Monday, March 24, 2014

Manuel Janisson Et Claude Thibaut Launch This Past Saturday In Washington D.C.Their ' New ' VA. XTRA BRUT Sparkling Wine Venture, March 22nd, 2014 : Only 100 Cases Claude Tells Dave McIntyre @ Event! $50 Retail If There Is Any

Imagine my surprise when I got up to check my email this Monday morning on my day-off here in northern Virginia on March 24th, 2014  and discovered this latest ' breaking news '  from Washington Post wine-writer Dave McIntyre about the recent launch of the ' new ', limited-release Xtra Brut Virginia sparkling wine made by Manuel Janisson and Claude Thibaut from 100% Chardonnay grapes;  that there are only 100 cases,  and that the retail price will be $50 a bottle.

It will be a mess for Claude and Pamela to deal with as everyone will want some and there is so little to be had! Glad I am not them.

I wrote Claude an email a few minutes ago and am awaiting a response from him to see if we will have any to sell at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits at 3423 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C. , 20008 ( 202 ) 363-4265? I hope so.

I wish I had known of this, that would have been nice. We have sold Claude's VA THIBAUT-JANISSON sparkling wines ever since they were first released with both he and Pamela Margaux coming on at least two occasions to pour them for our customers of the store. It's been a fun adventure to share with them both. We also appreciated then soon after when Claude brought Manuel ( Manu ) Janisson by the store to meet us.

In today's age that is all ' ancient history ' even though it was really only back in 2006-7 that this all started?!?

We - everyone has to stay current and we do our best, really we do : and it's fun because being a boutique wine retail house we always try and keep these small family-owned ventures front-and-center with our customers that enjoy supporting the small houses/vineyards/owners and winemakers. Being a small boutique wine shop ourselves we believe in this wholeheartedly.

Anyway, I am thrilled for Manuel, Pamela and Claude. Bravo to the three of them. I will keep you all posted on whether or not we get any of these few 100 cases to sell you all at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits? If not we are happy to continue selling the THIBAUT-JANISSON Brut, $32.99 that we already have in the 750ml bottle size. We also introduced them recently in the 375ml bottle size and we will see if there are any more cases to buy of that as we are down to our last bottle.

I have more to say of course but will wait as what I have not said here weighs heavily now on me as it raises so many questions still unanswered, or answered poorly from my point-of-view. Cheers, happy Monday March 24th, 2014 to you all.

Come by the store today and buy some THIBAUT-JANISSON VA. sparkling wine and some French champagne JANISSON " Tradition " Non-Vintage brut to enjoy as it may snow again tomorrow.

NOTHING melts the ' snow white ' blues better than really good French champagne or really good Virginia sparkling wine : don't you all agree?!?  Sante, cheers,  TONY

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