Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tasting Earlier This Early Wednesday Afternoon With Adam Our Local Rep For Lanterna And Federico Boxaca ( Export Manager ) Of FAMILIA SCHROEDER Wines From Pategonia, Argentina Like The SAURUS 2012 Pinot Noir That I Fell Head-Over-Heels For , Wow, Beautiful Pinot Noir With Polish, Grace And Elegance, Bravo!

Aqui con Federico Boxaca Of he FAMILIA  SCHROEDER Wines of Patagonia, Argentina tasting a mucho grande Pinot Noir 2012 , $19.99 that, in my humble opinion, I would buy three bottles of for the $68.00 a bottle  I would have to  pay for  the Paul Hobbs Russian River Valley  Pinot Noir 2010, California. I love this Saurus, it is so elegant, so  fruit-forward. Bright and lively and silky- dry Argentina lighter-bodied, clear, soft toast, sublime roast, wine to toast, wine to sip, wine to savour, wine to smile along with, hop a ride on, mingle and chill, spill and feel fully-expansive with red! Si Senor, si Senora,  le me gusto mucho! Anthony ( Tony ) Quinn  Miercoles a tienda des Vinos Finos Cleveland Park Wine E Spirits con Federico, and we spoke of Nora Favelukes and I wrote a note for Federico to give her as he will see her in Chicago in a week he tells me! 

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