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Anthony Quinn's Tuesday, Today's Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Store Email Of January 13th, 2015 : Read And Enjoy!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

Nero and Noir ; Bianco and Blanc and BRANCO ; ... Gris and grigio ; and
chardonnay of course!

YOU CAN LEARn a lot here ..

YOU CAN learn by reading this Tuesday store email.

DID YOU KNOW, for example that the Pinot Blanc / Pinot  Bianco / Pinot
Branco was the first, that the three other grape varieties all came from
Blanc/Bianco/Branco? It is true, even the Pinot Nero/Noir came from it.

IT IS FUN all of this as it should be. We should have fun learning about
wines as we taste them. We try and make it painless , too : no pain, simply
lots of gain. Oh yeah, sounds about right to me.

SO : Let's talk about the various versions of the Pinot family from around
the world : from Old Mission Penninsula Michigan, from Yamhill-Carlton
district, just to name two.

1) 80% Pinot Blanc and 20% Pinot Grigio makes this deliciously-bright
and fully-developed aromatic and refreshing, layered off-dry white blend
from MATELLO, a 2011 from Oregon, $23.99 that never ceases to amaze me and
make me stop to reflect and appreciate more fully this charming white from
the west coast. This is a perfect sipping wine, you may enjoy it with or
without a meal, that is it's beauty.

2) 70% Pinot Blanc, 25% Pinot Gris and 5% Pinot Noir blend from
Traverse City, Michigan : " Ship of Fools " from the CHATEAU GRAND
TRAVERSE, $18.99 a bottle is another great wine to sip and it again shows
the power, the breadth, the wonder and the magic of the Pinot family that
most need to still discover. It is so pleasing to sip with or without a
meal, trust me, it is a true gem.

3) Pinot Grigio from Italy's Alto Adige, a 2013 from KALTERN , $14.99,
is clean and crisp and bone-dry and a beauty, so lively, bright and
refreshing. It will make you hungry, it is a fine, fine, fine food wine as
it will harmonize with many a flavor or taste and help to isolate them so
that they each have their moment in the spotlight on the stage.

4) Pinot Gris from New Zeraland's Nelson region from the SEIFRIED
Winery, $19.99, is dry with a lovely apricot and almond character for
accent, some really nice spice in the mid-range on the palate, and I love
how long the finish is, like riding a wave when body-surfing at the beach :
same thing happens on the palate, pretty amazing.

5) Estate Pinot Gris from Oregon's Willamette Valley, this 2013 from
VAN DUZER, $22.99 a bottle, is crisply-dry and yet is so bright and alive
and floral. The more it sits in the glass and warms the more charming and
appealing is it's draw. It will get you if you dally or linger, you will
succumb to it's charms. Enjoy!

6) ' Cuvee Ste. Catherine ' Pinot Gris from Alsaces' Kayserberg region
of Alsace, France from the DOMAINE WEINBACH is a true, world-class gem that
is ' a must ' for everyone to try sometime in their lives, and to try it
more than once. It over-delivers, it really does. From Clos des Capucins,
from owners Colette, Catherine and Laurence (  sadly she just passed away )
: this wine sets the bar really high, amazingly high for just how great the
Pinot Gris taste can be. It should, it will cost you $59.99 a bottle for
the experience, but it is well-worth it as some of our customers already

REUEL EVEN MADE  the trek out to the winery to meet and taste ' sur place
', and to get the full experience. He cam back beaming, light inside his
eyes to light up a whole stage, he was smitten, he was enchanted, charmed
and pleased and grinning from ear-to-ear almost as if he had done something
he should not have , like a wonderful guilty pleasure. It was fun to see
this, I was jealous , and I kept silently saying as he spoke : " Why could
this have not been me?!?   " I groaned long and hard and suffered and yet
was soooo pleased for my dear, old friend Reuel that I helped to get
married years ago to his wife Dianne : so many wonderful memories.

7)  French Cotes De Gascogne Chardonnay from the DOMAINE DE TARIQUET,
$10.99, from the Grazza family is vegan and dry and fresh and bright, opens
nicely in the glass, and is a real treat, a real pleasure to drink and
enjoy with or without a meal. You will like this. It will be especially
nice as the weather warms up and it is nice being outside. In the meantime
close your eyes as you sip this and imagine being there in the southern
part of France before you head into Spain.
8) Italian Piave Chardonnay from ITALO CESCON, Roncadelle di Prmelle,
$13.99, that is dry, flavorful, firm and flaired and frank and so very
fresh! I like it, I really like it each time I try it, more than I like the
Pinot Grigio they make. I think it is the more interesting of the two,
where I put my tongue and palate how I choose to invest my taste-buds, oh

9) A dry white blend of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Chardonnay
I believe from Italy and made by MACULAN, $11.99, this offers value and
taste, substance, body and breadth and a wine that knows it's limits, knows
it's bounds, is limitless and boundless all the same, and offers enough
liquid substance and cheer and warmth to hold it's own against many a solid
food so that both ultimately shine brighter than they would left completely
to their own devices. Try some, excellent.

10) Vigneti Delle Dolomiti Chardonnay, 2013, from Italy's northern
region and made by Erica the owner, winemaker at PRAVIS that has been here.
This Chardonnay absolutely shines and breathes warmth and joy and freshness
and life into one, it did into me the last time I tasted it. So flavorful,
so balanced, so appealing with or without a meal! I like it a lot. Grazie
Dotore Erica!

11) Garda Chardonnay from Italy, 100% Chardonnay, sparkling 2007 from
the PERLA DEL GARDA, $59.99 a magnum/ 1.5ml bottle, with grand overtones of
bread and dough, with great gestures of bread and flavor, breadth and many
gutsy, robust, magical and intense levels of so much taste that the flavors
are best suited to meals when the foods are equally evocative and
enchanting and strong to mellow, to mild, to mingle together to better suit
our palates with both liquid and solid excellence! Ohhhh yeahhhh! I have
one at home myself waiting to be enjoyed, cannot hardly wait ....

12) Valle d'Aoste 2012 Italian Pinot Noir from northwest on the border
by Switzerland and France. From LA GROTTA DI VEGNERON, On Special for
$19.99, regularly $28.99 ( while supplies last, may not be able to buy any
more ), this dry Pinot Nero reminds me of the forest ground, all the
bramble and the dust and the dirt and the scrub and the flavors and the
charms of dried fruits and baked sunshine that comes from the earth on a
rebound and again works it's magic on these grapes from both the top and
the sides and the bottom. Well-loved grapes are these Pinot Nero grapes,
with such a wonderful bouquet and balance and taste of the earth and the
heavens married here within so well, refuge'ed nicely now in the glass
before your gullet!

13) Willamette Valley Pinot Noir " Souris - Smile ' 2010 from MATELLO,
from the United States West Coast, an area famous for Pinot Noir
production, $49.99 a bottle, lovely brilliant color, it enflames my soul,
it warms me, teases and yes, pleases me, too : slow and lingering sip by
sip by sip by sip!

14)  Pinot Noir from Argentina's Mendoza, this GUIILERMO De Mendoza
2012 dry, robust, powerful kosher red, that is more hearty and
thicker-denser than many, at $10.99 a bottle is a great value to enjoy with
a meal that will soften it's spice and bite and blow!
matters. Trust me on this, I know. I want to teach you.

15) ' The Kilmore ' Yamhill-Carlton district of Oregon, a 2012 from
OWEN ROE, $54.99 a bottle has so much to offer : it is bold, it is
multi-layered, it speaks at so many incredible volumes of taste and flavor
that you have to really slow down, rewind, be in slow-motion, be on pause
every so often, close your eyes, meditate, smile and feel the way it
touches you and spreads and warms and lights and invites .... you , you,
others, all taste, gather around.

COME SAVE HERE TOMORROW, Wednesday, both on sparkling wine as well as
non-sparkling you can save up to 20% if you call, come by and pay tomorrow,
each and every Wednesday. Three ways to save :

1) buy any bottle ( except Veuve Clicquot champagne ) over $20 and
SAVE 20% OFF the bottle cost.

2) Buy any six or more bottles and save 15% OFF the marked sticker

3) Buy any twelve or more bottles and save 20% OFF the marked sticker
This includes port, sherry. marsala, sherry, madeira and sake : mix up
whatever you need, SAVE!


Friday, January 16th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : Robert Kennedy will be here to
taste one great sparkling white ( bianco ) dry Lambrusco from PALTRINIERI,
one great Verdicchio dry white Colle Stefano 2013, $20.99 , one great dry
red Sangiovese Superiore  2012 'Palazzina ' from TENUTA CASALI and one
great 2012 Vittoria Frappato from MANDRAGOLA/ Paolo Cali, $25.99, Sicily.
No charge, join us.

Saturday, January 17th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : Chris and I will pick some
wines to taste with you all, and Melanie Asher and her Aunt Rosa will be
here of the famous Peruvian Piscos that we love to sell, MACCHU PISCO and '
La Diablada ." They will make their truly spectacular and famous and
delicious Pisco Sours for us all. One will have you feeling relaxed, a
second will have you floating so you feel like your head is hitting or at
least brushing the ceiling here. THANKS for everything, I am posting this
now. It was all about wine. Next week I will go back to everything. I took
a break this week. We have all the beer, liquor and cider and more so be
prepared for a big dose of all of that in another week!

CHEERS, come by, join us, hang a bit, SAVE BIG tomorrow, every Wednesday.
Call : 202-363-4265 , if you cannot come, call and pay and save tomorrow,
each and every Wednesday! Thanks again,  TONY

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