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Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Weekly Store Email For Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Of January 20th, 2015 : Watch The State Of The Union Address Tonight, Taste the VERBENA Rosso Di Motepulciano, The LASSO Arinto & Fernao Pires Dry Portuguese White Blend, The PRODO REY Dry Ribeira Del Duero Rose Merlot/ Tinto Fino Blend : Cheers!

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WE START OUR TUESDAY in a gripping cold that is supposed to be pushed away
by warm weather in the 60's today ?!? WE Will See ....

the headline below is from an old email...

WE START OUR WINE CLASSES this Saturday, january 26th, 2013 from
11:30am-1pm with six wines. cost is $10 a person, call 202-363-4265 and
sign up or respond to this email. we need a minimum of six people to hold
each class, bring friends, make it a great experience , learn and enjoy all
in one!

LAST YEAR, actually longer in early 2013 as we were getting ready for
Martin Luther King's birthday and the Super Bowl and tonight we have the
State Of The Union Address to watch. WE have what you may need to watch it,
too, if you do not already have something?

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in a wine class let me know as we do them here on
Saturdays if we have a group of at least eight people. So , if you have a
group, and you want to have a fun wine-tasting let us know and we will work
with you and make it a real experience.

SO : Time to get started, it is the ' new year 2015 ' and we have lots to
do, lots to move forward with, really no time to waste, no time to slow
down too much, focus, focus, tighten-up, look at things straight on, and
not miss opportunities that can benefit us all. It is exciting, really

I AM COMING FROM a weekend that had me sorting, looking through,
organizing, throwing out, posting and sharing and getting a much better
grip on my many ' loose ends ' that I have promised myself for years that I
would bring together and find some closure to. It is really quite
thrilling, .... THE TIME has certainly come, been a long time in the
making, too.

IT IS WITH GREAT ENERGY, renewed, and relief that I find myself here and
wanting to share both with you all as I continue to get younger and more
enthused and directed with age.

SO : HERE WE ARE WITH some ' new ' specials for you all that both Malkit
and Santos have just brought to me :

1) 24-packs of both Rolling Rock cans and also Michelob Ultra are now
$17.99 a suitcase. That is a great deal.


1) Tomorrow we get : GLENDDRONACH 15-Year0=-Old ' Revival ' that is a
Highland Whiskey Single Malt aged in sherry casks, $89.99 a bottle, and
named for 2014-2015 by The Whiskey Exchange as the " whiskey of the year."


1) ' Oude Tart ' Flemish-style red ale , aged in oak barrels ( On Special
for $20.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, from Orange County, California, this
red ale is unfiltered and bottle-conditioned. AS they write : " Pleasantly
sour with hints of leather, dark fruit, and toasty oak from extended aging
in oak barrels. " Sounds great to me, love the label, too, especially the
color combos, GREAT COLOR combos! Yes!!!!

2) ' Zarabanda " ale with lemon verben, pink peppercornm sumacand dried
lime. WOW : I love how that reads, like chapters in a book that complete
the book, like components that make for a good taste, a good read, a GRAND
TIME, ohhhhhh yeah. $13.99 a 1 Pint 6 Fluid Ounce bottle. It is from
DESCHUTES BREWERY, and it is crafted in collaboration with remowned chef
Jose Andres our local/national chef of Jaleo and Zaytinya restaurants and
so many more! I love this label , too : it is so much like native sounds,
tribal, the Peanut Man comes to life, the vibes, the energy, the
enthusiasm, the wonders of life in all it's honest, unvarnished
magnificence are summoned and come out to inspire, to fire, to energize,
and to renew us and put broad smiles on our face from ear-to-ear! Cheers.
From Bend, Oregon. Do they make any wine in Bend? Please let me know if
they do?

3) ' Olde School ' , a Barleywine style ale brewed with figs & dates from
DOG FISH HEAD, $18.99 a 12 Fl, Oz bottle, 15% alcohol by volume, ... this
should give us all plenty to sip and watch the State of the Union Address
tonight! Like a wine, it has the same alcohol, and will give us the grit,
the grip, the strength and the force to survive whatever we hear tonight,
whether we like it or not. Cheers!

4) ' Session Ale ' All-Day IPA  from Founders, Grand Rapids, Michigan,
$9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans has 4.7% alcohol by volume and will help
with this steely-cold that might not melt away as was predicted in today's
morning weather forecast?!?

5) Pils Pilsner, STIEGL-Pils Premium Pilsner from Austria is a nice way to
settle comfortable into things, to find one's place in a situation, to
observe and participate and feel relaxed and comfortable as you do so. It
is easier, less-alcoholic, from Salzburger ...get some, sip and enjoy!

LIQUOR / LIQUEUR From Malkit And Jagir :

1) ' Wild Berry Premium Vodka With Natural Flavor from ERISTOFF Black, On
Special for $18.99 a liter bottle, 20% alcohol by volume, this will be fun
to experiment with, try it on the rocks, blend it with other things, try it
on for size, fit and feel, and keep blending to see what a fine mixologist
you might become! Cheers.

2) ' Rain '  is a handcrafted Vodka All Natural, Distilled 7 Times, On
Special for $21.99 a 750ml tear-drop bottle shape, 40% alcohol by volume, a
nice gift, a nice, pure way to relax and enjoy and capture the moment that
is yours when not at work. Cheers.

3) ' La Dioblada ' Pisco , from Melanie, Aunt Rosa and from Peru, $38.99 a
750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, this is a really smooth way to enjoy a
moment, any moment, especially a moment when you may finally call it your
own and share it with loved ones and family. This could be a fun
Valentine's Day gift early , to learn how to make the perfect ' Pisco Sour
' to enjoy on that very special day with that very special loved one. Si,
claro que si, from MACCHU PISCO LLC....

4) Calvados ' Selection ' , the ' Coeur De Lion ' from Christian Drouin,
$37.99, 40% alcohol by volume, is a great way to fend off the cold, the
bite, the breeze, the frost and be more comfortable, more able to cope with
this time of year that is so unpredictable, and so cold when you need or
want it least! Cheers, enjoy.

5) ' Texas Scrub Oak Smoked Corn Whisky from BALCONES BRIMSTONE, $61.99 a
750ml bottle, 53% alcohol by volume, is made from 100% blue corn, and made
by Chip Tate, distiller.  " ... a Texas oak fire, that is. Rather than
using Scottish [eat smoke, this one-of-a-kind whisky is smoked with
sun-baked Texas scrub oak using our own secret process... " You have to try
this, fun, tasty, unique, perfect for this biting cold!

WINE by Chris and Tony :

1) Colheita Seleccionada European Atlantic West Coast, Portuguese dry
white/ branco, $14.99, 2011, from Lisboa is a tasty and flavorful, distinct
and personable wine that I liked almost immediately, it took the third sip
to be sure that we were both on the same plain of activity, we meshed
beautifully, that is, my palate and tongue and this taste , a classic blend
of 50% Fernao Pires and 50% Arinto. It did make me hungry, so have it with
some food. Cheers.

2) Oak Fermented 2013 Dry Spanish Ribeira Del Duero rose with deep,
extracted color, $13.99, from PRADO REY, made from 50% Tinto Fino and 50%
Merlot, this is a fine food wine, really tasty, I recommend it, I really do
and it is perfect for this biting cold weather, dampness and breeze-freeze
outside. The French oak really gives it an extra layer of flavor and
protection that will warm and hold it's own against many a food flavor.

3) 2012 Rosso di Montepulciano from VERBENA winery in Tuscany, Italy,
$29.99. I like the focus, the frame, the flavor and the firmess of this
wine that only gives up ground slowly and surely so that each of our
palates is well-catered, well-received, well-taken-care-of. I like it. It
is a fine medium-bodied, authentic , classic food wine. I liked it there
when I visited with my daughter and Alessandro Furlan, and I like it now.
Thrilled to have it on our shelves!

SAVE BIG EACH WEDNESDAY at Cleveland Park on all wines, sherries, madeiras,
marsalas, sakes, ports, sparkling wines, too. Three ways to save up to 20%
OFF the marked bottle price : 1) wines over $20 a bottle, and a case solid
or assorted of twelve bottles or more ...   and 15% OFF on six or more
bottles, solid or assorted. Cheers. Be sure and pay on Wednesdays even if
you cannot come. Call : 202-363-4265 and speak to Chris or to Tony. Cheers.


Friday, January 23rd, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : Estebe will be here to pour an
amazing selection of his Argentine, Basque and Spanish wines! JOIN US,
NEVER any charge.

Saturday, January 24th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We will taste with Rozvan and
Gabriella their outstanding selection of wines from Romania. Join us, no

THANKS for everything, you all are the very best, we love you, we really

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STAY CAUGHT-UP, there is always something fun and exciting happening here,
we like sharing it all with you, you are always welcome, be a part of this
magnificent piece of liquid wine spirits that touch us , our hearts and
souls and minds, and relax and enrich us in the process. Cheers, TONY

ENJOY the State Of The Union Address tonight! Come by and get what you need
to enjoy the address tonight. Cheers and thanks again.

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