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UPDATE : Saturday Was Great And I Have Added Pictures And Written More 4 U ALL 2 Enjoy : Gracias Melanie, Tia Rosa Et Melodie : Come On Saturday / Sabado Celebrar Celebrate / Con Nosotros With Us / Pisco Day , Pisco Sour Day For Peru @ Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits 3423 Conn. Ave. N.W. Wash. D.C. , 20008 , 202-363-4265 2-6PM, No Charge! My Hommage To The Feminine Side Of Peru : Two Sisters And Their Aunt!

The most important thing here with the MACCHU PISCO and the LA DIABLADA Pisco is the all-natural , smooth taste and flavor, and the really high quality and : " no hangover or headache " later Melanie and I both assure you.

I know. I have been enjoying some of both late into the night when I draw and ' wax-poetic ' with my art and poetry and sip and smile and feel the slight warming tingle and splash of energy that a sip imparts ncely, like a nice blush, a nice glow, a lovely warm and tingle sensation and that which brings a smile to my features, inside and out as I try and produce and be as effective as possible late at night when I am doing my work " on empty " as I like to call it. I have already done and given and shared and succeeded, and yet I am drawn and pushed by things inside of me, outside, too : impulses, sometimes pressures, senseof-duty, responsibility, having-to, no real choice in the matter, ordained, preordained, destined-to, obliged, driven-to ?!?!? So many ways to try and get a grip , to understand that DRIVE inside of me and that many of us have.

These are photos of the drawing I did last night, simple, quick, I enjoyed a few sips of the LA DIABLADA as I drew, fluid, fresh, alive and sincere I hope to convey. And just now I added the ribbon that goes on the neck of each bottle of LA DIABLADA Peruvian Pisco! Cheers ... to friendship and working well and hard as a team to promote Peru and Peruvian Pisco, pisco sours and all things good. Gracias.

Anyway, Melanie gave me a ' gracias papr ti ' gift of a bottle of each and I have enjoyed them surely and absolutely as I have worked. Funny thing, too : this past Saturday February 7th, 2015 when she came with her tia Rosa , and with her new French intern, assistant to make her glorious Peruvian Pisco Sours for us all with her own LA DIABLADA Pisco she asked me , or stated maybe : " You have finished the bottles ? " or something like that, assuming that I would have because the are pretty divine, I do agree, I do know from recent personal experience , and can attest to that fact, that , claro que si, si , si , SI MELANIE, they are special and really delicious and wonderful, EVEN on their own, with no further embellishments at all!

I have not quite finished, I still have some. I will be out soon and yet I still have a wee, tiny bit.

Sort of like the wee, tiny bit that tia Rosa took home of the LA DIABLADA when she left. She needed a bag to put it into. She asked me for a big. She said as much knowingly to herself as much as to me, es verdad , that it was special, that it was wonderful, that she would certainly , si si si si SI Senor, si Senora, si Senorita, Si amigo, si si si si si si amiga, certainly she would enjoy it, alone or with someone else.

And it does not give one any headache or hangover. I have slept like a biby, really I have. Gracias Melanie, muchas gracias Melanie! You have made me, Tony The Wine Guy a big fan of both MACCHU PISCO and LA DIABLADA!

Above with Marianna of PIETRAVENTOSA WINES, rOBERT kENNEDY ( RWK Imports @RobertKennedy ) , Marianna , Chris Bartha and Sifredo , Santos Rivera, Jagir, Malkit : us , and Melanie , tia Rosa and Melodie :  we rocked the store with Robert's own great glassware to drink Marianna's wines in complete, wonderful, delicious and ' the correct and best ' style, feeling like a million dollars as both Marianna and Robert were so gracious and smiling and energized, helpful and professional, too. It was really quite the treat, visually, in sound, in taste, in energy and activity and positive and joyous warmth, especially when you combine the fact that Melanie Asher, her tia Rosa, and her new French assistant, Melodie were just feet away rocking the boat, too, making great Peruvian Pisco Sours with Melanie's own LA DIABLADA, with also the Macchu Pisco there to buy and use as well : both natural and that taste great and won't give headaches because they are all-natural. You may ask Melanie more about that. Cheers! hanks, merci, grazie, gracias to everytone .... TONY 2// / 2015   Copied and pasted just now from an earlier Facebook entry ...

We always have a great time at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, and here with Melanie Asher, Tia Rosa, and Melodie serving FABulous Pisco Sours from Peru made with love and care and attention by Melodie, melanie and Rosa with Melanie's own LA DIABLADA Pisco , wow, you cannot get better, smoother, silkier, more lush and creamy and delicious. I was so pleased as Rosa made me a large one that I carefully sipped for awhile as I helped customers this past Saturday, February 7th, 2015 from 2-6PM in the store in Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008, a ' Happenin' Place ' with special, SPECIAL people like Melanie, Rosa and Melodie. Wow, I feel, I felt blessed, for truly I / we am/are! 2/9 / 2015
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The Feminine Soul Of Peru As drawn here and interpreted by me, Anthony Quinn in these colored pen ink drawins of blacl, blue , blue and red and pencil even I believe?!? With Peruvian Pisco here : the MACCHU PISCO and the LA DIABLADA that we will taste in the store at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits this Saturday to commemorate Macchu Pisco​ Pisco Day with fine, rich, creamy and delicious Pisco Sours made by Melanie Asher from 2-6PM, join us, never any charge, everyone always welcome.  TONY 2 / 4 2015   Venga con nosotros amigos . amigas , todo los gentes! Hasta luego ....

 We have owner. distiller, blender Melanie Asher coming as well to
make delicious Pisco Sours with her own MACCHU PISCO and La Diablada
Peruvian Piscos! What fun, a return, we have already done this many times
here. This is a real treat.
JOIN US, NEVER any charge, everyone always welcome, really!    TONY

Anthony Quinn@WineEnabler
@MacchuPisco #macchupisco @anthonywuinn watercolo art by a. quinn with @macchupiscoapple! 1/29/2015 - 30 Jan
Macchu Pisco@MacchuPisco
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@WineEnabler can't wait to celebrate#piscosourday w/ Cleveland park wine and Spirits on Sat Feb 7th!
03:00 AM - 05 Feb 15

 With Estebe and Aunt Rosa, wow, wonderful picture! Normally Aunt Rosa comes with Melanie to make Pisco Sours! We will miss her this time I am afraid. Cheers Aunt Rosa, we love you.   ONY

Hasta Sabado Melanie!    TONY  2/4/ 2015

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