Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Marci Weinstein Brings A Selection Of Current JOSEPH MELLOT Loire Valley French Wines : Dry Red, Rose And White Wines Made From The Cabernet Franc Grape, The Pinot Noir And The Sauvignon Blanc Grape : Something For Everyone And In Every Price, Too! Wow, Impressive Wines, Loved Tasting Them Here Earlier @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits!

Marci brought these for me to taste this Wednesday morning here, Joseph Mellot wines from France's Loire Valley, and they were all brillinat, bright, fresh, lively, balanced and pleasing wines from the Tourain wines to the Sanceree and the Pouilly-Fume wines, the rose being made from Pinot Noir, the Bourgeuil red being made from 100% Cabernet Franc and the Sancerre and the Pouilly-Fume being made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

The Pouilly-Fume was soft, bright , round and floral and fleshy and so pleasing to sip, reminded me more of a Sancerre. The 500 Sancerre 2012 commemorating the Mellot start 500 years ago with a special design made I believe by a college or university there was so full, so supple, so lovely and mellow and pleasing and gravity-defying, a wine of class and breed that will sell for around $60 a bottle I believe that is delicious now and ready to enjoy now, to sip, to have with a more elegant meal, to smile, to feel like a million euros now or more even, say at least 500 euros ... nice.

We will have the red Bourgeuil 100% Cabernet Franc here either tomorrow or Friday for you all to enjoy : so bright, that wonderful Cabernet Franc nose, the taste being medium-to-lighter-bodied, with toasty and roasted flavors, some great dry fruit, some real accents, lovely ... polished ... a real treat. Cheers, stay-tuned for more.  TONY 2/4/2015 //// merci Marci ....

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