Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meeting For The Second Time And Tasting Again With Owner Ignasi Lopez His Fine Spanish Wines Of LUZ Vineyard With Franceen Of Vias Imports That Now Represents Them , Yesterday, Tuesday February 3rd, 2015 : What A Great Moment And I Drew A Quick Portrait Sketch Of Him As I Did The Very First Visit! Wines Here Again In March, Tasting Scheduled Of Them On March 14th, 2015 From 2-6PM With Franceen, Free Tating, Join Us.

We have IgnasiLopez of his own LUZ Spanish wines here to say something about them in Spanish for you all, excellent wines, balanced, fruit-forward, old vines in many cases , and FABuloso Prices, too :
" Gracias por comprar mis vinos. Son vinos muy autenticos y faciles de beber. Usamos uvas procedentes de nuestros propios vinedos que son todos de una edad media de mas de 45 anos y los hacemos con nuestro amor y toda la pasion.
Un abrazo"
Franceen Khang hara una cata de estos vinos el Sabado 14 de Marzo.
Saludos a todos
Ignasi Lopez 2/3/2015

This was a great second visit to meet and taste the current vintages of these fine LUZ wines from Spain that we have already sold at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits and will include once again in March, along with the wine-tasting we will do of them with Franceen on Saturday, March 14th, 2015 from 2-6PM that is free, Everyone is always welcome.

I was very impressed indeed with the three LUZ wines that we will sell for $9.99 a bottle : a dry red, rose and dry white, the red and rose being made from old-vines Garnacha, and the white a blend of Viura mostly with a bit of Muscat ( 10% ), and I forget the other white grapes, oops... I liked it's brightness, as I liked the brightness, fresh-forward quality and liveliness of all three.

I also liked the Albarino which had more mouth-feel, more body and which would be excellent now with this cold and damp all around us.

The Monastrell at 15.5% alcohol bothered me personally for that but I could see how many would like it best. It. too was really well-made as were all these wines.

We will taste five of the six I believe in March, so you may all decide for yourselves. Cheers, and do mark your calendars now.   TONY 2/4/ 2015

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It was great to have owner Ignasi Lopez of his Spanish wine LUZ ( Light ) return to Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits once again. He came before with Patrick Harney I believe of Bacchus Imports. Now Ignasi is working with Vias Imports and so Franceen our local rep brought him by to taste his six or seven wines, two whites, one dry rose , and the rest reds. All excellent, all balanced, distinct and total complemts to the grapes and the soil and weather in which they grew from an...
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