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Discovering VALONTANO Vinhos Finos ( Reds & Rare White ERA DOS VENTOS Made From The Indigenous Italian Grape Peverella - An ' Orange Wine ' ) Because We Were Hungry After Visiting CAVALLERI In The Vale Dos Vinhedos, Serra Gaucha Brasil In Late June 2012, Meeting Michele & Jaqueline, Now Meeting In Cyberspace Sonia Denicol!

Things happen for a reason? We needed to eat something after going to CAVALLIERI Vihos Finos winery in the Vale Dos Vinhedos in Brasil's winter months and so we saw the sign for this cafe-restaurant and stopped and met first Jaqueline that tasted us on the VALONTANO wines, all of them except for this one, the ' orange wine '. We enjoyed the reds and decided to order one with our luncheon , both pictured here as well as this ERA DOS VENTOS Orange wine. I wanted to try it but when I heard the price and that we would have to buy the whole bottle I said ' no ' politely. Little did I know my mistake. Oh well, we did enjoy the wines, the experience, meeting Michele the chef afterward, two customers, the music, the day, the view, the chickens running around between the vines : character all the way through. It was a great experience, a serendipitous experience, and yet I am thrilled to have had it and to have taken so many pictures, and drawn sketches of all of them, too. You just never know?!?

And then I am doing my Facebook ' surfing ' and I stumble upon the name Gustavo Zazra and see that he's a sommelier at Sonoma is it? I will check that to be sure. And then I click on his fotos and see immediately a familiar label and am so delighted to see that it's a Brazilian wine in the foto and not another bloody imported wine that I see all the time! Show me more bottles of Brazilian wines in the fotos. That's what I want to see. That's novel and fun and different and special to me and what I am both interested in and really curious about. SO : a grande obregado to Gustavo!

I have shared the picture and commented on it and the rest is all history, a lovely history, something to build upon, something to share, something to be proud of and I am thrilled to be here once again shouting about it in a positive way, and thrilled that Sonia Denicol Of Madame Vinhos has commented on it.

I expect much more to come of all of this. Please translate this to Portuguese for me Sonia and please share it with everyone. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  Sunday before the snow starts to fall here soon and the day before Saint Patty's Day. How many Irish people live in Brasil?

Look at the beautiful orange color of this wine! I love it, really I do.

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  • Bralvin Drink Vinicola Campos de Cima ... VALLANTANO Vinhos Finos do Vale Dos Vinhedos : todos - tudos muito bem BEM BEM BEM BEM!!!!! ....

    I am so happy I found this, great foto! Makes me feel so good to see a Brazilian wine pictured here and not another bloody wine from somewhere else. Brazilians need to know how fine their wines are. The Quality is quite high and if the prices charged for them are equal to those prices charged for other wines made outside of Brasil then Brasil will be able to complete well. I like the fruit-forward quality of the wines of Brasil. They add something fresh and pure , tasty and balanced and fun to the wines already readily available to us. NOW : AGORA the wines of Brasil need to become readily available. Start talking about them, start making some noise, BE PROUD, don't make more excuses for not drinking or promoting them : be daring, be brave, have your own opinion, be loyal! Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn Sunday morning here at home in northern Virginia, day before Saint Patty's Day ... can you hear my noise?!? TONY

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  • Sonia Denicol This Era dos Ventos Peverella is an experience! An orange wine made with a very rare grape called Peverella. It's almost extinct in its origin, Veneto, and we don't have notices that is planted in other countries. Peverella wines were widely consumed by families in Rio Grande do Sul until the 50s and now are being rescued by some small producers as Era dos Ventos. Fantastic!

  • Bralvin Thank you - obregado Sonia for giving us this information. I appreciate this and all your help my dear friend! TONY I like it, Cheers, TONY

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