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Anthony Quinn @ Tony The Wine & Art Guy ' Waxes Poetic " About Bastille Day, Walking In Summer Rain, French Wines, Half-Bottles, Rose Wines , Meeting Randy Og YEALANDS Vineyard & Willy Gianopulos of His Own FREJA CELLARSOregon Willamette Valley Winery,Tasting With Them Both, Drawing Their Portraits, Tasting GEKKEIKAN Plum Wine W/ Eva Yanogo, Too : And Much More!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

WE START FRESH HERE now! A new day!

EVERY TIME we do anything HERE We think of you.

LIKE NOW, what is perfect for this hot , sticky weather?

WE have so many selections it is hard to choose which. imagine if it is
hard for us how hard it must be for you!

IT'S all about chilling, how to stay cool, how to breathe and to relax and
to enjoy and smile. I realize more and more how that means so many
different things for so many people! Just like watching t.v. programming,
it is SO DIFFERENT for all of us!

HOW WAS YOUR 4th? Are you all ready for the 14th of July - Bastille Day -
this coming Tuesday? WE have some marvelous French wines, beer, Cognac,
Armagnac, Calvados, Pineau Des Charentes, Lillet, Pernod, Ricard, Eaux De
Vies like Poire , Framboise, including liqueurs, so many sparkling wines
and French champagne from the champagne region, too : something for
everyone when you include things like Dolin vermouth, Cointreau, B & B,
Grand Marnier, ... the list goes on and on. Come see what you may want for
the first like our delicious THOMAS Cotes-Du-Rhone red, $8.99, that is su
full and rich and fruit-forward, no edges, that we took awhile back to
enjoy at Wolf Trap ... nice.

BUT HEY, I am jumping ahead of myself as we have a whole week before the
14th of july!

glorious, really special, I loved it.I was typing something when my wife
called me to come quick and look outside. She had just mentioned to my
daughter that it was not only raining cats and dogs but that it was also
sunny outside at the same time!

I LOOKED OUT at this spectacle of light and clouds and water and green and
rising heat from our cul-de-sac , the blooming red Bee Balm, the delicate
lavender shoots-flowers from the hastas, the just-opening Black-eyed
Susans, the phlox that was - is a deeper lavender, and more : the day
lillies, the goose neck white invasive yet glorious flowers that swoop and
rise so elegantly-regally ... and all hammered by rain and dried, too by
sunshine : what a wonderful contrast!

I JUST HAD TO go outside, even though my daughter and wife declined my
offer to join me : it felt good, it felt enriching, it awakened me to the
wonders of Nature and the outdoors and I walked through the puddle  of
water on our grasses and it felt good as I rescued from invasive climbing
vines our flowers as well as our one butterfly bush heavy with too much
rain and wetness, needing my help so to rise gloriously with blooming
lavenders to kiss the skies above!

YEAH, IT ALL inspires me. I later grilled and sipped some of the INDWE (
the Xhosa name for their Blue crane , their national bird ) from South
Africa, this 2014 Sauvignon Blanc is On Special for $6.99 a bottle and is
rich and flavorful, a really good mouth-feel to it, and excellent with food
as well. I sipped it and grilled chicken thighs, later switching to some
excellent Oregon Pinot Noir from CHATEAU BIANCA, $18.99, that is elegant,
refined, flavorful even though it is quite transparent in color.

Lovely. By that time the sun was baking everything even more and my
freshly-cut basil plants were reaching up to it to grow strong and
full-leafed once again! Both chicken and fresh-made pesto were a hit with
these wines!

IN A SITUATION like this it would be nice to have some half-bottles to
enjoy while cooking and with the meal, too. Being just after the 4th of
July it would be nice to continue celebrating with :

1) 2009 - great Burgundy vintage, the ' Clos Marion ' Grand vin du
Bourgogne 100% Pinot Noir from the DOMAINE FOUGERAY De BEAUCLAIR from the
most northern town of Fixin, $22.99, with 13% alcohol by volume : a
classic-style, balanced, flavorful, rustic, too pithy dry red... get some
for the 14th!

2) 2012 Chateauneuf-Du-Pape from the DOMAINE De DAINT SIFFREIN, a dry red
youthful and elegant, bright and spicy red, $27.99, with 14.5% alcohol by
volume, good medium-body, fresh and lively taste, perfect when you grill as
I was ..

3) 2010 Chianti Classico from FONTODI in Tuscany, $28.99, 14% alcohol by
volume, I like the intensity, the focus , and the firmness of this
youthful, delicious Sangiovese-based dry red that is
medium-to-light-bodied, nice!

AND FOR SUMMER in BEER we have :

1) Authentic Belgian White Beer from WITTEKERKE, imported from
Belgium, with only 5% alcohol by volume, this is a great summer quaffer,
really nice, not heavy, tasty and will refresh.

2) ' Kindest Find ' Imperial Red Ale from the SMUTTYNOSE Brewing
Company, On Special for $6.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle / 650ml from the Big
BEER Series, from New Hampshire, since 1994 : " Make mine a Smutty! "
Sounds good to me.

3) ' Lolita ' Belgian Style Wild Ale from GOOSE ISLAND, $20.99, for a
750ml bottle, an ale brewed with raspberries and aged in wine barrels, from
Chicago, Illinois. Looks like one wonderful experience, with 8.2% alcohol
by volume,  ... " develops in the bottle for up to 5 years contains live
yeast. A sediment may form ... "

4) ' Ghost ' White IPA , a white India Pale Ale brewed by 3 Stars
Brewing Company, right here in Washington D.C., 20012, On Special for
$11.99 a 4-pack of 1 Pint cans with 5.9% alcohol in it, ... and the ...

5)' Citra Lemon ' Saison ale brewed with lemon peel by 3 Stars Brewing
Company, On Special for $11.99 for 4 pint cans with 5.2% alcohol by volume
BOTH cans with smiling skulls on the left of the cans, and three red stars
above : message, message, in the bot-oops, I mean, can! What do you think
the message may be?!? How about the taste? Come try some and see what you
think. Cheers : perfect for this heat and humidity and damp, as it is going
to be 94 degrees outside today according to the news this morning on
Channel 4!

FOR Every Beer There Is A Summer Mixed Drink or Liqueur/liquor on the rocks
or not?!? :

1) Apricot Albicocca Liqueur from LUXARDO , liqoure della Lupa, $25.99 a
750ml bottle, with 30% alcohol by volume, what a great new treat for us,
and more and more people are asking for apricot liqueurs these days! We are
ready for them!!!

2) The Original Walnut from NOCELLO, imported from Italy, from TOSCHI,
$31.99, with 24% alcohol by volume, what a special taste and a very special
treat : how many of us love walnuts?!? Many of us do, come get some, tried
and true for so many years now, a real classic that has long stood the test
of time and fluctuations of tastes and fads!

3) ' Owl's Brew ' A Tea Crafted for Cocktails, $13.99 ' Coco-Lada ', a
blend of black tea, coconut, chai spices & pineapple, $13.99,  ... mix with
spiced rum, vodka, sparkling wine or even a stout beer, 2-parts brew and
1-part booze/liquor ... FUN : dark bottle, easy-to-enjoy!

4) Tangerine Vodka from SKINNYGIRL, with natural flavors, On Special for
$15.99 a 750ml with 30% alcohol by volume, great packaging, perfect for the
heat now, come try some and have the Tangerine experience as this is the
only one I know of. Cheers! Go Tangerines! Buy some fresh tangerines and
enjoy the two together!

5) Sour Mash Whiskey Straight Bourbon from BELLE MEADE , $44.99,
small-batched, aged to perfection, handcrafted as well, from NELSON'S Breen
Brier Distillery, come check this out, from West Virginia. Cheers,
beautiful color.

6) London Dry Gin with 10 Botanicals, from HAYMAN'S Family Gin Distillers,
$29.99 a 750ml bottle, from England, with 47% alcohol by volume, something
exciting to add to our expanding selection of fine gins!

WOW : It's hot weather time and people are coming in here feeling hot!

SAVE BIG @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits On ALL Wednesdays! Read below ...

WEDNESDAY WEEKLY Sparkling / Still-Wine 3-PART SALE : 1) BUY ANY $20 or
MORE bottle of sparkling/still wine and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker price.
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This includes port, sherry, marsala, madeira and sake.
Call if you cannot come 202-363-4265 : BUY some Father's Day presents this
was and SAVE!
DON'T FORGET : we have 6-Bottle Wine-Samplers On Sale for $58.99 a bottle :
wow, six FANTABUlous wines all for under $10 a bottle each!
THE OUTER BANKS, any of you going there this year?!?

WINE From France :

1) Sauvignon Blanc 2014 from JEAN SABLENAY, a Loire Valley Touraine that I
love, $10.99, with 12.5% alcohol by volume wonderfully dry and crisp and
lively for this weekend and leading up into Bastille Day, too : great value
as well, works with everything.

2) 2009 - great year - French Chablis from the CHATEAU De FLEYS, a dry and
flavorful 100% Chardonnay white burgundy that is deliciously-mature and
wonderful, my wife and I loved it, a real treat and now the last few cases
of this extraordinary vintage On Special for $14.99 a bottle, regularly
$19.99! CALL NOW!

3) 2014 Costieres de Nimes, a dry and refreshing, personable and
unique-tasting dry French rose, from the coast there on the Mediterranean,
$14.49 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this is a real distinct
WONDERFUL beauty : I loved it, I really did! RUSH OVER : highly

4) 100% Gamay from France's Beaujolais Cru town called Chenas, $21.99, from
CHRISTOPHE PACELET, a 2013, with 12,5% alcohol by volume, top-flight, great
acidity, great with grilled foods including all vegetables, and also with
all salads! WOW, chill it, serve it fresh, from Jody Jackman, a top-flight
dry red perfect for now and for Bastille Day this coming Tuesday as well!

5) ' Classic ' Provence dry . delicate, refined, polished, smooth and silky
French rose, from the CHATEAU PIGOUDET, a 2014, a magnum - 1.5ml bottle, On
Special for $49.99 a bottle! Oh yeah, only six bottles, come celebrate! A
mostly Cabernet Sauvignon with some Grenache and a splash of Syrah, too!

6) Reserve Brut Cremant De Bourgogne dry French Burgundy sparkler 750ml
bottle, $24.99 a bottle, LOVE IT, started years ago when there was only the
375ml bottle of this BAILLY- LAPIERRE, $13.99 : we have both, bright yellow
label, cadmium yellow, lovely, rich thick and pleasing and welcoming -
comforting taste that has no bite, just loaded to the brim with extra
flavors! PERFECT to celebrate this week and weekend and on Bastille Day,
too! Cheers!

GO BASTILLE DAY ! Vive La France!!!

Week's Tastings :

TONIGHT :  July 7th, Tuesday, 5-8PM,  We have EJ tasting here BULGARIANA
wines of Bulgaria. We will focus on the Chardonnay and on the Cabernet
Sauvignon, do also the white blend, the red blends, too like the Imperial
red 2008,  and the Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah 2011 : WOW : Fun , tonight,
no charge, join us!

FRIDAY, July 10th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Michael Cavanagh to pour an
assortment of his Chilean, Brazilian, and wines of South Africa. JOIN US :
what fun, LOVE having Michael here!

SATURDAY, July 11th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Estebe here of Tradewinds
pouring some of his FABulous Spanish and Argentinia wines : also great,
also memorable, also a real treat : what a great opportunity to taste a
Spanish sherry! And so much more ... you just never know!

JOIN US, NEVER any charge, everyone always welcome.

WORKING ON THE ' New ' 6-bottle wine summer samplers. They will be ready
here by the end of the week and I will write them up next Tuesday in that
store email!

THANK YOU for everything, you all are the very best! We appreciate all your
patronage! You are the very best!   TONY

What follows below is an old store email from Tuesday July 2014 ... enjoy
and read it if you have the time!   TONY

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Anonymous said...


My name is Bernie Vogel, and we met many, many years ago when I worked for Mike Franklin and worked with Mike Downey. I recently opened my last bottle of Castelcosa Schioppetino (1991), and it reminded me of the great times I had with Alesandro and Andrea Fossi. When I Googled them to see what they were up to, all links pointed to you and this blog!

Was curious if the Castelcosa/Pra di Pradis and Fossi wines were available. I am a sales rep for RNDC in MD, and haven't see their wines in my market since I sold them back in the late 80's and early 90's.

Any light you can shed as to how they are and wines available would be appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Bernie Vogel