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Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Weekly Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits' Store Email On : Meet The Winemakers 4/22 3-6PM Of EXCELSIOR, MORGENSTER, DeMORGENZON & GLENELLY : ALSO Taste With Cory Brim The ABELOUR Highlands Single Malt Scotch Whisky Friday, April 24th, 15 6PM : Call To Reserve One Of Fifteen Seats : 202-363-4265 : What Fun! Cheers!!

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What fun here at our Cape Classics' Wine-Tasting With Four FABulous winemakers at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits on Wed. April 22nd, 2015 from 3-6PM : we had a blast with everyone, here are some of the pictures that Joe of the Country Vintner took and just sent me. There will be more, cheers! These are primarily of Carl Van Der Merwe of DeMORGENZON and also of Nick Bureau of GLENELLY Vineyards. Cheers, thanks again to all invloved, it was a wonderful event, tasted a lot , taught and entertained and sold a lot, too : many signed bottles as gifts for Mother's and Father's Days! Happy Wednesday all, April 29th, 2015
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SUCH A TREAT to be alive! I love it, say how lucky I am to be alive, give
thanks for being alive. I often say this as I am in my car in the mornings
driving here to work. I do not want my spirit crushed by anything, though
there are many things that try and dampen it. I must not let them.

EARTH and to walk upon it and to enjoy what is there, natural, free and
often beautiful. Today it is a bit wet and cool and so we will later enjoy
some of the DIOFILI dry Greek rose, $12.99, that I have chilling in the
back that Sotiris Bafitis dropped off this weekend for us all to enjoy
together. Join me and we will see how well the color, the clarity, the
textures and tastes and FLAVors all sit on our tongues and palates. My
daughter and wife quite enjoyed it this past Sunday at home on our deck in
the back yard as I grilled and we enjoyed being outside, fighting back our
allergies to enjoy this otherwise splendid moment.

ALLERGIES have been bad this year for many of us. It has been terrible for
me, especially this past week. I lost my voice half way into Saturday and
that was tough. But I think to myself that I still like to be outside and
garden and enjoy family and friends, wine and a meal. SO : what to do? No
easy solution. I hope that if I stare the pollens down with my unwavering
gaze that they will back off and let me alone. Yes, I am a dreamer.

THIS WEEK is going to be really busy and our South African winemaker event
tomorrow, ...

Wednesday here, from 3-6PM will be exciting with three wineries and three
winemakers to taste the wines, ask questions, get bottles signed :
1) DeMORGENZON ( winemaker Carl Van Der Merwe ),
2) GLENELLY ( winemaker Nick Bureau ), and   3) EXCELSIOR ( winemaker Peter
De Wet ).
AND : Just Included :

4) MORGENSTER ( winemaker Judi Dyer ) from Loures River, Stellenbosch. Jusy
will pour both a ...
1) Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz blend as well as a  ...
2) Pinotage & Merlot blend. What fun/treat!

JOIN US, NEVER any charge.

JUST THINK, think of all the wonderful liquid libations that are available
here for this damp and cool weather ...

ALE, BEER, CIDER From Santos :

1) ' Deliria ' A Blond Belgian Ale  from DELIRIUM, a family brewery Huyghe
since 1654, $12.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, from Ghent, Belgium ( go to :
www.delirium.be for more info ). This is a limited edition special brewed
by women. We all like that. Charlotte came looking for it here when she
first moved to the neighborhood and asked for it by name. We were out, but
it came back the next week and she was very happy. Glad we could be here to
help you finally find this Deliria.

2) ' Blushing Monk ' 2015 , a Belgian-Style ale fermented with pure
raspberries, from FOUNDERS Brewing, $18.99 a 9.2% alcohol by volume.

3) ' Resin ' IIPA from SIXPOINT Craft Ales, On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack
of 12-ounce cans. " It all starts with the infamous sticky essence inside a
green flower. That delicious sap makes us rabid, drooling in search of the
bitter hop antidote to quell fast encroaching malt sweetness. Yes! ... "

4) ' Big Squeeze ' Shandy UFO from the HARPOON Brewery, On Special for
$9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. Beer + Grapefruit = Shandy , unfiltered
, ' sweet with a hint of tartness, UFO Big Squeeze is perfect for all your
summer adventures.'

From Jagir & Malkit :

1) ' Mahina Coco ' Coconut Liqueur from CLEMENT is a French Caribbean
liqueur, a " splendid Creole delicacy of white rhum and macerated coconut."
We have some for you to taste here. Ask and we will pour you some to taste
and decide whether you want to drink this in the spring and summer months.

2) ' Orchard Apricot ' fruit liqueur from ROTHMAN & WINTER for $28.99 a
750ml bottle, 25% alcohol by volume, from Austria. " Rothman & Winter
Orchard Apricot liqueur combines juice from the seasonal harvest of
Austria's famed Klosterneuberger apricots with an eau-de-vie produced from
the same fruit..." I love the color, it is beautiful and makes me want to
open the bottle now and take a sip!

3) ( Product ) red Vodka Special Edition from Poland, distilled and bottled
by Polmos Zyrardow, from BELVEDERE Vodka, On Special for $32.99 ... : " For
every bottle you give ( or keep ), Belvedere Vodka contributes 50% of our
profits to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. ... (
BELVEDERE ) red is a limited edition bottle containing the same Belvedere
Vodka you've always enjoyed. Naturally smooth. ( Product ) red." We like
the sound of this, we all like what this can do to help.

4) FORD'S Gin, Spirit & Spice gin distilled in Londo, $27.99 a 1 liter
bottle, with 45% alcohol by volume,, it distilled from grain in the UK : "
Savoury, refreshing , pine, lavender , spice, CITRUS, orange, structure
sharp, bright citrus adds dryness brightness, sweet + bitter citrus
ELEGANT, FLORAL pungent sweetness and dryness sharp TANGY citrus EARTHY +
floral, binds flavour warm, sweet aromatic spice CLEAN, FILTERED neutral,
slight graininess."

5) Bourbon Whiskey distilled from grain/artisinal spirit called FEW, $55.99
a 750ml bottle, 46.5% alcohol by volume, from Evanston, Chicago, ... : "
This three-grain bourbon recipe unabashedly infuses generations of Southern
tradition with the spiciness of northern rye& a touch of malt for
smoothness. Handcrafted in small batches and aged in charred oak barrels,
it is a bourbon of uncommon complexity..."

WINE From Chris and Tony :

1) Xinomavro & Moschomavro indigenous grapes blended by the SIATISTA Winery
in Greece to make this 2014 dry and elegant, silky, light and thoroughly
refreshing rose that is like the whisper of so many contented Xinomarvo and
Moschomavro grapes as they surround you tongue and palate so delicately,
finely! Nice. $12.99 a bottle, with only 12 % alcohol, so it is even more
elegant and easy to sip.

From South Africa :

1) DMZ 2014 Chardonnay from DeMORGENZON, $16.99, 14% alcohol by volume, I
appreciate the distinct tastes and flavors that are offered up here, I like
that the bar is set high here and that there are unique flavors that
manifest themselves slowly, and lovingly : a thorough wash, rinse,
immersion and  hug here from a Stellenbosch wine that I cannot wait to try
again tomorrow from 3-6PM when Carl Van Der Merwe comes to taste it with
you all at our free wine-tasting with 4 South African winemakers.

2) Syrah 2012 from EXCELSIOR, from Robertson, South Africa : with extra
coatings and flavors, a more solid and immediately saturating taste that is
great when a meal is close by, and also an excellent value, too.

3) 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon from ' The Glass Collection ' of GLENELLY, in
Stellenbosch, South Africa, 14% alcohol by volume, with great connections
in Bordeaux, France this estate in South Africa delivers so much flavor and
taste to enjoy with a sirloin steak or filet mignon, it opens very
gradually, it takes it's precious time, takes oyrs, too : as both you and
the wine must be slow and steady and not be any rush, and then the magic of
GLENELLY and a good meal will work their magic on your palates and create
another taste that exists only because of this marriage of GLENELLY and the
food you pair it with : you will smile and sigh contentedly. That is a
great result. Come taste it here tomorrow with winemaker NIck Bureau.

4) A 2010 Merlot and Pinotage dry red blend from MORGENSTER made in
Stellenbosch in Loures River, $74.99 a bottle, this wine by winemaker Judi
Dyer is really a very intriguing, beguiling blend of two grapes that will
add and divide and delineate and multiply and define and refine each other
as they change their relationships to one another as they grow and expand
and spread out their layers of multiple flavors, what a taste spectacle
this is, something exciting to witness first-hand!

From Austria :

1) 2013 ' Gmork ' Gruner Veltliner from ANTON BAUER in the
Wagram/Osterreich region of Austria, $13.99, this is a delight to sip and
enjoy in the spring and summer, and is as delightful a sipping wine as it
is a food wine. Right Toni?!? Right Klaus?!?

2) Gruner Veltliner Ried Spiegel from BAUER Weingut Josef Bauer, 2013, from
the Wagram region of Austria, $16.99 a bottle, 12.5% alcohol by volume, I
love the real lively quality to this, it races, it sails, it breezes with
energy, personality and activity.

3) Chardonnay from Carnuntum, Austria, $19.99 from NETZL, with 13.5%
alcohol by volume, is really amazing in it's brightness, fullness,
roundness, and yet lilting and airy qualites, I like it, I like it a whole
lot, glad to have it here,

4) ' Kamptal Reserve ' Gruner Veltliner from Karl Steininger, $21.99 a
bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, ' Loisium ' , what a rich and more
structured, more layered and monumental style of Gruner, I like the extra
boldness, girth and pith it shouts out with!

5) " Terrassen ' Riesling from Federspiel, a 2013, for $18.99 a bottle,
with 12.5% alcohol by volume, again, more here with a greater minerality
and leanness, some more steel and a strength of Riesling that bristles and
forges forward with alarming alacrity and persistence that charms slows and
completely with a meal and once you palate adjusts to it's purity and
strength of unscripted taste and flavors, all their own, individuality
galore : I like it, I like it a lot, always have : first-class!

6) Blaufrankisch dry indigenous red from LEO HILLINGER in Burgenland,
Austria, a 2009 with some bottle-age, $19.99, with 13% alcohol. I always
like to chill these slightly, and I love to have them with my food, outside
in warm weather is the best, when I grill, go on a picnic, a hike, sitting
by a rippling spring or brook afterward : what a wonderful treat, on the
Danube river?!? Infinite possibilities.

SAVE BIG EACH WEEK : WEDNESDAY Weekly 3-Part Still Wine Sale:
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Chandon ) over $20 and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
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Wednesday : South African Wine-Tasting with Winemakers : 4 Wineries/ 4
Winemakers FREE TASTING 4/22/2015 JOIN Us, everyone welcome here.

Friday, April 24th ( 5-8PM ) : Fine Romanian wines with Gabriela and Mizvan
tasting the MONSER wines as well as the organic Babeasca Neagra, too,
including Sarba white, Feteasca Neagra, and Cabernet Sauvignon, too! Free
tasting, no charge.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS : CALL and reserve a place! 202-363-4265. Tell
Tony or Chris, or Malkit. Cheers!

Friday, April 24th, 2015 6PM : Private tasting : only 15 seats available,
five are already taken  SO : the first ten people to call and reserve a
seat for this ABELOUR  Est 1879 with Cory Brim, assistant to Master
distiller that will lead us through this tasting of the various ABELOUR
Single Malts like the 16-year old scotch whisky that is Double Cask
Matured, a Highland Single Malt, On Special for $83.99 a bottle. And more,
call : 202-363-4265. We will take your names and numbers and first ten
callers are assured seats this Friday night! What a great experience with

Saturday, April 25th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Jim Reeves of Comete Wine
Imports here to try ' new ' French releases of his Burgundy and Bordeaux
wines. This will be fun : fresh off the boat, fresh, lively, energized
French wines!

JOIN US, NEVER any charge.

THANKS for everything. check out our ' new ' web page at :
www.clevelandparkwine.com. FOLLOW us on Twitter at : CPWINESPIRITS and also
at WINEENABLER, LIKE us on Facebook at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, too.
Cheers, thanks again for everything!   TONY  4/21/2015

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