Monday, January 19, 2015

A Letter From Jenia Molnar / Director Of Public Relations For W. J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. Conforming Owner/ Winemaker John Casella's Winetasting @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits On Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 From 3-4:0PM At The Height Of YELLOW AIL Wine's Popularity!

     It was through my conversation with another female rep for YELLOW TAIL that listened to what I said and acted upon it, was proactive and organized that this splendid wine-tasting of the ' Reserve ' line of the YELLOW TAIL Aussie wines came to be. We all quite liked the Reserve YELLOW TAIL Pinot Grigio that we tasted a couple of week's before this tasting with our local rep, Jean Gagliolo.

     I learned at the tasting with John, one of the nicest and most down-to-earth, humble people in the wine business that I have ever met that ours was the only store that he would be visiting on this trip. It was largely a trip to meet wine writers and to have some time talking and tasting with them.

I post this to thank the young lady that I met. I have anote here somewhere from her and will include it as soon as I find it. I want to congratulate her and her efforts and her vision at putting us together like this. Sound and productive business, listening and making things happen. What a treat. I loved this chance encounter and so did our luck few customers that were able to come taste and meet and talk with John and get him to sign their bottles.

I will include the pictures I took of John here soon as well, as they tell the story, help to flesh it out visually. Cheers, ..


Happy Martin Luther King today, Monday, January 19th, 2015 on his birthdayas well!   TONY

Happy Martin Luther King birthday today, this is a special day indeed, a time to reflect, to lookb back, to see the present and to work towards the future, ... for me to be less-prejudiced, to be more open, to be more accepting, to embrace and help and support those that need me and my faith and my trust and my committment , and not my prejudice, none of it, ... as, unfortunately , we all have some, and I am embarrassed for mine, and I try to look beyond it always, do no racial profiling at all, to treat everyone as my equal, to be open to everyone equal, no matter what their color or race or religion, to embrace life and people and all animals in their uniqueness and humanness, ... with humbleness and gratitude for having them 'in my life. I am enriched by everyone and I am very happy to celebrate Martin Luthers birthday today. I am off and able to appreciate this day more as a result. Cheers. his is a watercolor that I did in the past in a series, enjoy it!

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