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My Anthony Quinn Tuesday Weekly Store Email For Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits, January 27th, 2015 : On Regaleali Sicilian Wine, On ARGIOLAS Sardinian Cannonau Dry Red, On Chenas Beaujolais Cru Red From Christophe Pacalet, On COUSINO-MACUL 2013 Sauvignon Gris Dry Maipo Chilean White : All Great Choices To Watch The Super Bowl With The Seahawks Playing The Patriots, And Katy Perry Singing @ Half-Time! Wow, So Much Excitement Here @CPWINESPIRITS!


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Time To, LA HORA PARA think about the super bowl and the seahawks playing
the patriots this coming sunday!

TIEMPO POR, TO focus on yourselves for once, spoil yourselves as we get
closer to Valentine's day!

Time To TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF more oF all that we offer HERE, to watch
the super bowl ...


BEAUTIFUL DRIVE this morning, I was inspired once again, I loved it, had to
dig my car out in our cul-de-sac and start the engine and let it warm as I
scraped off the thick blanket of white snow, some of which got into the car
as I had not closed the driver's seat door closed and there was a crack for
it to slip through and onto my Volvo driver's seat that is warmed from
below to keep my derriere nice a toasty and warm! It is nice, my derriere
always warms before the rest of me when I drive these days. What a story to
share here, hope you find it amusing as I do, hope it melts the ice, ...
the snow in this case.

THE DRIVE always takes me across the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge from Virginia
to Washington D.C., past the rowers on either side below on the Potomac,
past the gaggle of Canadian geese I sometimes see there on the Virginia
side of the bank of the Potomac river, past the Washington Monument, the
Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the statue of Einstein, too, and
past the Kennedy Center as I veer to the left and off onto a ramp to get
onto Rock Creek Parkway for more beautiful imagery and inspiration before I
arrive at the entrance to the National Zoo and the two regal lions that
greet my eyes and all those passing by and along, just before I get to work
here in Cleveland Park a ' happenin' neighborhood ' of Washington D.C. I
love it, really I do.

SO WHEN I ARRIVE @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits I am all charged up,
batteries revved and eyes wide and nostrils-to-like-to-be-flaired and with
a smile and great intentions to do all that I can for you, the
neighborhood, the store, our business community here,.... always a good
feeling, always a great way to start my week.

WELCOME TODAY to Cleveland Park and to our spirits' store of many fine
libations, treasures, pleasures and excitements, too. We have some of it
all, and if we do not we call and check it out immediately.

A YOUNGER MAN just asked me if we had the BARR HILL vodka from Vermont? I
said I did not think so, and we approached Santos and Malkit and asked
them. Malkit got on his phone and called our local rep. I will go ask him
now what he discovered and include that here now. " That's made with honey.
Yeah, I ordered it. " Malkit just answered me. The gin that we sell is also
made with honey as a component, $42.99 a 750ml bottle.

I SET MY TASTING TABLE UP earlier and put bottles of liquor and of beer to
take pictures of and tweet. Yes, I tweet, I am all a tweeter, all a
twitter, all a flitter, everything nice, just not all a bitter, not at all!
You can FOLLOW us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and also at : wineenabler.
Please do, let's all stay caught up with one another. I tweeted about
Hayman's Old Tom gin, about Tozai plum wine, about Koval single barrel
bourbon, about J.J. Jaconbsen Sommer Gaarden Danish After Dinner liqueur,
about two beers : HERRMANNSDORFER and about Beer Army Combat Brewery... and
still need to tweet about : GLENNINCHIE The Edinburgh malt .... so little

I ALSO TWEETED about the National Zoo and posted a picture I took this
morning just before getting here to work. I took a picture of one of the
stately lions covered in snow that greets the people coming and going at
that entrance here on Connecticut Avenue.

I JUST TWEETED ABOUT the ' new ' Hawaiian rums called : Sammy's Beach Bar
Rum, including one with Macademia nuts, $19.99 a 750ml bottle, come check
them out. This is exciting, really good. Malkit really liked them
yesterday. He is really excited about them. You have to ask him what he
thought when you see him next, cheers.

SO : Down To More Business with SANTOS RIVERA and his ale, beer and ciders

1)  ' Space Dust IPA ' , Get Dusted, from ELYSIAN , Seattle, Washington,
with the Super Bowl this is timely indeed, $13.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce
bottles, : " The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter
and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo. " Looks like something to
try, a ' must try '... with alcohol at 7.2% by volume. Come get some ASAP
of IPA 4 Da SB!

2) ' Grateful Harvest ' , a Cranberry Ale ( $1 per six-pack goes to your
local food bank ) from HARPOON " Love Beer, Love Life. Harpoon, " ...., On
Special for $9.99 a 6-pack, from Boston, Massachusetts, ... ale brewed with
cranberry puree ... nice, perfect for this cold with a white blanket of
snow outside.
BEAUTIFUL DRIVE this morning, window down, wind-swept hair, thoughts,
dreams, emotions, energy-flows, you name it?!? It was so nice to gather my
thoughts as I drove to work and felt the cold air and to admire the baby
blue sky that seemed like someone had stirred all the white clouds evenly
through it's surface. On Rock Creek parkway I saw two helicopters overhead
and it made me wonder what dignitary was driving along by me or past me : U
saw nothing to warrant two helicopters? But what do I know? I liked it
anyway, it was fun to see as you never know what will cross your path here
in our dynamic city?!?

3) ' Schweinsbrau Gold ' from HERRMANSDORFER, a Bavarian lager, brewed and
bottled by Ruedenburger Brauhaus, in Riedenburg, Germany, a 1 Pt. 9 Fl. Oz
bottle, 500ml, 4.8% alcohol by volume, ....On Special now for $5.49 a

4) ' Zero Dark Thirty ' , a Double Black India Pale Ale from BEER ARMY
Combat Brewery, $11.99 a 1 Pt. 8 Fl. Oz bottle, with 10% alcohol by volume,
... " Nothing is impossible. There is more to our recipes than just
ingredients. Our beer is bred with passion, zeal and integrity .... " I
like that, I like all of that, easy to hold, too while watching sports on
t.v. or grilling outside in the white snow as I often am! Cheers!

5) Morimoto Soba Ale from ROGUE Brewery, from Newport, Oregon, ... $8.99
for a single bottle, no chemicals, no preservatives, or additives ... "
This delicate flavor of our roasted Soba brings a nutty finish to this
light red refreshing ale. A perfect accompaniment to lighter cuisine. With
nine indredients .... nice.

LIQUEUR / LIQUOR From Malkit and Jagir :

1) ' Sommer Gaarden ' , a Danish After Dinner Specialty liqueur from J.J.
Jacobsen , from Denmark, On Special for $8.99, a GREAT DEAL! made with
neutral spirits, cognac, natural flavors, Saccharin ... enjoy it straight
or over ice, or even better with sparkling water or orange juice, instead
of Mimmosas, try this and see what you all think? Cheers.

2) ' Old Tom ' Gin - THE Authentic Victorian style of gin - from HAYMAN'S,
$28.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, family distillers since 1863,
distilled from grain, mark of English heritage, , product of England. " ...
a quintessentially English style of gin consumed during the 19th century
Victorian England ... , a smooth botanically intensive and flavorful gin
... "

3) Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey from KOVAL, distilled in Chicago, $52.99 a
bottle, 47% alcohol by volume, and certified organic by Midwest Organic
Services Association : beautiful delicate, translucent
golden-copper-sunshine-reflective sparkle color! Love it.

4) THe Edinburgh Malt Single Malt Scotch Whiskey from GLENKINCHIE, On
Special for $47.99 a bottle, 43% alcohol by volume, a 12-Year-Old Single
Malt from Pencaitland, Scotland : " A dry, refined character born just
twenty miles from Scotland's capitol naturally makes GLENKINCHIE " The
Edinburgh Malt." Its aromatic smoothness brings to mind cut flowers and
creamy lemon cheesecake. Crisp and focused, with a herbal, drying finish,
this is an ideal aperitif and partner to smoked fish, sushi or scallops. "
I like that, I like that it can accompany sushi and smoked fish a lot! Wow,
a discovery, never thought of this. Must try it myself and see if I agree.
I am inclined , however, to agree as they have undoubtedly put this to the
test thousands upon thousands of time. Cheers.


WEDNESDAY WEEKLY 3-Part Still-Wine SALE : ALL day long. Call if you cannot
come : 202-363-4265.
1) BUY any still-or-non-sparkling wine at $20 or more and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker price.
2) BUY any 6 or more still-or-non-sparkling wines at any price and SAVE 15%
OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY ANY 12 or more still-or-non-sparkling wines and SAVE 20% OFF the
sticker prices, whether or SALE or not. Included are port, sherry, madeira,
marsala, sake, box wines, all sizes of wines.

OF YOU CANNOT COME please call and pay on Wednesday and collect your wine

WINE from Chris and Tony :

WINES For Watching The Super Bowl :


1) Sauvignon Blanc 2013 from L.A. CETTO, estate-bottled, dry clean, crisp,
great with finger foods, $10.99, from Baja California, Mexico.

2) ' Isidora ' Sauvignon Gris from Chile's Maipo Valley, from
COUSINO-MACUL, 2013, $16.99 : fuller, richer, more body, great when more
heavy finger-foods come for the Super Bowl.

3) ' Leone D'Almerita, 2012, dry Sicilian white from Tenuta Regaleali,


1) 2011 Dry Red Sicilian Nero D'Avola from Regaleali / TOSCA : medium
bodied, distinct, tasty, bright, toasty-roasty and a good wine to enjoy
with may appetizers during the Super Bowl.

2) " Costera " frpm Sardegna, a Cannonau dry red 2012 from ARGIOLAS ,
$17.49 , is a balanced, tasty wine that is easier-sipping and will taste
really good while watching the Super Bowl. Cannonau is another word for
Grenache, so if you like Grenache/ Garnacha / red Cotes-Du-Rhones and other
wines made with this grape you should love this one : bright, tasty, sharp
and lively and a treat.

3) 100% Gamay grapes make this dry red southern Burgundy from the town of
Chenas, by Christophe Pacalet, $21.99, a bottle : zingy, crisp, lively, has
a lovely bite and steel-sharp , spicy and accented with toasty berry-cherry
flavors, it is another delight.

ALL THE ABOVE come from Jody Jackman at Winebow. Let's enjoy them as I know
many of you love Jody and this is for you and for her, for us and for
Winebow Imports, too : a win-win-win-win equation, cheers!

ALSO :  Drink all the three IRONSTONE reds we have from Lodi, California,
On Special at $9.99 a bottle, , the 2011 Cabernet Franc, the 2012 Petite
Sirah and the 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel .... all On Special at $9.99

Week's Tastings :

Friday, January 30th, 2015 , ( 5-8PM ) : We have Richard of Elite Imports
coming to taste a selection of red and white Bordeaux wines from Joel and
Sandrine, Mark and other great Bordeaux producers! What a great event this
will be, JOIN US, NEVER any charge!

Saturday, January 31st, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : we have Jim Reeves of Comete Wine
Imports here to taste a selection of French and Portuguese wines, what fun
: Gloria red and white, Clothilde red and white burgundy, and our northern
red producer as well that I cannot recollect the name of just now! Great
wines, balanced, distinct, great values, too : we are sold-out of many and
they return this week fortunately for us all. Cheers,....

THANKS for everything, time to check and post this Tuesday store email.

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