Thursday, April 9, 2015

CBS ' This Morning ' Thursday Morning , April 9th, 2015 A Story Of The Texas Wine Business Being Today A 2 Billion Dollar Business : I Buy & Sell Them Because I Really Like What Is In The Bottle! Enjoy This Clip, Cheers!

Enjoy watching this when you get a chance, I learned more than I already knew watching it a few minutes ago. I buy, sell and recommend the wines here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits and was happy to be a part of this story. Cheers,  TONY  4/9/2015…/texas-wineries-pour-ingenuity-int…/
When you think American wines, your taste buds might expect something from Napa or Sonoma, but it might be time to raise a glass to Texas. Manuel Bojorquez reports on winemakers in the Lone Star State.
I like representing the wines from all around the United States, not just the most obvious and easy to sell. Jim Stutsman , pictured below used to drive his motorcycle around the country and visit the wineries, buy the wines, get them home and then invite friends over to share them at his home on the weekends : what glorious fun that was! Cheers,
Stay-tuned for more, what a great selection there is from both Texas and also from other 'lesser-known ' states for wine production.    TONY

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