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Anthony Quinn Waxes Poetic About Wines (n 2009, October, We Had A Dinner @ Marcel's With Robert Cook The Winemaker At CHALONE Winery In California With Robert Wiedmaier Cooking A Splendid Dinner For Splendid CA. Wines That Have Stood The Test Of Time & Thrived Still Today, Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 2015, Six Years After The Dinner!

Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine

Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

20% off still wine sale( 12 Or More Bottles ) 21-23rd,2009 / Big Theme "
World Values " Tasting 21st ( 5:30-8:30 PM )

get the holiday season started here in our neighborhood. It's a little
daunting and yet we are excited to be proactively jumping into the fray
with lots of everything liquid and including alcohol in the equation. There
are " Daily " New & Exciting entries that are always surfacing. It's almost
too much to keep up with and yet that is what keeps the business
fascinating and wonderful and inspiring. I never seem to lose my passion or
my enthusiasm or my desire to continue finding these " gems " for you all.
I know that Mike, Ravi and Santos feel the same about this.

quick summary of some of the wines that you may expect at tomorrow's " Big
Theme " Wine-Tasting here, Wed. October 21st ( 5:30-8:30 PM ). Please join
us as we will feature Portugal and yet include great wine values from
around the world in all the nooks and crannies that we can uncover and
bring light to you.


20% OFF 3-Day Still ( Non-Sparkling ) Wine Sale Today ( Tuesday-Thurs
: Oct. 22-22 ) : 2 Part :

1) BUY 12 or more bottles of non-sparkling wines ( any size,
includes tetra boxes, also sherry, madeira, port, marsala, sake ) and SAVE
20% OFF marked bottle prices.

2) BUY any bottle ( any size ) of non-sparkling wine over $20 and
SAVE 20% OFF price marked on the bottle.

THIS IS A 3-DAY SALE because of our Big Theme " World Value "
Tasting. We want to give everyone a chance to take full advantage of this
sale and so we have added today because tomorrow evening promises to be a
whole lot exciting, busy, animated, full and a bit hard to move around here
with so many of you coming to sample and buy whatever " world values " hit
your fancies, pocketbook, etcetera.

DINNER AT MARCEL'S W/ Robert Cook, Winemaker @ CHALONE Winery,
California at 6:30 PM, Monday, October 26th, 2009, $95 per person,
all-inclusive. There is still room but best to call now as it may appear in
tomorrow's Washington Post Food Section " To Do " list and you don't want
to miss this extraordinary opportunity and dinner with some of California's
best wines explained by the winemaker Robert Cook himself. Then you combine
a chef and owner of Robert Wiedmaier and you have the sky as the limit with
food and wine! Call : 202- 296-1166 to make your reservations tonight if
you can. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE this will be ... go to :
www.clevelandparkwine.com to see the full menu or stop by the store for a

LIQUID LIBATIONS THAT INCLUDE ALCOHOL to excite the palate and please
all our senses and captivate our imaginations :


1) " Milk Stout " from the LANCASTER Brewing Company ( On Special
for $9.49 a 6-pack, 12 oz bottles, Lancaster, Pennsylvania ) is a stout
brewed with lactose: brewed naturally without preservatives.

2) HELL Or HIGH WATERMELON Wheat Beer ( On Special $9.99 for six 12
oz cans, 21st-Amendment.com, read bottom of carton for 7 reasons to open a
can of beer ) is from San Fransisco. This is " a classic American wheat
beer which undergoes a traditional secondary fermentation with fresh
watermellon. It's got a lovely straw color ... and accents of watermellon
in both the flavor and the aroma.

3) WESTMALLE Trappist Ale " Tripel ( $12.99. 1 pt 9.4 fl.oz,
product of Belgium, Westmalle, 2390 Malle , merchantduvin.com, 9.5% alc by
volume ) is welcome back. We've had the smaller bottles before and now are
thrilled to have this 1Pt 9.4 fl. oz  bottle. This is some great beer -

4) " Black Belgian Style Stout from ALAGASH ( 7.5% alcohol by volume,
On Special for $9.99, 1-800-330-5385  www.allagash.com ) ia both new and
very exciting for us here in Cleveland Park.


1) COPPER FOX Rye Whiskey ( $27.99 ) is distilled and bottled by
the Cooper Fox Distillery Enterprises, L.L.C. in Sperryville, Virginia.
This is " new and exciting " and bever been here before. I have to try it.
We bought some last week and are already almost out and will have to order
it again.

2) Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream ( $23.99 ) would make a great gift
with it's great packaging and slant on a popular category. It's 15% alcohol
by volume and is " an indulgent strawberry cream liqueur with a splash of
tantalizing tequila ". This is for all you tequila and strawberry lovers
out there.

3) Tequila Cazadores " Reposado " ( On Special $13.99 375ml size-
half-bottle ) is made from 100% Agave cactus. This is a very good deal and
a way to enjoy some of a higher quality tequila at a very fair price.

4) Tequila Cadazones Blanco ( $34.99 750ml bottle ) is back in
stock here at Cleveland Park and we are pleased to have it again. Again,
it is made from 100% Agave cactus. Cheers ...


1) RH PHILLIP'S 2007 Sauvignon Blanc, $5.49 is a really welcome
addition to Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits where we are trying to have as
much value wine to offer you all.

2) R.H.PHILLIP'S California Merlot is another smooth yet tasty dry
red to enjoy just about anytime and that offers real value. It's great to
have it here for you all. Come check it as well as the Sauvignon Blanc out.
Cheers ...

3) 2005 CHATEAU MONDESIR Premieres Cotes De Blaye dry red Bordeaux,
Mis en bouteille au chateau ( eate-bottled ), $17.99 is a hearty, robust,
gutsy big red with lively acidity and hearty spices and columns of
backbone. It's still youthful and will age some more. Yet with a meal it's
awfully tasty and hard to resist! We bought the last ten cases available
and recommend highly that you buy some over the next three days while we
still have some and get 20% Off on 12 or more bottles.

Here are some of the wines we will taste tomorrow : I will simply
list them here as I want to get this email out shortly. Hope to see you
tomorrow for both the BIG THEME Wine-Tasting as well as the 20% OFF 12 Or
More Still Wine Bottles/Boxes SALE :


1) LEACOCKS Rainwater madeira

2) COSSART GORDON Bual 5-Year-Old madeira

3) COSSART GORDON Bual 10-Year-Old madeira

4) GARRIDA QUINTA Vinho Tinto Single Estate

5) J. PORTUGAL RAMOS " Loios Red "

6) DOW'S Vale Do Bomfin Douro Reserva Tinto Red

7) MUXAGAT Vinho Branco White Portuguese


( The first three are from the island of Madeira and the last
five are from Portugal.


1) KILDA  2008 Shiraz Southeastern Australia, $7.99
2) KILDA 2008 Chardonnay, SE Australia, $7.99

3) SANTA JULIA Chardonnay, Argentina, Organic, $9.99

4) SANTA JULIA Organic Argentina Malbec 2009, $9.99'

5) COLOSI Sicilian White 2007, $11.99

6) COLOSI Sicilian Red 2007, $11.99

7) HOPE ESTATE, Hunter Valley Aus. Shiraz 2007, $13.49

8) HOPE ESTATE, Hunter Valley Aus. Verdelho 2007, $13.49

9) LA GIARETA : Volpare : Red Valpolicella, Italy, $11.99

10) 2008 WEINERT " Carrascal " Mendoza,  $14.49
11) 2008 KEN FORRESTER Petit Cab Sauv/Merlot, SA, $9.99


1) ALBERTI 154, 2008 Argentina Malbec, $14.49

2) LE BON VIN DE NAPA, CA. Merlot 2004, On Sale $9.99

3) LE BON LAPIN Paso Robles, CA. Petit Sirah

4) RABBIT RIDGE Paso Robles, CA. Oaked Chard, $12.99

5) PANTHER CREEK 2008 Oregon Pinot Gris white , $17.99
6) CHOOK Sparkling Red Dry Shiraz, Australia, $21.99

7) VALKENBERG German Pfalz Off-Dry Gewurztraminer, $16.49

8) BAQUANO Pategonian dry white blend of Sauvignon & Semillon Blanc
from Argentina, $13.49


1) OCEANA 2007 Oregon off-dry Riesling, $16.49

2) L De LYETH 2008 Sonoma Chard, CA. $13.99

3) L De LYETH 2006 Sonoma, CA. Merlot $13.99

4) L De LYETH Cab. Sauv. 2006, Sonoma, CA. $13.99

5) LYETH Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Sonoma, CA. $17.99

6) 2007 BOUCHARD AINE Chardonnay, France, $10.99

7) YELLOW & BLUE Organic liter tetra box, 2008 Malbec, Argentina,

8) YELLOW & BLUE Organic liter tetra box, 2008 dry white Torontes,

9) FRENCH RABBIT Chardonnay dry liter tetra box, France, $9.99

10) FRENCH RABBIT dry French Pinot Noir liter tetra box, $9.99


Friday, October 23rd, 2009 ( 5-8 PM ) : We have Kristen Everhart of
Lantera Distributors coming to help our rep Chris out taste Washington
State wines : ELISEO SILVA ( Merlot, Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc - 3 wines
, all dry, $15.49 ), KIONA dry red blend, $19.99.

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 ( 3-7 PM ) : We have our new rep Danielle
Davidowitz of Dionysos Imports here to pour some excellent Italian
selections including a fine Chianti.

JOIN US, NEVER ANY CHARGE for our tastings. bring a friend, a
relative, a neighbor, an office associate... we look forward to seeing you
and assisting you with whatever you want, need, fancy, desire, ....
cheers,   TONY

Please visit our website below for more information, events and specials,
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