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It's A Lovely, Unseasonably Nice Summer :

IT'S AMAZING HOW NICE IT HAS BEEN and I think it has enabled us all
to relax and enjoy ourselves even more than usual. We have been busy at
work as usual and are enjoying ourselves, too as this weather has permitted
us all to breathe and stretch our arms out, smile and enjoy all that is
going on around us. We've got lots of great selections to do this, too as
the Washington D.C. metropolitan market area is jammed full of excellent
choices in all categories and in all prices. I will mention some of those

IN THE NEWS we have a Harry Potter movie that has obviously been a
big success and brought many people here to our fine neighborhood to watch
the new  " Tranformers " movie on a large screen. Some of them discovered
our store for the first time or at least rediscovered it and that's always
good news for us.

WE ALSO HAVE HAD  a constant wagon train of people and their
families trekking to the National Zoo - perhaps more than usual with this
great weather. And we are seeing here more and more young families with
newborns and their strollers coming through as well as many
twenty-somethings, too. The whole fabric of the neighborhood is modifying
all the time and we are here to offer you all good service, value and
convenience. It has been a fun and challenging task this to see and to "
read " the changing moods, desires and needs of our evolving neighborhood.

INSIDE THE STORE we have just put up some excellent maps of various
wine regions of the world : actually the old world : France, Italy and
Spain to start with. We will add more as the whole world now is making an
ocean of very affordable and quaffable wines that are both fun to discover
and to try : at least once if not more.

I HAVE BEEN in this business now almost thirty years working in the
retail wine business of Washington D.C. and it never ceases to amaze me how
much there is to know and to taste and to sell in the alcohol business at
large ( and for me especially in the wine ). I am seeing and tasting and
hearing of " new " things every hour of every day it seems and so I am
constantly stimulated and challenged, wowed, thrilled and curious and
impressed. I think Mike shares some of this same feeling with me.

HERE ARE THIS WEEK'S Beer, Liqueur, Liquor, Wines :

APPLE CIDER from Normany , France :

1) Etienne DUPONT CIDRE " Cuvee Colette " 2004 is the purest,
smoothest, most sublime expression from Etienne DUPONT ( combining sweet,
tart and bitter apple flavors ). It's On Special for $26.99, sparkling and
as good as it gets. Cheers.


1) SLOEBER Ale ( 11.2 fl. oz. 7.5% alc. ), ON SALE for $3.99 is
Belgian ( brewed and bottled by: Br. Roman B-9700 Oudenaarde ) is new and
will be tasted this Friday here in the store by our rep Shanon. Go to :
www.globalbeer.com for more technical info.

2) WHITE ALE from Hitachino Nest ( Kiuchi Brewery ), Japan, $4.99
for the 5% alc., 11.2 fl. oz bottle. It, too I believe will be tasted this
Friday here at Cleveland Park. Go to : www.kodawari for more technical info
as I have not yet tasted it.

3) BAHIA Cerveza Especial, lager, 12 ounce bottle, ON SALE for $8.99
( 6-pack ) , from Cerveceria, Monterrey, S.A.

4) Strawberry Wheat ( brewed naturally without preservatives ) from
the Lancaster Brewing Company ( 4.7% alc, 12-ounce bottles ), Special $8.99
price, from Wilkes-Barre, PA is " new and exciting " for us.

5) Staropramen premium beer from Prague ( 5% alc, 11.2 ounce
bottles, from Zalozeno V. Roce is also new for us. It's On Special for
$8.99 a six-pack. Go to : www.staropramen.com for more info. Cheers...


1) JIM BEAM " Distillers Series " Aged 7 Years Kentucky Straight
Bourbon, $23.99 is another " new and exciting " addition for us at
Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. I'll bet it's smooth.

2) ARDMORE Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey ( Peated )
traditional cask, non-chill filtered ( 46% alc ), $56.99 is back in stock!
It's a " full & rich, with unique Highland peat-smoke notes".

3) Vanilla flavored Barbados rum from MOUNT GAY RUM is On Special
for $12.99 ( 32% alc ) is new and it's recommended that you enjoy it with
cola, your favorite mixer or on the rocks.

4) SCHONAUER Apfel( apple ) German Apple Schnapps ( liter bottle,
21% alc. ) apfelkorn-Liqueur, $20.99 is  recommended to drink straight up,
chilled, on the rocks or as a mixer with club soda, tonic water or
cranberry juice.


1) El Maestro Sierra Oloroso 15-year-old, $17.99 ( 375 ml bottle )
is 19.50% alc and a real treat. It's new for us and bought with the
intention of offering you something special to taste. A little bit goes a
long way. For more info go to : www.demaisonselections.com.

WINES : All Kinds :

Whites -

1) GATAO Vinho Verde, $8.49, 9% alcohol, bit of spritz, is the
perfect summer quaffer for this time of the year with all the heat and
humidity. It's a favorite because of the taste and also with the cat on the

2) LA FORTUNA 2008 Chardonnay from Lontue, Chile is organic, new and
a terrific delight for those Chardonnay lovers out there looking for a
slightly different taste. It's fresh, bright, balanced, unique and not
weighted down with oak. People loved it when Jenalynn tasted it this past
Saturday here in the store with our customers.

3) " Maximum " Bourgogne Chardonnay 2007, $19.99 from LABOURE-ROI (
barrel aged for 6 months ) is a very complex, multi-layered white that is
best with a meal for it will roll right over your taste buds and carry them
quickly along as it fires on ...

4) Pinot Gris " Im Berg " 2006, $21.49 from DOMAINE EHRHART, Alsace,
France is an aromatic tour-de-force. I love it. Husband and wife owners
were here not too long ago and I enjoyed thoroughly their lineup. This past
Friday Ronnie Miller tasted both the EHRHART Pinot Auxerroise and the
EHRHART Riesling. Both did well, the Pinot Auxerroise Blanc flew as it was
so easy to drink by itself. This Pinot Gris has more weight and substance
and will shine if you combine it with food like that you can order take-out
at Nam Viet.

5) Gewurztraminer " Herrenberg " 2007, $21.49 from DOMAINE EHRHART is
another very flavorful white that is almost always best when served with a
well-seasoned, flavorful meal. I love how these two whites almost taste
like reds. Close your eyes and taste them and from both their weight and
mouth-feel you will see what I am saying.

Reds -

1) VINEDOS de la POSADA 2007 Shiraz, ( fair trade ) from Argentina's
Famatina Valley , $11.99 is both organic and as smooth and as silky and
velvety as many would like. It drinks beautifully and showed really well
here this past Saturday with Jenalynn.

2) Malbec 2005 ( from DONARIA , Pulmary ), organic Mendoza, Argentina
red , $19.99 was also tasted by Jenalynn this past Saturday and it brings a
totally lovely, aromatic bouquet of fresh crushed, fermented grapes that
taste of succulent black fruits like raspberries, black berries and
blueberries. It's so enticing, just one whiff, two at the max and you are
spell-bound and ready to convert over to this seductive DONARIA Malbec!

3) " Manso de Velasco " 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, $36.49 " Old Vines "
from Miguel Torres in Chile is back once again by popular demand. Some of
you just can't seem to live without it.


1) " Independence " 2006  ( produced and bottled by Mauritson wines,
Healdsburg, CA. ) is a port-like style red - www.mauritsonwines.com
707-431-0804, 500ml bottle, $39.99 is a real special treat for late in the
evening when all is said and done and you just want to coast into sleep
surrounded by family and friends and good flavors and sensations...

Week's Tastings :

Today, Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 : We have Claudio Loscascio of
Winebow Imports ( son of the owner ) going to be at Ardeo this evening from
5-8 PM tasting eight sakes that he selected while living there and learning
about them. Claudio knows his sakes. We have tried them here and they are
excellent. You can get any of them that you like from us after the tasting.
Let us know what you want and we will order and have them this week for
you. Cost of the event is: $25 per person.

HOPE EVERYONE IS WELL and enjoying this beautiful weather. Please
come by and let us help you with any of your needs or desires. We have
plenty of wines for you to take with you on vacation or to use at home if
you throw a big or small party.

Friday, July 24th, 2009 : We have Antonio Cabibi ( from 5-8 PM )
coming to taste a whole new array of his wines from International Cellars.
It will be a lovely mixed bag of affordable reds and whites.

Saturday, July 25th, 2009 : We have Theresa and John Morrison coming
to pour some of their new South African arrivals that are fresh off the
water. They will be here from 3-7 PM.

See you soon we hope ... cheers,  TONY

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