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Tony The Wine Guy / Tony The Art Guy Waxes Poetis On Tuesday June 30th, 2015 About Beer, Liqueur, Wine & All Our Collective Spirits, Too!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and
Humidity Humbles US, Heat Hastens US :  ACTUALLY IT MAY SLOW US TERRIBLY,
and rain is on the way as we know!

We All Look For Shelter From Both the HEAT and the HUMIDITY! HERE @
Cleveland Park Inside Our Store...

We Provide Bountiful Opportunities and Such Shelter that many of our
customers soon break out in big smiles, and sighs of satisfaction as we
offer you a ' new ' experience, or as you come in search of something like
Sue just did, Aquavit that we carry and which she exclaimed ' is sure hard
to find here. One of my friends said that you might have it here.' Glad to
be helpful Sue, just call before you need more as sometimes we are out, or
our distributor is out of it,

We LOVE THIS, ( being helpful, and Sue found other ' goodies ' that she was
also looking for like some finer, hard-to-find, not mainstream wines
available everywhere )  of course, it's our job, we want to make you feel
both relaxed and comfortable here as we chat and listen to you and help you
as best we can.

SUE ALSO GOT to meet Robert Kennedy our Italian importer that was just here
doing a great Italian tasting last Saturday. WE sold even considering the
storms passing through, people still needed and wanted some shelter from
the storms , and we could provide that and fine sparkling wines as well as
non-sparkling dry reds and whites from Robert's portfolio.

THIS IS A GREAT WAY to start my day and my week here as we get ready for
the 4th of July celebrations, and also for, do you know, can you guess?!? I
will tell you ...

FOR ' Canada Day ' which is tomorrow! And for you all that wish to
celebrate with a wine from Canada we have :

1) 2012 Riesling Estate-Bottled dry from CAVE SPRING Vineyard, a VQA
Beamsville Bench VQA On Special for $17.99 a bottle, usually $19.99, with
11.5% alcohol by volume, from Jordan, ON, Canada, the Niagara Peninsula,
really bright, lively and refreshing, a real treat, we love it, so do many
of our customers. It has been a regular wine here now for years!

2) 2006 Riesling Estate-Bottled CSV On Special for $29.99, down from
$34.99, with 11.5% alcohol by volume, and for more info go to :
www.cavespring.ca. From CAVE SPRING Vineyards, Tom the owner and his
winemaker have all been here visiting over the years, and these bottles are
signed by the winemaker as extra-special gifts.

3) 2010 dry red Pinot Noir from CAVE SPRING Vineyard, $21.99 a bottle, only
six bottles left, they will arrive here first-thing tomorrow, so call if
you want them. Pay tomorrow on Canada Day and get 20% off the 2006 and the
2010 : save and enjoy on this very special day.


4) ' Neige ' Premium Sparkling Apple Wine called BUBBLE that uses the
traditional method, is semi-dry, and is dosed with Neige Apple wine ice, On
Special for $19.99 a bottle, that , too will get a 20% off the sale price
tomorrow on Canada Day.

5) ' Ice Wine ' ( in Germany the origin it is called Eiswein and is
pronounced in English : " ice wine " ), a VQA Niagara Peninsula Icewine
made from the Vidal grape variety, $70.99, for a 375ml bottle, wonderfully
sweet and delicious and so easy and enjoyable to sip and smile and relax
and feel comfortable and listen or tell/share stories ... oh yes! Mais oui,
si si si si SI!

SO WE ALSO HAVE the 4th of July, the 14th of July ( Bastille Day ) , Peru's
Day of Independence, too with Melanie Asher, here early on Saturday, July
25th, 2015 from 2-6PM making her wonderful Pisco Sours for you all!

WE HAVE LOTS to celebrate in July, with other days of Independence, please
share those dates here with me so that I may include them, bring some
attention to them, and make some or a lot of ' noise ' for all these
special days of ours! As you may know, we have a truly international group
of customers that shop here : you are all important to us!

IN BEER / CIDER From Santos We Have :

1) Grapefruit Flavored Wheat Beer from SCHOFFERHOFER in 4-500ml cans,
with Cochineal extract, from Frankfurt, Germany, it is unfiltered and
delicious, and perfect for this heat and humidity, even dampness from so
much rain : it will brighten all our spirits!

2) ' Illusive ' TRAVELER Beer Co. Grapefruit Ale, Made with Real
Grapefruit, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles that's "
quite the refresher!', another ' perfect beer ' to enjoy this July to

3) Chili Beer Premium Lager Beer & A Gourmet Serrano Chili from the
CHILI DEVIL, On Special for $11.99 : fun and different, only a few 6-packs
left here! Cheers, feel and taste the heat.

4) ' Desolation ' ( Ale brewed with Rye Barrel Aged Coffee )  Imperial
Porter from 3 STARS BREWING COMPANY On Special for $12.99 a 9.6% by volume,
1 Pint 9.4Fl Oz bottle, made here in Washington D.C. 2012, from our friend
Mike! Cheers!!

5) ' Peppercorn Saison '  ( Ale brewed with Spices ) from the 3 STARS
BREWING Company, 2012, On Special for $10.99 a 1 Pint 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle
with 6.5% alcohol by volume - another fine DC ale for you all to discover!

Perfect to celebrate in July with so many days of independence , including
ours on the 4th of July!

LIQUOR / LIQUEUR From Jagir & Malkit :

1) St. Elizabeth ' Allspice Dram ' ... ' Tradition Of the West Indies
'  Liqueur , $34.99 , 750ml bottle, with 22.5% alcohol by volume, here by
special request, more than one! WE are delighted to have it, already
selling well. From Jamaica ... " tastes of Clove, Cinnamon, and nutmeg, and
of a pepper note that dazzles the palate."

2) Rhubarb ( tea ) Organic from the ART IN THE AGE, USDA Organic,
$37.99, 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, includes Rhubarb and other
botanicals native to rural North America ...

3) Amaro Di ANGOSTURA Liqueur ANGOSTURA ( inspired by Don Carlos
Siegert ) , $28.99, with 35% alcohol by volume, to settle your system at
the end of a lovely evening where you have lived and explored life to the
very limits and want to sleep like a baby at night! Cheers!

4) DEEP EDDY Vodka Distilled 10 Times from Austin, Texas, On Special
for $15.99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume.Fun and exciting, and it is
so smooth!

SAVE BIG ON WINE for the 4th of July : @ClevelandParkWine&Spirits Each

WEDNESDAY WEEKLY Sparkling / Still-Wine 3-PART SALE : 1) BUY ANY $20 or
MORE bottle of sparkling/still wine and SAVE 20% OFF the
marked sticker price.
2) BUY ANY 6 Or MORE sparkling/still wines and SAVE 15% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
3) BUY ANY 12 or MORE sparkling/still wines and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
This includes port, sherry, marsala, madeira and sake.
Call if you cannot come 202-363-4265 : BUY some Father's Day presents this
was and SAVE!

DON'T FORGET : we have 6-Bottle Wine-Samplers On Sale for $58.99 a bottle :
wow, six FANTABUlous wines all for under $10 a bottle each!

THE OUTER BANKS, any of you going there this year?!?

SO : For July here is a list of wines that Chris and I have ordered and
that you may find here by the weekend, and you can pay for tomorrow and
SAVE BIG, getting up to 20% OFF on your order ...

1) Chardonnay magnums/ 1.5ml bottles On Special for $14.99 a bottle,
regularly $21.99 a magnum : unoaked, clean, bright, fresh and lively and
perfect to sip while outside, from New York's Finger Lakes' region!

2) CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE MIchigan ' ' Red Sweet Select ', 750ml blend
of Merlot and Cabernet Franc that would make a great Sangria, On Special
for $9.99 a bottle, regularly $12.99 a bottle! WOW, we will taste these two
with Andrew Stover on the Saturday, the 4th of July from 2-6PM...

3) ' Blush ' Off-Dry blend of rose using the Cabernet Sauvignon and
the Chenin blanc grapes, from McPHERSON Winery in Lubbock, Texas, On
Special for $5.99 a bottle, regularly $9.99 a bottle. Really easy and
pleasant and refreshing. Andrew Stover will taste these as well on
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 ... WE also have the other drier McPherson Winery
wines like the red and the white " Les Copains ", the Sangiovese red, the
dry white Albarino, the dry rose, all that we love selling and that sell
really well here on a regular basis. ALL are in stock and perfect to
celebrate this 4th of JUly weekend!

4) Chardonnay, Australia, from WOOP WOOP, we have some On Special for
$9.99, down from $14.99 a bottle : that broad, buttery and full-tasting
mouthful that is perfect with your meals, inside or outside, enjoy : it
will hold it's own against many a flavor, great price, too!

5) Provence dry red from ESTANDON, On Special for $12.99 a bottle,
regularly $18.99 a bottle! It is not so heavy, from France, a nice red to
enjoy when you grill and serve it slightly-chilled, a treat!

6) Dry Oregon Rose from UNDERWOOD in 12-ounce cans ( basically a
half-bottle of wine ) in a can for $8.49 a can.

7) Dry Pinot Noir 12-ounce cans from UNDERWOOD in Oregon, also light
and easy to transport, no fear of breaking, great at picnics, also $8.49 a

IN Sparkling  we have :

TWO Rose Sparkling :

1) From ESTANDON in southern France, a dry delicate very pale Provence
dry sparkling rose, On Special for $16.99, used to sell for $24.99 : lovely
, so silky, so fresh and lively and bright, a delicate
rose-petal-peach-pale color! Perfect to sip now with this heat, humidity!

2) Austrian Sparkling Sekt from Schilcher, LANGMANN, with a deep rose
color, rich and full on the palate, so lovely in it viscosity, Blauer
Wildbacker, 12,5% alcohol by volume, will suit many a tasty meal, will warm
and refresh way into the night under the stars and the full moon tonight :
lovely, On Special for $16.99, regularly $27.99. Very limited quantities!

3) DUMANGIN Fils French Champagne from France's champagne region , a
Chigny-les-Roses, Brut, Non-Vintage, available in ...

1)  375ml ( half-bottles ) On Special at : $21.99, regularly $29.99 a 375ml
bottle, and the ...

2) 750ml bottles, On Special for $35.99, regularly $45.99 : great taste for
these two dry and balanced, flavorful classic champagnes, GREAT VALUE, too
. Limited quantities, first-come, first-served!

CALL if you cannot come, pay tomorrow and SAVE up to 20% OFF on your
purchases, read our SALE sheet above to know how to save the most tomorrow,
Wednesday, and be ready for the weekend.

CALL TODAY when you read this, even if you cannot come by and we will
charge you and put your order aside for when you can come by or when we
arrange to deliver it to you. Cheers!


1) Soave dry Italian white from TAVERNELLO On Special for $5.99 a
bottle that is really good and fresh and bright and balanced, and a
ridiculous price, too! Perfect for big parties.

2) Vinho Verde DOC from LAGO Cerqueira , so FRESH, yes, si, ola
amigos, para enjoy with FRIENDS in these happy moments , really fun and a
bit different, GREAT label to bring to a party, to enjoy inside or outside,
we are thrilled to have it : a great ' new ' addition!

3) ' The Loop ' Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc , $14.99, that really
pleased and impressed Chris and me the other day when our local rep Erin
brought it around, with 13% alcohol, and certified sustainable, it had
something special, something different, it adds to the flavor profiles we
already know from New Zealand. Come try some on for size, fit and feel!


Friday, July 3rd, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Aleks of his own Balkan
Wine Project coming to taste some FABulous wines from Macedonia that are '
new and exciting '. like three from the STOBI Winery : 1) Rkatselli Vranec
, 2) Rose , and ... 3) Vranec Veritas ... what fun, really wonderful , dry,
flavorful, balanced and a treat, and also very fine values, too!

Saturday, July 4th, 2015 9 2-6PM ) : We have Andrew Stover mentioned
above that will come to taste the wines mentioned above , ALL on Special,
as well as some wonderful : 1) BREAUX Virginia dry red Merlot " Equation ",
$14.99, and some STONE HILL Vidal Blanc, $10.99, from Missouri...
SO : With Andrew, for the 4th of July we will represent wines from 5 states
: Missouri, Michigan, New York, Texas and  Virginia! Nice, a spread across
the country, or at least a portion of it.

JOIN US, NEVER any charges, everyone always welcome, bring family and
friends, make a special moment / event here with us. Cheers!
THANKS AGAIN, you are the best, we appreciate all you do for us!FOLLOW us
on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, also at : wineenabler, also please LIKE us
on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits and check out our web page
at : Cleveland Park Wines. For sales inquiries send them to :
tonythewineguy@gmail.com. Cheers, thanks again, happy days of independence
to us all, we can all take pride in that as well as many other things.

WHAT FOLLOWS below is an old store email from Tuesday, June 25th, 2013,
read and enjoy it if you have time, cheers, Happy Celebrations in July,

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