Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Meal With Sotiris Bafitis And My Wife Is Priceless / Here At Kellari Taverna D.C. ( Not The New York City KELLARI, Though I Hear It, Too Is Excellent ) Enjoying Two Fabulous Whites And he 70-Yr.Old Vines Dry Rose From DIO FILI : With The Reds Of Mitravelas Estate Antonopoulos Estate & More Food Still To Come ! Thank You Lefteris Sotiris!

I have lots to say here and will add that commentary as I have time. I still have more photos to add but will let these photos here tell their wonderful stories of this delightful meal I had one Monday afternoon in Washington D.C. Northwest on a beautiful sunny day with my wife and Sotis Bafitis at the Washington D.C. KELLARI TAVERNA Greek restaurant. We loved this experience from start-to-finish and felt like we were treated and dined and wines like royalty. Thank you Sotiris. You win extra points , many , for having thought to include my wife in this experience , as she means the world to me.

For years now, since 2000 I believe I have enjoyed selling a full selection of fine Greek wines Sotiris, many that I have bought from you over the years now! hanks you for that, too as they have all sold really well at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits in Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C. , 20008 ( 202-363-4265 ). Come check our selection there anytime and be amazed, just as my wife and I were here at KELLARI TAVERNA with so much amazing Greek food and Greek wine, too : marvelous! Cheers, happy Sunday all, it is now July 26th, 2015 as I post these pictures and start to write once again about this marvelous experience that the three of us enjoyed in each other's company!   Anthony  ( TONY ) Quinn

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