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Boo! Happy Halloween, Come Taste Tonight, Wed. 5-8PM, Oct. 28th, 2015 W/ John Peters THREE RINGS Shiraz, Barossa Valley, Australia, MURIEL Reserve 2008 Rioja, Spain, Et GUSTAVE & LORENTZ Pinot Gris From Alsace, France, Free, No Charge, Everyone Welcome!

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Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, I Know it's on Saturday, but let's get the word out
and our costumes ready to go! I still am not prepared so this is a great
wake-up call ofr me as I need to change things up and get a fresh look and
start and perspective, because : ... it's all about the perspective! And
our perspective are fall colors, fall drinks and spirits, ghouls, goblins,
spooks, bats, pumpkins, squashes, gourds, and more. I even saw some gourds
growing in Bryant, LR yesterday morning. Nice!

SO : come by, pleeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee PLEASE come by and show us all
your Halloween costumes, we never see enough here, and , I for one do miss
seeing them.

WE HAVE LOTS OF PUMPKIN BEERS and ALES, we also still have two rootbeer
beers here, as well! But pumpkins are not the only way to go for Halloween

IT'S FOR SOME today nasty and soggy, wet and gross. For me my drive to work
was glorious and so much wonderful eye-candy for me to enjoy with the
changing fall folliage!

I HAVE PICTURES and I am posting some of them on our Facebook page at :
Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits for you all to enjoy, check them out, let
them inspire you to drive over or walk over to see us when you have a
chance or can manage to spare some time to see what you might enjoy with
all this dampness and gray and yet brilliant fall folliage of yellows that
yell, oranges that exclaim : " Orengen't U all lucky seeing us, our
splendid leaves, our splendid barks, our splendid needles all so alive and
wet and glorious?!? " YBYDAUA?!? " we all respond!

I JUST POSTED THE PICTURES and will post more as I have time. It is so much
fun! Halloween is always about fun and being just a ' touch bit ' scared!
Come see us, we will help where we can!
BUT HEY, Let's Talk Ales & Beers :

1) Toastier Pastry India Style Red Ale, from AMENDMENT Brewery, On
Special for $4.99 a 1 Pt. 3.2Fl Oz can,  with 7.6% alcohol by volume, wow,
new and exciting!

2) Porter brewed with coffee ' Beeruccino ' by Helm's Brewing Company
, smooth roasted malts with coffee and vanilla notes ... lovely, and
perfect for this time time of the year. lovely.

3) Robust Porter ifused with salvadorian coffee and aged in Bourbon
barrels, by BROOKLYN Intensified barrel-aged Coffee Porter , $24.99, with
11.8% alcohol by volume, wow, another beauty for this damp and gray weather
of ours!

4) Mosaic Session IPA from BLUE POINT Company in Long Island, On
Special for $6.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, since 1996, something nice
as a transition into this colder weather, what fun!

AND LIQUOR and LIQUEUR From Jagir and Malkit :

1) Double Maturation Un-chillfiltered non-filtre a froid from ARMORIK
, Warrenghem, a Breton Single Malt, product of France, On Special for
$75.99 a bottle, ... brand new and so exciting, try something really
special and really ' new ! "

2) Sherry Finish Un-chillfiltered non-filtre a froid from ARMORIK, a
single malt scotch from Breton, France, something truly unique and special
and wonderful, On Special for $75.99 a bottle, with 46% alcohol by volume,
... wonderful and new!

Wednesday WINE SALE, come take advantage of it today! ALL DAy today!

WINE By Chris & Tony

1) Terra Ventoux AOC Ventoux, France, a French dry red Rhone ,
southern, that blew me away for such wonderful drinkability! $10.99 a
bottle, wow, tasty, 70% Grenache, 30% Syrah, ...

2) ' Baruccia ' 2012, Sangiovese Superiore from TENUTA CASALI ,
$22.99, from Emilia-Romagna, Italy that owner Silvia Casali poured here
this past Saturday that was tasty, flavorful, balanced, bright and so


On Saturday, Oct. 31st, 2015 from 2-6PM with owners Doug Fabbioli and
Mark Feder, come taste Virginia at it's best with grape, apple and pear,
and raspberry and Merlot, Cabernet, Viognier, Chardonnay, Chambercin and
more, too! No Charge, come join us, get some holiday wines for your table
and for gifts, signed by the owners here for gifts as well!

1) Apple Wine from the North Gate Vineyard in Leesburgh, VA,. dry and
tasty and filled with apple pleasure and character, $16.99

2) Una Pera Pear Wine from FABBIOLI CELLARS, $16.49, a touch off-dry
and a real delight to enjoy now during these colder days and nights.
Lovely, so refreshing and with character, too.

3) Chardonnay 2014 from FABBIOLI CELLARS, $20.99, from Loudoun County,
something new, dry, distinct from Doug Fabbioli, and excellent with a meal
as well.

4) 2013 Chanbourcin from Loudoun County , $18.99 a bottle, one of my
very favorites from Doug, I always like it, a lighter, brighter, fresh,
fruit-forward red that is good almost all of the time!

5) Reserve 2012 Cabernet Franc from FABBIOLI CELLARS, $20.99, a 12.5%
alcohol by volume tasty, balanced and distinct Cabernet Franc to enjoy now
with a meal, casual or formal!

6) Meritage 2013 dry red Bordeaux blend from NORTH GATE , $27.99 a
bottle, from Loudoun County, Virginia, a subtle, more polished and silky
style red that is so approachable and enjoyable now with this gray and damp
weather, wow, nice! I like it a lot.


Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : John Peters tastes three
FABulous wines tonight, now, he is here :

1) THREE RINGS Barossa 100% Shiraz, 2012, $21.99, ...

2) Reserva 2008 dry and flavorful, exciting, tasty and so wonderful in
extra character and definition, from Rioja in Spain, from MURIEL, wow, I
love this wine!

3) Reserve Pinot Gris from GUSTAVE LORENTZ, 2010, On Special for $14.99,
regularly $22.99, and ... so tasty, so much character, so rich, so complex,
what a treat!

Friday, October 30, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) :

Join us with Jim Reeves when we taste some fine French and Portuguese
wines, Burgundy, Rhone, Lisboa and Alentejo!

Saturday, October 31st, 2015, we have Doug Fabbioli and Mark Feder
mentioned above for Halloween, come join us, 2-6PM, a free tasting , like
all of them!

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the very best, we could not be here
without your support. Thanks again!

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