Sunday, October 4, 2015

Andrew Stover Introduces The Dry Rose Fitzrovia To Jim Stutsman, Anthony Tony Quinn, Lynne Joan @ Jim Stutsman's Home ( 2014 I Believe ) In Northern Virginia @ A Very Special And Intimate Dinner : We Were The Lucky Few On This Marvelous Occasion!

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Sorry these are not my best photos, and yet they tell a great story having a special dinner at Jim Stutsman's house, an original Sears Pre-Fab home, and discovering for the first time the excellent RIDGEVIEW Estate Fitzrovia Rose Brut 201, amazing, I loved it, really loved it, especially finally tasting such high and wonderful quality from England that I had been hearing about since perhaps 2005? To finally try iy in 2014 I believe was amazing, simply amazing! Cheers, enjoy this gray Sunday, TONY Jim opened his home to us as he did to many, we were some of the very fortunate few and I miss Jim's regular visits on Saturday to see and to taste with me and others at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits!

Two of these are now available at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits, the rose 2013 Fitzrovia as well as the 2010 Brut Blanc de Noirs. We have just 4 bottles left of the Blanc de Noirs with more available soon. Come get some while you can, more will be available in November 2015 in time for the holidays and New Year's celebrations!

We will feature these with Andrew Stover and Chris on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2015 I believe at our Big-Theme Bubbly Sparkling Wines  Champagne Tasting, cheers!  Anthony Tony Quinn 10/4/2015  Happy Sunday night all!

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And then now at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits in late September 2015  we taste and finally get the Ridgeview Estate bubblies from England to the store and now have two out of the three to sell you all, oh yeah! Great news indeed.

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