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Tuesday Store Email Of Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Written And Sent By Anthony Quinn, January 6th, 2015 .... Enjoy ESTANDON Red Provence Wine 2011, SENORIO DA VILA Godello 100% Ribeiro Spanish White & Bandol Proivence Rose 2013 From DOMAINE BUNAN.... & More!

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THIS IS THE KIND OF DAY that inspire ...



WE ALSO HAVE a ' new ' web page that is up and almost complete. Hope to get
the final touches added this week to make it really of service to you all,
especially with the calendar of events that will be up soon. WE want you
all to be able to see what events we have here, and we will list them as
soon as we know them, even if they are planned for a month or two away,
just so you know and can mark your calendars. We think this may be very
useful to you.

BOY IT WAS A ROUGH START today to get into work! I was lucky, my daughter
and wife both called and warned me and so I started a bit late and pulled
off the road and got a copy and waited patiently for the traffic and the
snow to thin and finally stop. That was a smart decision, and I appreciate
the calls from both my daughter and wife. Our neighbor waited for the bus
to come for an hour and walked back through the woods to his home after it
did not, and I suppose he may be shoveling his walk and driveway now? He's
home and safe. My other neighbor that was out shoveling this morning smiled
as I said I was going to make a go of it after I heard from another
neighbor that it was Code Red for traffic and weather conditions. My
neighbor's last words to me were : " Be safe." I appreciated that a lot,
put a smile on my face too as I clutched my KLUGE , VA. white mug of

IT IS STILL SURPRISING to me after all these years how we can be shut down
almost completely with all the weather reports and media coverage. How did
we arrive at this state? How is that we are still at this state where we
become almost immobile and unable to cope with 1-2 inches of snow? Oh well,
the important thing is to be smart and to take the necessary time to be
safe and sound, and have fewer accidents on the road. My thoughts go out to
those that got into any accidents today, and all those that waited and
waited and waited in traffic.

I JUST RECEIVED a call from Allison Slute that works for the Wines of
Provence. This is what I posted on our Facebook apage a few minutes ago :

Just had a really nice conversation with Allison Slute of the Wines Of
Alsace ( Allison is based in Miami, the headquarters for the company is
here in Washington D.C. ) , and we talked about what the Wines of Provence
could do to help promote these fine French wines. We have ....

1) the Bandol 2013 dry rose from Mas de la ROUVIERE, Domaine Buman, $24.99,
13.5% alcohol by volume, this is a Proprietaire - Recoltant effort where
the grapes are grown and bottled by the same owner, a sign of more
hands'-on control. Go to : www.bunan.com for more information on this and
the other wines made at DOMAINE BUNAN.

.... as well as the ....

2) the 2011 Cotes du Provence ESTANDON dry red, $17.49 a bottle, 12.5%
alcohol by volume. Both are excellent. Normally we carry many more, but
this is what we have as we start 2015 : with more to come including the
white and perhaps also more of the sparkling, too. Thanks, merci Allison, I
appreciate the call. Hope I was of help to you. Good luck, cheers, and
let's keep in touch and work together to promote these fine wines, all
types and styles, sizes, etcetera. Happy New Year 2015 all!
Le Rosé de Provence toute l'année ! #vinsdeprovence

WE LOVE SELLING the wines of Provence and have done many dry rose wines as
well as the dry whites and the dry reds and also the dry sparkling wines.
We have sold them in the regular 750ml size, and also in half bottles and ,
on occasion, in magnums. WE look for quality and price , and love it when
we can put them On Sale for you. That is always the best, when we can save
you money.

THIS EMAIL will be about things for you that will taste good with this
really cold weather that has swooped in on us from the west coast.
Brrrrrrr. What liqueurs, liquors and wines, ciders, too will warm and
comfort and cheer us in this biting cold?

FROM SANTOS in BEER and CIDER we have :

1) ' Chocolate Stout ' from HARPOON, Limited Edition, On Special for
$9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, made in Boston, MA. and also in
Windsor, VT.. I like their logo : " BEER is best when shared with FRIENDS.
" That pretty much says it all.

2) ' Oyster Stout ' Ale Pearl Necklace  brewed with Rappahanock river
oysters from FLYING DOG, supports with some benefit of sales to the Oyster
Recovery Partnership ( for every bottle of Pearl Necklace sold , ORP plants
10 oysters in the Chesapeake Bay." WE like that, especially because we
already really like the Oyster Stout.

3) ' Ginger Bread Head ' Ale with natural flavor added from SHIPYARD
Brewing Co. in Portland, Maine ( On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce
bottles ) is another great way to combine ginger that we all love with a
good ale and warm up, feel better and all.

ONE Cider With Ginger :

1) Hard Cider with a bite of Ginger called CIDER SNAP , $8.99 a 22 Oz
bottle, 5% alcohol by volume is a delight to sip inside and look out at the
white snow covering everything now. James our local Cleveland Park inventor
and neighbor ( James also created the TEAVINE, $13.99 a 750ml bottle )
showed and tasted me and Santos on it a couple of weeks ago. It is soft and
pleasing, mellow and bright and so easy to sip all by itself! Get some and
enjoy it now, and wait to the warmer months when it will also be a delight
to sip outside.

AND From Malkit and Jagir for Liqueur and Liquor we have :

1) Pamplemousse rose Liqueur / grapefruit liqueur from COMBIER in the
Loire Valley's Saumur region that also makes great wines. Here by special
request. It was written up somewhere and our customers saw the article and
came looking for it. It sells for $25.99 a 750ml bottle On Special, has a
lovely grapefruit color, 16% alcohol by volume, and will be great to mix
with many things to warm and cheer us all.Go to : www.combierusa.com for
more info.


1) Bonded 100% Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from OLD
GRAND-DAD, $23.99, 50% alcohol by volume, this is an old classic that has
survived the test of time and is till with us, No advertising behind it so
the price stays really reasonable, and the quality is very good, too : and
smooth as well.

2) Rhum / Rum Vieux Agricole Appellation Martiniqu Controlee from
CLEMENT, this Limited Edition 25th Anniversary, On Special for $33.99 a
750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, ( Clement by Jonone ) " Rhum Clement
VSOP  is aged Rhum Agricole distilled from fresh sugarcane juice. ... our
world-class aged rum comes from delicate alchemy ... " The label is
feastive, too with lots of great color and so it will also warm us all as
we sip it and look outside at the cold white blanket of snow everywhere!

3) Reposado Tequila from CAZADORES made from 100% Agave , $36.99 a
750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, it really packs a punch with an
intense and aromatic bouquet that assails your nostrils and then the taste
is rich and full and quite silky on the palate, it lasts and lingers, and
fills the mouth completely and sends gentle pulses and jolts of warmth and
flavor and taste into you in a most pleasurable way, sip by sip, lingering,
languishing, not rushing, not pushing. Rather, being pushed and rocked and
cradled and taken-full-care-of, golden delicate sip by magnified
second-golden sip and so forth and so on .... ahhhh yes, a nice way to
enjoy each others' company and stay warm and enjoy looking out at the shiny
sheet of snow that may freeze over tonight as temperatures drop?!?

From Chris And Tony On Wine :

1) ' Caprice ' White Wine 2011 Yamhill - Carlton district, Oregon a
dry white blend og 80% Pinot Blanc and 20% Pinot Gris from MATELLO, $23.99,
11.8% alcohol by volume, is a perfect wine to enjoy now as it is flavorful,
balanced, mature and showing all it's colors and flavors now. Sure to
comfort and warm you with all this cold air coming from the west coast.
It's a beauty, a real gem of a wine that most do not yet know. Try some.

2 ) Estate Pinot Gris 2013 from Oregon's Willamette Valley and made by
VAN DUZER, $22.99, 13.9% alcohol by volume, " live certified sustainable ',
this Pinot Gris is bright and fresh and lively and rocks you with blasts of
flavor, whereas the Matello takes more time to wow you : but both certainly
WOW us all.

3) ' Quattro ' Virginia, Monticello white, $21.99, 10.5% alcohol by
volume,  from CARDINAL POINT is a blend of 51% Riesling, 33%
Gewurztraminer, 10% Traminette and 6% Viognier. Go to :
www.cardinalpointwinery.com for more info. It is floral with fruit
up-front, nice to sip, easy to enjoy all by itself. A really nice local

4) Godello Dry and Flavorful Indigenous Spanish grape variety from
SENORIO da VILA, $20.99, 2011, from Ribeiro, 12.5% alcohol by volume,
spends more time on it's lees and is more robust, flavorful and
fuller-bodied and perfect for this colder weather to warm and comfort you
as you enjoy a view outside through your windows of what certainly will
freeze-over tonight and have a glass sheen over it all by tomorrow's
commute to work. It tastes so good : really like this, like how it tastes
and feels, like the grip and flavors!


Marina, one of our best ' regular ' customers came a few minutes ago and
assorted some wine for tomorrow as today is Russia's  Christmas eve ... I
like this. Thanks for sharing that with me Marina.


Friday we have Andrew Stover tasting American wines from 5-8PM ...

Saturday we have Theresa Morrison tasting some exciting wines from South
Africa ...

JOIN US. NEVER any charge,



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