Friday, March 21, 2014

Meeting Meaghan Frank The Daughter Of Willi Frank - Both Of The DR. KONSTANTIN FRANK New York Sate Finger Lakes Wines On Thursday, March 20th, 2014 - The 1st Official Day Of Spring 2014 While Tasting The DOMAINE WEINBACH Wines & More With Danny Haas Of The Vineyard Brands : What Great Times!

Pictured above from left to right : Danny Haas with the bottle of the 2012 " Cuvee Theo " from DOMAINE WEINBACH Alsace dry Riesling on his head, Meaghan Frank of KONSTANTIN FRANK New York State Finger Lakes wines, holding a bottle, and me holding a bottle of her father's, Willi Frank's sparkling dry wines - one of five that they make told me Meaghan.

Cheers, what fun that was to see them both on this official first day of spring, Thursday, March 20th, 2014 when Dmitri Curbet brought her by from Nice Legs Imports and, as I was tasting with Danny Haas and  Sal Furfari a selection of perhaps twenty-five or so wines from Vineyard Brands they started to walk out and wave to me ' bye bye ', and I quickly went over to them to say ' hello ' and find out who the young lady with Dmitri was?

 I had to initiate this and I discovered that she was a family member of the DR. KONSTANTIN FRANK New York State wines and I immediately turned things around, saying to Danny and Sal, and also Oscar Losama one of the owners of VOILA Collection imports that I had to try Meaghan's wines before they left!  ...

 It was whirlwind of activity and I felt super-charged at the moment and Meaghan that was holding a bottle of the LEUWIN Western Australian dry Riesling in her hands - the one with a green frog on the label and some bottle-age now - as she had just returned from living in Australia for awhile - Meaghan smiled and we moved quickly over to our tasting table as Danny and Sal packed and I realized I still had to try Danny's red french Crozes hermitage Syrah ,-

I split it in two and offered half to Meaghan , half for me, Danny joined us - and we were off after Sal took this picture above of the three of us! Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  Friday now, March 21st, 2014 ...

I have much more to write about how excellent all the wines were that I sampled between thos of DR. KONSTANTIN FRANK and the Vineyard Brand's portfolio like the " Cuvee Theo dry Riesling 2012 from DOMAINE WEINBACH that Danny left as a gift for me - thank you Danny for that. I took it home after sharing it with everyone in the store and enjoyed it at home with my meal of pork, rice and a garden-green salad, too!

Of the DR. KONSTANTIN New York State wines I later told Joe that now works part time with us that I really enjoyed them all, that I thought they had never been better, and that I was very impressed with ...

 the sparkling FRANK, one of five Meaghan told me ...

 - loved how rich and creamy it was - so nicely layered and textured - mille feuille feel - creamy ..., the still dry and semi-dry Riesling - I picked the semi-dry as my favorite just because it was thicker, richer, more layers to fend off the bite and the chill of the day ; ...

 and the 2nd label, too :

 SALMON RUN that I tried in the Chardonnay and the dry red Meritage red ( loved the rich, grippy, earthy - touch grit mouth-feel on this cooler 1st official day of spring 2014 ! ) : the wines have never been better - never richer, never more complete and tasty and flavorful on all levels! Bravo, great work.

I told Meaghan that her father Willi had been in our store in the past doing an in-store afternoon wine-tasting when they opened the first Wegman's ( spelling? ) grocery store in northern Virginia; that our rep Flavius Cucu...

 ( we bought them years from Flavius, and before that from Ken Loren that sold us many wines from New York State - and even sometimes from John and Theresa Morrison when these two did not have them! We have sold them for years at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits !! )

... Flavius had been nice enough to drive him from there to our store to do an in-between tastings there with us for a couple of hours! All good, all a treat, all very special. I remember it well. Have pictures, too that I will find and include here if I can soon.

It was a great, quick, serendipitous moment - the kind I love and thrive on and value the very most of all because nothing is scripted, nothing is planned - it just happens, spur-of-the-moment, naturally and things just flow naturally.

Meaghan and I got caught-up in this flow and this energy. There was a real smile and joy written all over her face, an excitement of being welcomed and sharing stories. I need to hear more of your time in Australia Meaghan and what you think of the LEUWIN Estate western Australian Margaret River dry Riesling that you bought yesterday afternoon from us?

I also need to hear more of your wines at DR. KONSTANTIN FRANK? Say ' hello ' to your dad for me please and come again any time and next time, let's have you do an in-store wine-tasting of your wines with our customers that love the Finger Lakes wines. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  3/21/2014

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