and me last week. It was so lively, so really fresh, and a touch of
steely energy and motion, medium-to-light-bodied, such wonderful activity
here that is hard to contain such lucid and animated enthusiasm for the
full expression of " what Chenin Blanc is " here in this bottle to be
thoroughly enjoyed inside or outside, your pick?!

6) Dry Muscat / Moscatel from Spain's Cuenca region, a 2013 seco,
$15.99, 12% alcohol by volume, I was immediately transported, picked-up, my
palate, senses and all and whisked along the strength, alacrity, whim and
wanting/crying-to-be-heard flavorful dry white Muscat from OVEJA BLANCA
that is a lovely mixture of thicker, richer, bolder nut and honey flavors
that will feel good on your palate as well as cut through many seasonings
and stronger sauces that often are a part of a meal.

WOW, This Is An Amazing sampler of six distinct flavors and taste
sensations to please and captivate you all this spring here and around
Washington D.C. Cheers. Come get one.

SAMPLERS WILL BE READY here by Thursday at the latest , ready for the
weekend! Call : 202-363-4265 to be sure everything is ready and in place
before you come to pick one or more up. Thanks.

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