Thursday, March 13, 2014

Revisiting Yesterday With Monika Kaufman & Roberta Ohoi Of Washington Wholesalers The HALL CA. Wines & Their ' New ' First Vintages Of The WALT Chardonnay & The WALT Pinot Noir : Tasted Five Wines, Liked ALL 5! Cheers, Wednesday, March 11th, 2014

This was quite the tasting earlier today Wednesday March 12th, 2014 with our Washington Wholesaler rep Roberta Ohoi, as well as the HALL/ WALT California rep Monika Kaufman. I really enjoyed tasting all the wines from HALL and WALT and will buy four out of the five for April, 2014. I enjoyed the brightness, focus, lightness and fruit-forward-always-center taste of these two first vintages of the WALT Chardonnay and Pinot Noir made in minuscule amounts and not available everywhere as a result. Cheers and bravo, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn Roberta, thanks for taking these pictures with your phone and sending them so quickly to me! TONY 3/12/2014

Thanks HALL wines- who am I speaking to? Have you LIKED us as we have liked you? That would be really nice. As I just wrote to Stephan : ... Thanks Stephan! The wines were all five quite fine, balanced, never lost sight of the fruit, and the alcohol in check, nice. TONY 3/13/2014 They are also more elegant, more supple and easier, they hark back to a time when there was more refinement, more polish, more finesse and less brawn, muscle and power as there is today : a style that allows one's palate, actually ' invites ' that palate to enter and spread out and saturate and luxuriate in the spell and the mystery and the magic and the poetry and music and art and EVERYTHING that wine is and can be when combined with food , family and friends and business associates - everyone and everywhere and anytime and in all weather, indoors or outdoors, up above or down below ... as long as we are breathing and kicking and ALIVE. Cheers, Anthony (TONY )Quinn 3/13/2014 A blustery cold bright sunshine baby blue-milked-white skies - I can hear the wind howl Thursday morn here now in northern Virginia! Happy Thursday all ... TONY

It's all teamwork. Thanks Roberta Ohoi for bringing us Monika. It was Mike that originally brought us Monika years ago I believe and that helped me finally orchestrate well our luncheon at the Bacon-Decatur House for retired foreign service / State Department employees like my father that I was proud to be the ' guest speaker ' at and share the wonders that are HALL wines along with the really good food prepared for us there, as well as the wonders are that were my father and other State Department and foreign service employees. The wines showed really well at that luncheon and Kathryn was invited to speak and be a part of this fantastic luncheon. We were so sorry that she was unable to attend, but her wines ' did her proud ' , and that was the idea. We sold some at the luncheon and I made some ' new ' customers, everyone was happy!

It's howling outside and so blustery and cold and I am afraid that this wind that is huffing and puffing and may blow my house down here in northern Virginia now! Be safe, keep up the good work. Be sure and write Roberta Ohoi at Washington Wholesalers and thank her for her efforts. It takes a team, every link counts.

Monika was upset I did not buy the Cabernet Sauvignon this time. It was my favorite yesterday and I told her I would include it in the fall as we will start to have some warmer weather soon we all hope. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  3/13/2014

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Mark Buckley said...

Thanks Tony for sharing your thoughts on trying the HALL & WALT wines with Monika yesterday. I passed on your blog post to her this morning and we shared on our WALT Wines Facebook page and twitter account.

Mark Buckley, Marketing, HALL & WALT Wines