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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine Spirit's Store Email July 212 : On tAI ROSSO Of DAL MASO, Italy, " the Eye Of the Needle " Syrah from WA State, MOUtON NOIR Oregon Pinot Noir, Rossignol Spanish Cava, WESt CAPE HOWE Wines, AUStRALIA, HUGL Austrian Gruner Veltliner, PAUL D Liters Gruner Veltliner, CHANARMUYO La Rioja Argentina, MACALLAN Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, MALIBU Black Caribbean Rum, SIERRA NEVADA Domesticated Wild Ale Brux, Stone Brewing Company Smoked Porter W/Vanilla Bean, Farmhouse Ale tank 7 From BOULEVARD Brewing Co... and more!

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THIS IS TWO EMAILS IN ONE : From Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 through Saturday,
August 4th, 2012. SAVE IT, REFER to it!

IT WAS HOT GETTING TO WORK and yet it's also really beautiful all around with
all the green and the blooming flowers and I am sure the sun will break through
sometime today. It may be that we all have to begin getting up super early and
getting as much done as possible, returning inside for the worst of the heat of
the late morning and afternoon and then going back outside again as the sun
starts to drop in the sky? We all need to find our own solutions if we are still
working and not at the beach or in the mountains by some cool and refreshing
lake. It's a challenge to rise to as this is our times, these are our moments.

THAT'S WHY WE HAVE INVITED KEVIN of Margaux and Company here this Saturday to
taste some of the FOGGY RIDGE Hard Ciders from Dugspur, Virginia,
www.foggyridgecider.com. We have a selection here and I have a bottle of the "
Sweet Stayman " here by my side with 7% alcohol that we sell for $21.99 a
bottle. It's delicious and when we tasted it last with our customers everyone
loved it as well as the drier ones. Everyone had their favorite. We are asking
Kevin to taste at least one if not two for a great contrast and to satisfy as
many people as possible. That's always our idea : seems to work. You can join us
on this 28th from 2-6PM. There is never any charge.

WE WILL ALSO ASK KEVIN TO TASTE some wine as well and we are looking at some
great French wine like the " Dentelles " VENTOUX southern Rhone valley red from
XAVIER. This 2010 ( $16.99, 14% alcohol by volume from the small town of
Courtthezon is charged with explosive flavors, great electrifying spice and
baked fruit flavors, intense raisin-dry-squeezed jolts of taste, a thick ruby
red carpet and coating, too - as well as a long, lingering, satisfying finish.
Have I said enough to interest you? I hope so. This is fabulous wine and not one
that should be missed. Give it a slight chill of up to thirty minutes. Most
everyone is always shocked when I recommend chilling and respond with : " Can
you chill reds? ". I quickly respond that I chill most all my reds for 20-30

I TELL THEM THAT IT BOTH focuses the flavors and energizes them. Of course I
tell them that this is only my suggestion and opinion. I often add that I want
them to taste some before chilling and then some after chilling to decide for
themselves. The wine can always warm up this way to the right temperature for
your palate but it can never chill down by itself to the right temperature. Try
this experiment, especially now as the temperatures are soaring so often out of
control. Cheers. You can always let me know when you see me what you thought?

HONEY VODKAS FROM ALASKA tasted recently and to much applause : and here I see
that STOLI has a STOLI Sticki Honey-Flavored Premium vodka ($23.99 a 750ml
bottle, 37.5% alcohol by volume, Go to : Stoli@Stickiberry, try the drink , too
: one one-half parts Stoli Sticki, three-quarters parts white cranberry, soda
water and mix and serve over ice ). Which came first? Which inspired the other?
Is there now a trend afoot to produce more honey vodkas as there has been to
produce Honey Whiskies ever since the success of the WILD TURKEY? The honey does
take the bite or edge away and make the sipping of them so pleasing and

I THINK FROM WHAT I HAVE HEARD for the whiskies at least that both men and women
are responding favorably to them. There was just a young man here last week
waxing poetic over the WILD TURKEY version. We had just sold out of it and so we
gave him the choices of either the EVAN WILLIAM'S or the SEAGRAM'S 7 Canadian
version and he picked the EVAN WILLIAMS because it would be the closest in

SUMMER SESSION ALE from Evolution Craft Brewing Co. ( On Special for $10.99 a
six-pack of 12 Fl. Oz bottles, 4.6% alcohol by volume, made in Salizbury, MD.)
is local, new and exciting. SUPPORT LOCAL. Go visit them if they give tours. Go
to : www.evolutioncraftbrewing.com to get more information on this and their
whole line of beers. So many people are asking for our summer beers and our
choices keep changing as we sell through some of them and find new ones, too.
That keeps it all fresh and exciting. Do ask Santos when you are here what our
availability on any of them is as we have access to limited quantities from what
I understand and so it may be in your best interest to buy more when you see
them here as we may be out soon. Cheers.

SPEAKING OF LOCAL,  NOTHING could be more local than the " new " DC BRAU " The
Citizen " Belgian-Style Pale ( $11.99 for a six-pack of 12 Ounce cans, 7%
alcohol by volume) that seems to be all the rage now. Everyone is curious to try
it as well as the others when available. There is very limited availability and
we get one drop a month and no more than that so you should definitely buy as
much as you can when you see what we have as that is it for any particular
month. This beer commemorates the historic vote in 1963 that gave the citizens
of Washington D.C. the right to vote for the President and the Vice-President of
the United States when the 23rd Ammendment was ratified.

RIESLING 2011 Washington State from The KINGFU GIRL ( $14.99 a 750ml bottle, 11%
alcohol by volume ) that tells you it is drier and not so sweet. If the alcohol
level was under 10% and closer to 6-8% it would definitely be much sweeter.
Always ask to see the alcohol label when you are not sure. Then you simply have
to taste the wine and see whether it is right for you or not.

THIS RIESLING COMES the Columbia valley and is vinted and bottled by CHARLES
SMITH WINES, Mattawa, Washington State. We are always getting requests for it :
it has really made an impression on many people already. The labeling is rather
bold and stark and in black-and-white.


1) Smoked Porter W/ Vanilla Bean from STONE Brewing Company ( On Special
for $4.29 a 12 Fluid Ounce Bottle, 5.9% alcohol by volume ,
www.stonebrewing.com/VanillaorChipotle ) that includes whole Madagascar vanilla
beans into small batches. This was the idea of Laura Ulrich and it has created a
whole new flavor component and taste.

2) Farmhouse Ale TANK 7 From BOULEVARD BREWING Company, Kansas City,
Missouri ( On Special for $10.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fluid Ounce, 8% alcohol by volume )
: " Most breweries have at least one piece of equipment that's just a bit
persnickity. Here at Boulevard's it's fermenter number seven, the black sheep of
our cellar family. ... "  You have to come read the back label for the rest to
find out more ... sorry for this tease. Oh well, we want you to come by and
visit us. A bit unfair, O know, and I can find no web page on the labels to
share with you to make this task any easier for you. See you soon.

3) Domesticated Wild Ale BRUX from SIERRA NEVADA Brewing Company and
Russian River's Cilurzos - A Collaboration between the two ( On Special for
$15.99 a bottle, Chico, CA. ) is a refermented ale in the bottle with  "
Brettanomyces bruxellensis that will change and develop over time.
Copper-colored, dry  and complex with slightly tart notes of green grass, pear,
spice and lemon - this ale will progress in the bottle for many years ". Very

LIQUOR From Ravi :

1) Grand Reserve Oak Cask Aged Rum from RON Viejo De CALDAS ( $25.99 a
bottle,  40% alcohol by volume, from Columbia ) : " ... sevrets of the Caribbean
and the traditions of Spain. The special process of aging in oak casks, used by
the aristocratic lineage produces the smooth taste, body and flavor of Ron Viejo
De Caldas Grand Reserve ".

2) 70% BLACK Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur from MALIBU ( On Special
for $24.99 a 1.75ml plastic white-colored bottle- lighter, easier to carry
around to parties , www.malibu-rum.com ) can make a great MALIBU Storm :  1 Part
MALIBU Black,  2 Parts Cola,  Serve over ice in a tall glass and garnish with a
lime. Sounds so like this heat, so like summer , so refreshing.

3) 10 Years Old Fine Oak Triple Cask Matured MACALLAN Highland Single Malt
Scotch Whisky ( $46.99, 40% alcohol by volume, Graigellachie, Scotland,
www.themacallan.com in Speyville ) : " ... this legendary single malt is triple
cask matured in a unique, complex combination of exceptional oak casks. ... ".
American oak casks with sherry, also with bourbon, and European casks, too. Such
complexity of flavors.

WINES From Michel and Tony :


1) O.P.P. ( Other People's Pinot ) 2010 Oregon Pinot Noir, Willamette
Valley ( $26.99, 13.4% alcohol by volume, is bottled by MOUTON NOIR in
McMinneville, OR.  www.moutonNoirWines.com ) has really got some nice, deep,
toasty-roasted Pinot flavors that simmer and linger so nicely over the full
extension of one's palate. Nice.

2) 80% Garnacha, 15% Syrah and 5% Merlot Dry Red Spanish blend from
Carinena, by ESTEBANMARTIN ( $10.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume ) is racy, spicy,
earthy, pithy, medium-to-light-bodied and with a slight chill will be great to
enjoy when you grill outside or with well-seasoned or marinated dishes. It's got
character and balance for such an inexpensive wines. Great hot-weather wine
selection where food is involved.


1) Tocai Rosso Indigenous red grape variety, this TAI ROSSO Colli Berici
from DAL MASO in Italy's Veneto region ( $13.99, 12% alcohol by volume ) is
drinking really well now. It's got good extraction and thus color and really
nice with or without a meal. It will also complement many meals, especially now
that it is so hot. Lovely.

2) Garnacha Spanish Rose from the Campo De Borja, 2011 is dry and deep
colored and tasty for grills and On Special for $8.99 a bottle, down from $11.99
a bottle just a month ago! Great value.

3) Pinot Noir red Burgundy rose , this 2011 Macon-Rose from Jean Curial is
bone-dry and clean and crisp and tart and a touch of tang, too. It's a great
food wine : medium-to-lighter bodied, good rich color and $17.99 On Special now
: really fine, used to be $20.99 a bottle when we bought our first drop of this
vintage. Great with a meal.


3) Syrah Columbia Valley called " The Eye Of The Needle ", ( $15.99,
info@hsnwinery.com , Woodinville, WA ) : " Pacific Wine ( PWE ) is a small
family-owned winery committed to offering superieor Washington State wines at an
excellent value ". This one is packed with extra flavor, spice, zipping toasty
berry flavors and an energy that churns constantly. Really nice.


1) Semi-Seco sparkling Spanish Cava from MONT PARAL ( $16.99 ) is rich and
complex and full on the palate and generous and with a softer dry that has fewer
tart and acidic moments so it is perfect sipping when you want to have more
weigh and gravitas. Lovely!

2) Moscato Mango Natural Flavor from Italy's PICCOLO TESORO, from Canelli,
Italy this is made from more than 75% Prosecco grapes and is a delight for
anyone that is a Mango fan like myself. Fruity enough, also with some good
moments of dryness; lingering flavors that are not sweet and that do not weigh
the palate down. This at 6% alcohol by volume is a perfect summer heat refresher
: golden color - lovely.


1)  2009 CA. Chardonnay from LAMPLIGHTER Vineyards ( $8.99, 13.5% alcohol
by volume,  www.lanmplightervineyards.com ) is beautifully balanced and just
slightly oaked with older barrels I believe. It's flavorful and really quite
nice for only $8.99 a bottle and Michel and I are happy to include it here for
you all. Cheers.

2) Moschofilero 2011 indigenous Greek white grape varietal ( $9.99, 11.5%
alcohol by volume,  Rizes, Arcadia, Greece ) is very pleasing much like the
French Picpoul from the southwest of France that everyone loves so much. This
Moschofilero has the same pleasing charm and smooth, lilting and satisfying
flavors that you taste in the Picpoul : perhaps even a bit lighter and thus even
easier for all this summer heat and humidity? Great summer white, nice all by
itself : nice label, too.

3) Gruner Veltliner indigenous white grape variety from Austria, from the
WEINGUT WIMMER ( $11.99 for a liter bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, from
HUGL-WIMMER GmbH ) is the same as the HUGL that we normally have and that we are
waiting on to arrive from Austria as it is the label that is better recognized

4) Sauvignon Blanc from Western Australia's southernmost region called
Denamrk, this " Zeepaard " made by WEST CAPE HOWE Vineyards' 2010 is vibrant and
lively and angaging and still so complex and flavorful. Chris Pigott and I
walked the vines that make this wine with winemaker Gavin Berry and this showed
beautifully last Saturday here when Arielle Monaco our rep poured if for you
all. It sells for $13.99 and it's really quite tasty and very distinct and very
appealing, too.

5) 2007 Barossa FSR Valley, South Australian LOOSE END dry and smooth and
aromatic blend of  50% Frontignac, 36% Semillon and 14% Riesling. It's creamy
and distinct and nice-sipping and when Arielle poured it here this past Saturday
afternoon for you all our sales were split evenly between it and the more
recognized " Zeepaard " Sauvignon Blanc for the same price. You should try both.


Friday, July 27th, 2012 5-8PM : Michel and I will open some of our favorite
wine selections - some listed above her to see what you all think. We will open
the Moscato Mango for example! That will be fun and probably the Jean Muriel dry
rose of Burgundy, too for example.

Saturday, July 28th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : We will open Kevin of Margaux Imports
pouring two of the ciders/ wines listed above : the FOGGY RIDGE VA. apple cider
and the XAVIER Ventoux dry Rhone red and more.

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 : We have Estebe of Tradewinds Specialty Imports
here to pour some of his excellent Spanish and Argentinian wines that will span
the sherries of ALEXANDRE and the sparkling wines of ROSSIGNOL De Moragas (
$19.99 for the brut ) and the BOHIGAS ( $24.99 for the Brut Nature - no
sweetness added in the dosage , Gran Reserva ), and the CHANARMUYO Estate Malbec
from La Rioja in Argentina ( the Malbec 2010 Chamas Honnorat Family wine is
$10.99 for example ). ALL are excellent.

Saturday, August 4th, 2012 : We have James Byus III from Vinifera Imports
here from 2-6PM pouring some outstanding Vinifera wines like the BARBERANI 2011
dry Orvieto from Umbria and the ICARDI Barbera D'A;ba 2006 dry red from the
Piemonte region. Both are first-class acts. Michel and I just tried them here
last week and really enjoyed the, Real treats!

JOIN US : NEVER any charge for any of our wine-tastings, everyone is always
welcome. Bring family and friends and neighbors and meet people here and relax
and enjoy yourselves. This is a great opportunity and a really energized
experience. Everyone is always super friendly. Cheers, see you soon.

THANK YOU for all your business and support of us and our neighborhood. We
appreciate it all. For more info on us go to : www.clevelandparkwines.com and
onto our Facebook account at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and also follow us
on Twitter at : cpwinespirits.

DON'T BE A STRANGER, come on by, tell us what you need, want, what we may
be doing to serve you and your needs and desires better?! Cheers,  TONY

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