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Alexis Of The JAX Vineyards, Napa, CA. Visits/Tastes Current Releases @ Cleveland Park Wines Tuesday, 3/2`/2010, W/ Matt Of Five Grapes & Me

Life is precious and unpredictable and surprising as today I had the chance to meet and taste wines with Alexis' owner Kimberly Jackson Wickman. Kimberly came to the store with Matt that brought us Alexis here on March 2nd, 2010. It's been just a little more than a month and here I walked up to our tasting table and looked at the wines being tasted and I did an immediate double-take! I loved it : I smiled and immediately felt at home as I introduced myself and listened to Kimberley speak about her wines from the Napa Valley in California. When she started to speak about she and her husband's concept for both the wine and the labeling and the whole image I immediately remembered what I had told Alexis : about the Beatles's 1967 song on Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album : " A Day In The Life " and - " How many holes does it take to fill the Albert Hall ... ".

I know that this is a wine blog and yet being an artist I like to combine and invoke all of the arts that come together into my life to make it the wealth of wonders that it often is as a result. So please humor me as I will get around to the art of wine as well, especially as it involves the wealth of flavors and balance and freshness in these JAX Vineyards' wines that never seems to lose track of both the grapes and the full expression of the components especially the fruit inside of them. Bravo for that!

If you look at this label above you might follow me as when the holes were punched into this edgy sharp-contrasting label what happened to all the circles that are pressed and must fall somewhere? Why don't they take all those small circles of label and deliver them in a bottle to the Albert Hall in honor of the Beatles's famous lyrics? I told this all to Alexis back then as well as to her boss today ( Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 ) as we spoke. But Alexis was not as familiar with the song and the lyrics so I felt that the impact was not really there. Oh well, it still means something to me and I feel that they should recycle this paper and use it as confetti for marriages or for festivals as they do for Carnival in Rio De Janeiro or in Trinidad?

Why waste it : why not make a useful statement and complete the connection or link into the circle of life that we are all a part of? I told this all today to Alexis' boss Kimberly and she seemed quite interested and caught up in what I was saying and I was pleased with her response. She at one moment said that she would be interested in blogging about me and would that be alright? I said that of course it would be alright. Matt added some of his observations about my " excellent palate " ( his words ) and all the years that I have been in the business, experience and contributions. Thanks Matt.

Today also when I looked at the label more carefully/ thoughtfully ( I'm reminded of Tim Gun's statement each week on Project Runway where he tells the designers to use the Blue Dot wall thoughtfully ... ) I noticed the single red dot on the label and said that it reminded me of the LOLONIS labels with the red ladybugs on them. Kimberly knew exactly what I was referring to and I asked her if their wines were organic and I think she responded that they are working on sustainable agriculture? Did I hear correctly? Please correct me here if I did not get this right.

Then as I cleared my memory card to make more room for more Canon digital pictures I called her over today to see the pictures here that I had already downloaded of Alexis and the JAX Napa California wines. It was fun to get to show them to Kimberly as I explained that really soon I would be able to write my story here and get this one posted.

I really enjoyed showing her these pictures and pointing out what I liked about them. I told Kimberly that I was an artist and that in each picture there were many elements that all added to the whole and I pointed out many of the ones that meant something to me. She nodded her head and agreed or added points and comments of her own as I talked and scrolled through these pictures as well as the many that were not here but of the first tasting back on March 2nd, 2010. She wanted a copy of one with Alexis pouring wine for Paul Jameson and I sent it along in an email earlier today with a few more of the pictures : her " sneak preview " for this blog to follow. Did you get my email with the photos Kimberly? I hope so.

As you can see I am working on this the same day that I met her earlier at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008, Tel:202-363-4265,, ) where I have been the wine manager now for almost ten years! Wow, what a long, fabulous run-journey-trip this has been, just like Jerry Garcia sings on the grand song : ' Truckin' ". I still not have met the " doo dah man that they sing about in this song? Let's meet him and present him with both a glass of one of the JAX wines as well as the empty bottle afterward filled with all these small circles of the label that are punched out to make so many labels each year? Sound like a good idea?

Anyway, this blog is really about being introduced for the very first time to the JAX Napa Valley California wines through Alexis and Matt of the Five Grapes Import company. I enjoyed this earlier visit very much on March 2nd, 2010 and I took many pictures and asked many pointed questions of Alexis and asked her to explain a whole lot of what she was saying as she told us all so much about her Napa California wines, the labels, the presentation, the wines themselves of course, the young owners, their dedication and vision, where they had come from before ( New York ).

Alexis kept referring to the owners as being young and trendy and fun to work for and great to work for because of all this. I said : " Why? Is there a problem with being not so young, being older? Are those that are older worse and not as fresh and creative and less innovative or fun to work for? Is it that like a bottle of old wine it may already be getting too old and a bit over the hill? Must everything today have to only come from the young to make it more " of the moment " and significant in our eyes/ the eyes of the world today? Is today's 40's or a four year old bottle of wine already like the being in one's eighties or like a eight-year old bottle of tired and undrinkable wine- garbage material only? Were we older generation people already like old bottles of wine way past their prime and with little or no redeeming value anymore on today's stage?!? As you can clearly see this comment of hers cut me to my core. " Lighten-up Tony/ lighten-up Mr!! " I can just hear others saying this to themselves in response to this.I'm trying but comments like this make me think perhaps way more than I should ...

I was hard on you Alexis and I apologize. Both my friend and customer Paul Jameson ( of the JAMESONWINE EXPERIENCE ) and Matt I think were a bit shocked at how much of an attack I mounted towards Alexis. I said at one point to Alexis that all that she was saying to us three men sounded too scripted to me? Was it? And what could she tell us now that would sound less rehearsed and more spur-of-the-moment and thus to me perhaps a bit more genuine and heart-felt? I know, I know! I was being pushy here but I wanted to see what her response would be? She did not pause or show any signs of being offended by me or by my words.

By the way as I took these photos I would show them to Alexis. I like doing this as so that they may see that there is some order and some rhyme in my seeming abruptness and madness of photo-snapping and running dialogue!

I apologized at the time and Alexis would have nothing of it saying that it was okay, that she could handle herself and to bring it on. I liked this response and so it of course challenged me some and I did continue for better or for worse. I think we parted on very good terms and I told Alexis then that I was the most pleased with both the JAX dry Sauvignon Blanc and the dry red 2005 J3 Syrah. I told her we would buy her wines and we will for May 1st, 2010. Matt remind me so that we may put together an order and let's have you taste the JAX Sauvignon Blanc the next time that you do an in-store/wine-tasting here in Cleveland Park N.W. in our nation's capitol?

Here in the photo above Paul Jameson is enjoying this experience with Alexis and Matt. He just happened to be at the store at the right time and so I invited him to taste with me. I think that it was his first time tasting these excellent, balanced and fruit-forward/ fruit-centered ( may be the better expression ? ) California wines. I liked all four of them and it will be a pleasure to have them in our store really soon. I also hope that one of you two fine young ladies will return and do a tasting of them as well ? Let's plan that sometime soon?

Today I tasted the JAX Napa Y3 2007 Chardonnay and liked it quite a bit : softer, rounder, fuller, more flesh in the center than in the more tart, tangy, crisp, edgy Y3 2007 Sauvignon Blanc. Kimberly said that it was a favorite for those people that are not usually Chardonnay fans. What were the reasons for this : a touch of malolactic fermentation and older oak barrels? Was that what you said? I should focus more/ listen up and perhaps take fewer pictures? It's such a quandary to know what to do as I want to do everything at once and fell that I only have a few precious moments and that the next one might be my last and that everyone should count! Lots of pressure, self-imposed on these shoulders of mine... So, feel free to chime in and leave any comments below at the end of this blog entry for any reader to read later to clarify and amplify any of the issues I have brought up or points that I have made. This is after all a collaborative effort if one wants to have the most and make the most of it all.

So Alexis thanks for being such a great sport here on this day back on March 2nd, 2010. I was playing the devils' advocate so-t0-speak and testing you for your responses. I liked them and I wish that I had noted them here to add for others to read.

You're a great subject to photograph ( with your youth, beauty and style in fashion ) and I had a blast on so many levels. Matt I will discuss some of these wines for delivery on May 1st, 2010.

I liked Y3 2007 Chardonnay and the 2005 J3 Syrah and the JAX Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 . I liked the JAX 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon better the second time that I just tasted it earlier this week with Kimberly. This time it seemed mellower, smoother and more balanced and less hearty and edgy. I assume it was the same vintage both times?

The Y3 2007 Chadonnay has a place and I could easily enjoy a glass before or with my meal. I would rather, however drink more of the Y3 2007 Sauvignon Blanc as I liked that style myself more. But everyone has their palate and so at some point we will have the Chardonnay, too : especially if one of you two beautiful ladies comes to pour it for us with our customers? At that point we will offer all four wines here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.

But for the immediate future we will get some of both the JAX Vineyards' J3 2005 Syrah dry red and the JAX Vineyards' Y3 2007 Sauvignon Blanc.

Stay-tuned for more as I have more to add a bit later. But I will post this now on Sunday, April 25th, 2010 at 1:41 PM and let you read and hopefully enjoy what I have so far. Cheers, and thanks Alexis, Kimberly and Matt! TONY

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


With CH. ST. MICHELE, COLUMBIA CREST & COL SOLARE at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits in Washington D.C., the headline should finish ...

This was quite the tasting of 33 Washington State wines on March 10th, 2010 a Wednesday evening from 5:30-8:30 PM here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008, Tel : 202-363-4265 ) where I have now managed the wine department for almost ten years now. It's close to time to celebrate this event, too.

Above we have Chris Hatfield from Monument Selections tasting four or five high-end Washington State wines from LONG SHADOW that retailed for $44-$60 or so a bottle. Even at these high prices we had to order some more after the tasting as we sold out of at least one of them. This is really the point of the whole Big Theme wine-tasting as we want to expose people to a wide range a tastes and flavors and all price points, too.

As you will see from these pictures the tasting was very well attended. We had six tables with seven people pouring : five men and two women- all very capable and knowledgeable. It was both very fun and educational.

At table Number One we had Chris Lanning of Republic National pouring ten wines with the assistance of a young lady that joined him at the last minute. Together they poured : 1) STEELE " Shooting Star " Blue Frank ? Blaufrankish / Lemberger 2007 dr red ( $14.49 ) , 2) SNOQUALMIE " Nearly Naked " Chardonnay 2007 ( $13.49 ), 3) SNOQUALMIE Syrah 2006 ( $11.99 ) , 4) CHATEAU ST. MICHELE Merlot " Canoe Ridge " 2006 ( $27.99 ), 5) CH. ST. MICHELE Merlot " Indian Wells " 2005 ($19.99 ), 6) SNOQUALMIE Syrah Reserve 2004 ($27.99), 7) NORTH STAR " Stella Maris " 2004 ($34.99), 8) COL SOLARE red table wine 2005 ( $89.99 ), 9) CH. ST. MICHELE " Cold Creek " Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 ( $36.49) and 10) CH. ST. MICHELE Harvest Select Riesling 2009 ($10.99). He's pictured here in the picture below in the light blue shirt pouring.

The picture below has the young lady pouring next to Chris Lanning. Behind this young lady you see Linda Schmidt's face as she is TABLE Number Two and she is pouring the COLUMBIA CREST " Vineyard 10 Red House Blend ( Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Sangiovese, $9,99 ) and the Vineyard 10 White House Blend of Chardonnay at $9.99 a bottle.

Jon Haskins the key account manager for COLUMBIA CREST poured the three Grand Estate wines : 1) Grand Estate Chardonnay 2008 ( $13.49), 2) Grand Estate Merlot 2006 ($13.49) and 3) the Grand Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 ($13.49).

I love the JED STEELE " Shooting Star " 2007 Blue Frank/Blaufrankish/Lemberger ( $14.49) that we have sold now for many years at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. It has also become a favorite of many of our customers here as it is so easy to enjoy almost anytime with or without food. It's got the blue label that looks like an old Belgian or French franc bill of currency now long replaced by the euro.

It's now the morning of Friday, April 30th, 2010 and I am feeling much more refreshed. I'd like to comment here on the KIONA 2005 ( $19.99 ) Lemberger/Blaufrankish wine and note the differences between it and the SHOOTING STAR. I find it more elegant and lighter, more finesse, more polish : much more subtle flavorings that are very nice when you need or want to drink this style. It would be quite nice for example with a veal dish, a nice pork tenderloin, some less-heavily seasoned pasta dishes, perhaps with angle hair pasta? I liked it very much and am thrilled to have it as well as the SHOOTING STAR. They both have sold well.

Half way back in the store to the left Sal Furfari ( of Bacchus Imports ) was pouring at Table Number Four The HEDGES wines : five of them : 1) CMS HEDGES 2008 dry white blend of Chardonnay/ Marsanne and Sauvignon Blanc ($16.49), 2) INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS Chardonnay 2008 ($11.99), 3) INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS Merlot 2007 ($11.99), 4) HEDGES 3-Vineyards " Red Mountain " 2006 ( $29.49) and the 5) CMS HEDGES 2008 dry red table blend of Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot and Syrah ($16.49).

I am thrilled to have the INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS wines in the store because at $12 a bottle each they provide some excellent wine and values that makes me think of Europe when I drink them. The white Chardonnay 2008 makes me think of France and the dry Merlot 2007 makes me think of a really nice Italian country wine say from Tuscany along it's coast? Because they both have that lovely dusty-dry quality and are both medium-to-light-bodied I would enjoy them best myself in the context of some food served along with them. It could be a totally casual gathering outside with some appetizers or a meal sitting down at a table inside or out. Great values both and dry and good accompaniment to food and conversation and getting to that zone of being satisfied and content.

As I said, this was quite the tasting : 32 wines from the state of Washington were poured and this included very popular and well-known wines with large productions as well as small production wineries with unknown grapes like the Blaufrankish and the popular Syrah red grape of the moment. WE also had dry and sweet Rieslings and the Marsanne white Rhone grape here in a blend. We did not offer everything as there is so much wonderful wine to offer from Washington State these days. However, we did give a taste of some of the exciting wines that are available to us here today in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and that were all available at deep discounts this evening of Wednesday, March 10th ( 5:30-8:30 PM ) here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 , Tel: 202-363-4265, ).

Here in the picture above we have Christopher Short of Lanterna Imports ( Table Number 5 ) gesturing with his hands as he pours seven wines : 1) ELISEO SILVA 2006 Syrah ($16.49), 2) KIONA Dry Riesling 2008 ($18.99), 3) KIONA Lemberger Blaufrankish 2005 ($19.99 ), 4) DUCK POND Red Blend 2007 ($15.49), 5) DI STEFANO " Sogno " Red Blend 2005 ($24.49), 6) DI STEFANO Syrah 2005 ($24.49 ), and the 7) CAMARADERIE Syrah 2005 ($28.99). He spoke a lot with his hands as he described both the wines and the areas in Washington State from where they came. He wanted people to both appreciate and understand these wines of his as his company specializes in them.

Here's a good picture of Chris Short above as he brings to life the details of his seven Washington State wines sold through Lanterna Imports. I liked his selections very much and intend to write about them here really soon.

The DI STEFANO Syrah 2005 ( $24.49 ) was a big hit for me and I immediately recommended it to Richard ( one of our good customers in search of really good Washington State Syrah ) and he loved it and has since bought six or more bottles ( just a couple of them this week ) and so I will have to call you Chris Short and order some more for May which is just around the corner!

However, in the desire to get these pictures posted tonight, Thursday April 29th, 2010 ( 11:41 PM ) before going to bed soon I will have to add my comments tomorrow morning when I awaken fresh and ready to tackle the world once again!

So, stay-tuned till tomorrow and enjoy these pictures in the meantime tonight if you are still up and reading this blog of mine. Cheers, TONY

I loved the dry, smooth red blend : bright and forward and really nicely balanced Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Sangiovese of the $9.99 a bottle COLUMBIA CREST Vineyard 10 house blend. I love these grapes together here as it is rare to find this blend and I must say that it works extremely well here with a brand that everyone knows so well. Bravo!

Di STEFANO wines were a big hit for the very high quality that both the two reds ( the " Sogno " 2005 red blend, $24.49 , : and the DI STEFANO 2005 Syrah, $24.49 represent. We sold some of both and I am sure that Chris when you come by the store soon that I will need to replenish my stock of these wines.

The DUCK POND red dry blend 2007 ( $15.49 ) is new to us and the ELISEO SILVA wines are what got Mike Martin and me on the bandwagon with these Washington State wines in the first place several months ago. Though I like the ELISEO SILVA dry white Sauvignon Blanc I love the three reds that we carry of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah ( all at $16.49 a bottle ). They have breed, finesse, elegance, refinemanet, balance and pure fruit flavors that have never been lost or overshadowed by wine-making. Bravo, bravo, bravo!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Idaho's STE. CH APELLEWhites ( Dry Riesling, Dry Gewurztraminer & Soft Chenin Blanc - All 2007's ) & HESS' Butter 'N Oak Chardonnay 3/30/2010

This was Passover today when Tim Gural of Washington Wholesalers came by to make his presentation of these four STE. CHAPELLE Idaho wines ( all from the 2007 vintage : a dry Riesling , a dry Gewurztraminer, a late harvest Riesling - all from the Snake River area ; and the one exception being the soft 2007 Chenin Blanc which is a blend of mostly Washington State as well as Idaho grapes ) and the butter and oak HESS dry Chardonnay which we are currently selling for $11.99 a bottle. I was very pleased with everything that I tasted and I think that Tim is smiling because I bought everything except for his late-harvest STE. CHAPELLE Riesling which I will buy really soon and offer it as well.

I have known about these wines for quite some time ( twenty years or so? ) and I have tasted some of them, too. However, I have not tasted four STE. CHAPELLE whites in a row like this and I thank you Tim for bringing them to me at Cleveland Park Wines and Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008, Tel: 202-363-4265 ) where I have now managed the wine department for almost ten years now.

I had been working on updating our store web page at : and you came by with these STE. CHAPELLE wines for me to taste. I took time to taste them because I really believe firmly that a good wine store represents the wealth of the wines that are available to be purchased and sold and not simply the 5% that happen to be popular at any given point and time.

I was also very pleased to like them all and want to have all four of them in our store at one time : especially when I learned that I could offer all of them except the late-harvest Riesling for $9.99 a bottle.

They have been in the store now for almost a month and they are selling well. I also have them chilled for purchase in our wine cold box and I know that that helps, too. So far the response has been quite positive and I have not had any complaints that I can think of now.

I f things continue to progress like this I am sure that I will order more STE CHAPELLE from Tim Gural and Lauren our sales people from Washington Wholesalers. This is great news and I am very happy to have them in our store in northwest Washington D.C. in our nation's capitol.

I am also very happy to have the current vintage of this HESS dry butter and oak Chardonnay from California to sell. It is a very popular style, a well-known brand and it sells very well for us. I am sure that I will be ordering more of it soon, too as we are getting low.

I floor-stacked all of these three STE. CHAPELLE whites as well as the HESS Chardonnay. This has been some good and smart business for us at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.

I may add more to this soon but will post it now. I hope you enjoy it and my artsy photos that I took here of wine and bottle and label and wine glass - all interconnected and essential to one another. Being an artist this relationship is paramount and more important as well as those that bring us/ me the wines. I don't spend any time on points and scores and that kind of hype which I firmly believe has little or no value and serves more as a crutch and a safety net and robs people of their own opinions and input to a large extent, limiting their own experiences of the wines and the meals, too. Just my opinion, I know and I need to better explain. I will later as this is an on-going blog for me and I have many pictures to take and many opinions and stories and ideas of mine to express before I sleep. Cheers, TONY

Danielle Davidovitz Of Dionysos Imports Tastes 07 Peloponnese Merlot/Cab Blend, 2 ECARD Savigny-Les-Beaune Red 06 1er Crus , Gavala Vnyds Santorini

And A Dry Red Portuguese Quinta On 3/25/2010 " the headline should finish.

This was fun and I was tired having just finished a lot of work in the office on our web page at : It was time for a break and here came along Danielle with a bag full of wine goodies. I could not resist the 2006 dry red burgundies from the town of Savigny-Les-Beaune ( both 1er Cru wines of " Les Gravains " and " Les Serpentieres " - both 100% Pinot Noir.

Truth be told I could also not resist trying the two Greek wines : a dry white 2008 from the island of Santorini called GAVALA Vineyards. I think it was a Assyrtico indigenous grape white wine. Then there was the dry red 2007 Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend that looks like Muylia? Is that correct? It is labeled as red dry regional wine of Peloponnese, Greece.

Danielle also had a bottle of a dry red Portuguese Quinta. I will have to ask her more about all of these as it was getting late and customers were starting to come to the store to buy their wines and I was distracted. I did take some pictures, however and I am always glad for that as it helps me to recollect things and have enough information to carry on later in any way that I might choose.

I tried both of the ECARD dry red Savigny-Les-Beaune 1er Cru burgundies and kept thinking that at this stage in their lives they really needed some food to flesh them out and give them more color and pizazz and life. For these prices they needed the enhancement that a nice meal would provide them with.

I like to try and capture the color and clarity of the wines as you can see in both of these pictures. Sometimes I succeed better than others. Something, however is better than nothing as seeing the colors can be stimulating and make people want to find a bottle to try for themselves. This is in part my goal as well as to pay tribute to the wines themselves.

I like how in the picture above there are many separate parts that come together here to make and interesting composition and whole.

Danielle, in all the years that I have done these photos you are I believe the very first to ask if you could use my camera to take pictures? You asked if I had any pictures of myself tasting wine? No, not many but a few here and there. Thanks for snapping these of me.

I like to try and stretch the imagination and the ability to look and feel and taste outside of the box so to speak and I think that this picture above helps to set the tone for all of that. Do you agree?

I think that the wine that caused the most excitement for both Danielle and me was this dry 2007 red blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Peloponnese region of Greece. I started to write on this white sheet of paper as I tasted it and I spoke the words as I wrote : " Earthy/ musty, dried fruit - dried dust ... Greece's finest sweat ... " and I believe that you Danielle began to add to this with : " perspiring of the earth with a Greek man with chest hair and a gold cross necklace ". We both smiled at this and , of course, I immediately wrote it down here to include later in my blog.

These words above are in homage to the wine as well as in praise of the wine. We both liked it and I was also attracted to the label and it's mustard yellow and bright colors and interesting graphics. I will have to ask Danielle how much it costs as I cannot remember. Depending on the price I will buy it for Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 Tel: 202-363-4265 ) as we have had a good selection of them ever since Peter Anastopolos started buying them fifteen or more years ago.

I love the deep blue of the dry white Santorini Greek wine bottle below : it makes me gravitate with my eyes to it and want to pick it up and pour some wine from it into my Reidel wine-tasting glass .... what a great idea, don't mind if I do ...

I think here that in the picture above Danielle is recording my impressions to remind me of them later. I will ask her this week as I am curious to know what she recorded?

It's interesting for me to see these pictures of myself that you took of me Danielle. It's a new experience for me, really : and I like it.

I was interested in the Santorini white as my daughter spent a week on the island the first week of December 2009. Too bad that I was not there to take her to the various wineries to taste and check out the wines/ as well as the many sights. That would have been fun for all of our family.

I am especially interested in this Quinta Portuguese red as I have no recollection of tasting it. What did I say/think Danielle? Help me out here as I need to know more. Cheers and thanks for this tasting. Dionysos Imports has some really fun and interesting as well as value wine selections to offer us. Until the next time and sorry for such a long delay here in posting this. It happened back on March 25th, 2010 and here it is Tuesday evening at home in northern Virginia at 12:32 AM on now Wednesday early morning, April 21st, 2010. Time for bed sleepy heads... TONY