Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Great Luncheon & Talk With Manuel Rojas Of Chile's Aconcagua Valley Wines Of Dos Pasos, Alma, In Situ Produced & Bottled By Vina San Esteban Earlier This Thursday Afternoon In Cleveland Park Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008, @ Nanny O'Briens With Anthony Quinn Of Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, October 29th, 2015 : Gracias Manuel!

Lunch at Nanny O'Briens a few minutes ago with Manuel Rojas , catching up, talking Dos Oasis, Alma and In Situ Chilean wines, talking thoroughbreds, talking show dogs, talking Leesburg, talking wines of Brazil, talking In Situ avocado oil, and so much more! Gracias Manuel!

For more info on these fine Chilean wines go to : , also @ManuelRojas @AconcaguaValley @Chile #wine #finewineretailer @boutiquewinestore @VinaSanEsteban @LosAndesChile @vinosfinosChileanos ola, gracias, buenas dias a todos amigos e amigas, senores, senoras, senoritas, ... todod gentes!  Anthony Quinn  10/29/2015   Buenas Jueves!

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